Give the boy his due

So, my buddy Danny e-mailed me the other day, suggesting that I go back and look at my blog entry from April 20. That was the day that our sons — who were still approaching their first birthdays — made their "picks" for the 2006 MLB season.

My son, Ryan, picked the Yankees, Twins, Angels, Blue Jays, Mets, Cardinals, D-Backs and Braves to make the playoffs, with the Angels beating the Braves in the World Series.

That’s four of the eight playoff teams and none in the World Series.

Danny’s son, DJ, picked the Blue Jays, Indians, Angels, Mariners, Mets, Cardinals, Rockies and Dodgers — only three playoff teams — but he had the Cardinals over the Angels in the World Series.

For the record, my picks were the Yankees, White Sox, A’s, Indians, Braves, Cubs, Giants and Phillies. That’s two playoff teams. And my WS matchup of the Yankees and Cubs? Laughable, as it turned out.

The moral of the story here, is that whatever predictions you read from the "experts" next year, take them with a grain of salt. An 11-month old picked St. Louis to win the World Series last year, and I’m guessing that not too many others did.




    I, too, remember reading thos predictions. How cute! Can we can some updated pictures of the lil grubbers?


    That’s funny. My comment didn’t make the previous blog.
    Oh well, try again.

    Robert Fick re-signed with Washington (minor league deal), so we can forget about him.

    I’m not happy w/Nieves and Chavez as Posada’s backups. Barajas (now w/Phils) Fick and Todd Greene (who I’d still go after) were/are available.

    Here is hoping the 35 year old Posada (36 next August) stays healthy and productive.


    You know what they say, Mark…from the mouths of babes!

    BTW, I’m not sure if this was already discussed and I missed it, but here is a great article about a children’s book “The Boy of Steel” by Yanks adviser Ray Negron.;_ylt=AvjWW6hlsZ3uyU5YzePVEpg5nYcB?slug=jp-steel122006&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

    Very touching. I am going to buy my mom a copy for Christmas to read to her class.

    (BTW, speaking of which, how’s everybody doing with their Christmas shopping? For me, there is nothing like a little procrastination so I just started yesterday.)


    Cashman said that he’s not looking for a catcher anymore. I think Posada will be fine next season, but I’d like a decent backup.

    Here’s are my predictions for the rest of the off season:

    1) Yankees sign Mientkievich.

    2) A-Rod takes up drinking.

    3) Farnsworth develops a 120 mph fastball.

    4) Cashman removes his mask and reveals that he’s really an angel, while Epstein reveals that he is satan himself, and the two battle all season long ending in a battered Epstein crying about the Yankee payroll, and a succesfull Cashman walking off with a world series trophy.


    I’m done with my christmas shopping thankfully. Finished two nights ago. Online shopping is the way to go. I had half my gifts bought like three weeks ago.


    Christmas shopping is easy if you pick a theme and stick with it.

    I bought everyone on my list varying size containers of mayonnaise.

    It is a gift very few others think to give and everyone needs.


    Three cheers for the Moose call!! 😀

    Paul **** @ the crack me up! My Christmas theme is usually the Yankees, big surprise huh? Suffice it to say that my boyfriend, father, and stepfather will not run out of Derek Jeter “Driven” for a loooong time. Heh. I even bought an extra bottle to spray around the house, I figured I’d rather have my living room smell like Jeter than like Febreeze!


    Anyhoo, about the backup C thing. I agree w/you guys, I don’t understand by what logic Cashman feels okay about Nieves and/or Chavez for the backup job. Again, if it comes down to either of those 2 or re-signing Fasano.. give me Sal any day of the week! I think Todd Greene would make a servicable backup so I hope Cash looks into that.

    However, I am also not TOO worried about Posada. He does take extremely good care of himself. That doesn’t mean nothing can happen to him but I do trust him more than pretty much anyone except Jeter to stay healthy.

    But then this is the year that I was looking towards decreasing his workload, not INcreasing it. So we need a better backup! Has anyone heard Fasano’s name mentioned at ALL, in conjunction with ANY team? It is like he dropped off the face of the earth since the season ended or something!


    tried to catch it at the end of the last entry but here is another idea:

    What abt a guy like todd greene, i know no one likes the majority of whats out there, but talk abt a guy you might be able to grab on a one year deal, numbers arent bad (159 AB’s, .289 avg, .335 Ob, .428 slugging); defense wasnt bad for a back up(11/31 CS; .995 feilding). anyone else have an opinion??


    Been advocating Greene for a while.

    ESPN has a poll on who will be the Yanks 1b in 2007…”Other” is leading.

    The NY Post reports the “usual suspects” again. Hillenbrand, Eye Chart and Loretta.

    Mark, maybe you can tell us why Aubrey Huff’s name hasn’t come up? What kind of deal is he looking for? Dayn Perry on Fox has an interesting article on how Huff is the top free agent out there and how he may be a fit for the Yanks at 1b, even though he is a lefty bat. You’d still have Phelps or Phillips for those times a lefty is on the mound.

    Huff has hit .300 twice, gives over 20 hr, and doesn’t strike out that much for a power hitter. Wonder why you don’t see his name mentioned.


    By top free agent, I’m talking ones who you haven’t heard about regarding anyone’s interest. So rule out Zito.

    Gotta run. Dentist appt.

  12. Mark

    I would think that Huff is looking for a multi-year deal. If he doesn’t find one, and is willing to take a one-year contract, maybe he’ll be a fit in New York.


    Are the Yankees only interested in a one year deal because they want Eric Duncan to take over in 2008?


    I agree with those who can’t understand why Cash is satisfied with the back up catcher role.
    And answering to “Ginaforfirstlady”, I almost finished my Christmas shopping yesterday night. But I haven’t got the most important one. My wife’s. Maybe tomorrow.

    And talking about it, how do you spend Christmas Eve? We usually have a big party. We’ll be at my sister in law’s home. She (Rosemary, 48), her husband (Rafael, 52) and their three daughters (Andrea, 19, Melissa, 18 and Ana, 16). My other sister in law (Teté, 50), her husband (José Luis, 51) and their sons (Rodrigo, 26, and José Miguel, 23). And my mother in law (Rosa María, 70). BTW, José Miguel is the black sheep of the family. He is the ONLY Red Flops fan. All the rest, of course including my wife (Patricia, 44) and my kids (Jorge, 19 and Natalia, 16) are Yankee lovers.

    When it comes to New Year, then we spend the night with my parents, sisters, brothers in law and nephews. (I won’t name them, you’ll get bored)


    New Years Eve is spent with family celebrating. Its going to be a small group though because its just me, my parents, my cousin, my brother and his wife. It’ll be good eating I know that much.


    yesss holiday talk, bout time guys.

    My christmas shopping as per usual involves me sending a check to my sister, who will then buy my other sister’s gift to split with her, along with her husband…then buying two things already pre planned by my parents for the initial sister and her fiance….which leaves my mom and dad, my mom of which already knows what I should get my dad and for my Mom, her biggest request is I take her somewhere (dinner and a movie) so as you can tell, I completely avoid actual shopping, which I gotta hand it to myself, is quite efficient. Plus, everybody gets exactly what they want.

    Christmas eve we do the whole 7 fish thing, though I think my family does five. Baked clams, mussels, calimari, flounder, shrimp, and the greatest dish of all: Lobster…ok so that’s six.

    Christmas is generally open gifts and lounge around (first time both holidays will be missing half my family) and New years, I usually spent drinking in my friend’s basement but this year will be, instead, at disney world.


    Well I have to work aft shift on X-mas, but get to spend the morning with the family. I am deathly allergic to all seafood and my family doesn’t care for it, so we have the ham, roast beef thing. I am off X-mas Eve, so we go to the in-laws and celebrate with them. Hopefully by the end of X-mas I can celebrate a Cowboy division title!!!


    I would like to say to everyone on this blog and Mark….Wishing all of of you a safe, healthy, holiday and happy New Yew Year.


    Returning to Christmas, we have some roast turkey, wined pork, spaghetti, salad, goose pathé, black beans, Bacardí, Tequila, Scotch and MUUUUUSIIIIIC!!!!!


    The same for you and your family, Russ. And enjoy your Romo jersey. During Super Bowl don’t forget to have it on


    Feliz Navidad, Jorge, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all who have been GOOD on this blog this year.

    Santa knows who’s been naughty!

    I noticed this a few days ago, about the same time as FoxSports’ Ken Rosenthal.

    ….then again, perhaps the Yankees shouldn’t worry that Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez currently project as their only right-handed hittters along with switch-hitters Jorge Posada and Melky Cabrera.

    The Red Sox, with Jon Lester recovering from lymphoma, lack a left-handed starter. The Blue Jays’ Gustavo Chacin, Devil Rays’ Scott Kazmir and Orioles’ Erik Bedard and Adam Loewen loom as the only lefty starters among the Yankees’ other A.L. East rivals. The Rays’ Casey Fossum, coming off shoulder surgery, could join them.


    I tend to agree that the Yanks are only looking for a short-term 1b because they will make a run at Texieira (another one whose name I can’t spell) when he becomes a FA. And, given his admiration of Donnie Baseball, who will likely be managing by then, I’d not be a bit surprised if we got him.

    I know there was some confusion about whether he becomes a FA after 07 or 08. I think we did figure out that it wasn’t until after ’08, right? So if that’s the case, I don’t understand why the Yanks won’t match the 2 year offer that Doug Mintchocolatechip received from another team! Can anyone shed any light on this?


    eye chart may not be completely healthy contrary to what he claims and we don’t know which of the 4 first baseman we have will actually win the spot and if they do, if they are capable of being one solid player instead of platooning.



    **** Jorge, I love the way you think!!

    “Christmas eve we do the whole 7 fish thing”

    Yep, what Vince said. This is basically an Italian Christmas Eve tradition. I, however, hate fish, so we always see my boyfriend’s family on Christmas Eve and mine on Christmas Day. On Christmas Day we have ham, lasagna, braciole and zeppole which is the best Italian dessert EVER!! For the past two weeks I have ate barely any carbs so I won’t feel guilty pigging out on Christmas Day!


    Good point about Mintchocolatchip’s health. I think the Yanks can protect themselves against that by including a clause about he must play such and such an amount of innings to qualify for such and such a salary, but maybe the other team looking at him is not requiring any such clauses.


    As Sunny explained on Pete’s blog, Teixeira’s contract runs through 2007 but could be offered arbitration after the season and effectively stay another year if he accepts it or if he declines it would be a free agent earning Texas a draft pick.


    So Teixeira could be a free agent in 2007 or 2008.

    Easy to spell. Just remember 2 ei combinations.

    Like Mientkiewicz, just remember 2 ie combinations.


    Thanks for the clarification and the mnemonic device for the hard-to-spell names Paul. I would guess that Teixeira declines arbitration. At least that’s what I would do if I were him.


    Texas could also offer him a contract extention.

    Texas as a whole seems to still be hurting. They seem to have lost a lot this offseason and added nothing. Didn’t they lose 2/3 of their outfield?

    They did sign Gagne who could be terrific, or could be nothing.


    OK, I looked further at Texas and it looks like their OF are Frank Catalanotto, Brad Wilkerson, and Kenny Lofton.


    Average outfield batting average for 2007: .230 haha

    wilkerson will bat .440 in april and .180 for the rest of the year, lofton will bat .242 and catty will prob bat .298


    lol yeah I think Texas is determined to break the “year-after-Showalter-leaves” cycle by not winning the WS 😀


    I would revise my proposed deal with Texas:

    Yanks send




    Texas sends




    Originally I had Young instead of Blalock.


    Hank Blalock gives me the creeps; for some reason he reminds me of Fred Durst. *shudders* But hey I’m sure I could get over it if he could be a 3rd baseman that would actually hit in the playoffs, and not make errors behind Moose!


    So Jon Heyman of SI writes in his “biggest bargains” or whatever column that Daisuke Matsuzaka was a bargain!?? Ok, $103.1 million for 6 years, plus paying for just short of 100 flights to the other side of the world, and a staff of personal assistants that probably includes a personal ***-wiper. In fact i wouldn’t be surprised if that personal ***-wiper was Heyman himself. I love how everything the Red Sox do is a stroke of genius according to SI and ESPN.


    **** yeah, just got my grades and i got a 4.0 this semester..does wonders for my previously shoddy GPA.


    I hate you. haha I got my 3.0 and that did wonders for first semester of college, the notorious reality check.


    Amazing. The local rag listed 10 most infamous trades in Philly history (story inspired by the Iverson trade) and it showed its lack of history by ignoring the trade of Grover Cleveland Alexander from the Phils to the Cubs on 12/11/17.

    Alexander won 28 games as a rookie in 1911, and at least 30 in 1915, 1916 AND 1917. He threw 16 shutouts (still the record) in 1916 and led the Phils to the 1915 pennant. The Phils wouldn’t reach the series again until 1950. He did all that while being a right handed pitcher at the Baker Bowl (for a diagram of the Baker Bowl, google Andrew Clem diagrams and follow links for diagrams of long-passed ballparks. You’ll be shocked at RF in the old Baker Bowl).

    He won 373 games while on his way to the HOF. We Yankee fans know what he did in 1926 to Tony Lazzeri and the rest of the Yanks (and the revenge enacted in 1928!).

    A gross omission.


    hahaha only Mike would be offended by a trade from 80 years ago…..well Mike and the entire new england area.


    The ramifications of that trade were as this. After winning the 1915 pennant, the Phils finished second in 1916 and 1917.

    After the trade, the Phils finished 4th in 1932. That was the only year until 1949 that they finished higher than 5th.

    I would call that an infamous trade.



    Mike, I think you should try your hand at freelance baseball writing. You’d be really good at it! Your wealth of knowledge makes me scared to ever cover the Phillies for a paper with a circulation larger than 300 (I think that is about how many people read the paper that currently employs me lol.)

    Anyhoo, speaking of the Phillies, just read Jeff Conine to the Reds. Good. I never liked him.


    Also I am about to head out for the evening but a quick question, why no Pettitte conference call today? Or is is supposed to happen later?


    …and please don’t tell my husband Moose I can’t spell otherwise he will fire me as his biggest fan…before my career as a first lady even begins! lol. Later gators!


    Hey Jeff……Not convinced the Red Sox have turned into the Yankees? Then consider this. No team has ever paid more money for a world championship than did the 2004 Red Sox (the Yankees have spent more trying to win, but their payroll was a mere $114 million when they won the Series in 2000). Further, when those Red Sox recorded the final out of that World Series, not a single player on the field was homegrown. When the Sox open the 2007 season, they may have just two homegrown players in the lineup, first baseman Kevin Youkilis and second baseman Dustin Pedroia.

    A possible $140 million payroll. Signing two players for $170 million in a two-week span. Assembling a team from everyone else’s farm system while trading away your own. The highest ticket prices in the game. Over-the-top fans seemingly everywhere. These are precisely the things Red Sox fans despised about the Yankees for years. And now they’re also true of the Red Sox.



    Good observation Sam. I would also add that the Red Sox are garbage. That’s the only thing you left out. Everything else looked fine.


    That actually is an excerpt from ESPN page 2…just thought it was interesting reading for our great Sox fans like Jeff.


    I forgot to tell you about my local rag’s goof on Sunday morning. The headline read:

    Cowboys top Saints

    unfortunately for the newspaper (and I use that term loosely), the Cowboys beat the Falcons.


    Jeff is our good Boston Red Sox friend that has his own blog that comes over here every now and then…good guy w/good comments….I think his site is something like or something….well the Cowboys can be a #2 seed or fall all the way #6…kinda depends on Monday’s game…..


    I get just as excited about the Cowboys as I do about the Yankees. And believe me, been awhile for Cowboy fans to say that. I would just like them to win one playoff game, that would be a step in the right direction…..


    …but then, this newspaper had it’s own “Dewey defeats Truman” moment back in 1980 when it had a run of newspaper headlines that all went out saying that the GOP ticket that year was Reagan and Ford.

    I think those papers are collector’s items now.


    Typical Cashman. Says a lot but doesn’t show his hand.

    on Pettitte

    did not think getting Andy back was realistic, but you go through the process and take your shot

    Yanks offered more than Houston in 2003, and says media fallout was wrong. Variables came into play (family, home) and Andy took less to go home. In the present case took more to come back. What changed? Cashman says he can’t say. Run support??

    Cashman gave Houston credit for the “recruiting” job they did in 2003 and thinks maybe the shoe was on the other foot this time in that this time it was the Yanks doing the “recruiting”.

    No state tax in Texas as opposed to NY—that comes into play in negotiations (Cashman didn’t say it, but think Zito’s dealings with Rangers and Mets)

    On Clemens

    He wouldn’t comment. Said Clemens controls his destiny, and hasn’t put himself in play, but even if he did, Cashman wouldn’t be able to comment anyway. He doesn’t want to deal in hypotheticals. Suspects Clemens will eventually return.

    On Igawa

    4th or 5th spot. Can be out of bullpen in worst case scenario. Yanks bid of $26 mil— 2nd highest was $21 and there were bids of $19 and $15 mil.

    No history of health issues to the Yanks knowledge. Puts up innings. Will have adjustments to make


    Doesn’t know. Bernie has been patient, but Yanks have more pressing issues. 1b, carrying 11 or 12 pitchers, and bench. Will have to see how it shakes out, and it’s a difficult process.


    Could be an everyday player for most teams, but not better than the 3 outfielders that they have. Melky is very attractive to others.

    As for the Gonzalez rumors, he wouldn’t speculate on any trades due to possibly compromising his situation. “Some guys are tougher to get”. Does think of Gonzalez as a quality talent—as he also thinks that of Melky.


    That was Cashman on the FAN. Hopefuly Mark got juicier tidbits. Knowing Cashman and his “poker face demeanor”, probably not.


    Vince, may you be forced to spend the next 48 hours alone in a room brightly lit with the walls, floor, door, and ceiling covered only with lifesized photos of feet.


    Yes, thanks for the summary Mike. Still not excited about Pettitte or Igawa, but have to wait and see how it plays out, but thanks for the info.


    hahahah I was looking at a picture my friend sent me today to ask me if I thought her boyfriend looked like her ex boyfriend and my comment was “tell the girl next to u to put shoes on”…..My hatred for feet exceeds further than anything I can possibly muster up for any sports discussion.

    So, touche.


    Oh and PS: Is it bad if I watch the 5:30,7 and 7:30 episodes of scrubs and when im not watching those I try to download episodes off the internet so I can watch them when im in withdrawel? I also find that my vernacular is slowly adapting to that of Dr Cox.


    Everything about the visual aspects of my learning abilities just fried itself via sticking its proverbial head face first on an oven and then setting the “right front” range on “high”.


    Darryl Strawberry chimes in on the A-Rod situation. It’s a couple of days old, so many of you might have already seen this, but just in case anybody is interested…

    I am now going to go perform an ancient curse upon the Cowtoys that will prevent them from returning to the Superbowl until after the 49ers are able to get a team back there. Or worse, until the Arizona Cardinals make it.


    Hi guys… It’s Kat. I changed my name… I can’t stand getting those fakeout emails anymore. I hope you all are doing well and enjoying this holiday season!!!


    hey kat!

    yes he was born david americo ortiz arias. When he was drafted by the mariners and played for the twins he went by david arias.

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