Sweep dreams

What a difference three days makes, eh?

It was just a few days ago in this very space that I talked about the highs and lows of the baseball season and how people’s perception of a team can change on a day to day basis.

Case in point: After losing three of four in Toronto, there was a lot of panic among Yankees fans. They had their hats handed to them by the Blue Jays, who has crept within two games of New York, while the Red Sox had a 2 1/2-game lead in the AL East and the White Sox were 2 1/2 games up in the Wild Card standings.

Now here we are, three days later, and the Yankees sit on top of the Wild Card standings and have trimmed a game off Boston’s lead, which is now just 1 1/2 games in the East. As for mighty Toronto? They’re four games behind the Yanks. Things are looking up for the Bombers.

Things are also looking up for A-Rod, who went 4-for-12 with two walks, a hit-by-pitch, two RBIs and five runs scored in the three-game series against his former team. He also went three straight games without an error, making every play that came his way. Perhaps this will put an end to this whole A-Rod nonsense, but I doubt it. It will, however, be interesting to see how he is received at home on Friday night.

A few notes from Wednesday’s game:

* Nobody needs Thursday’s off day quite like Scott Proctor. He took one for the team when he took the ball on Wednesday, as Kyle Farnsworth’s back wouldn’t allow him to pitch. Farnsworth expects to be ready on Friday.

* Jason Giambi may be in a bit of a slump at the plate, going 5-for-26 (.192) on the road trip, but two of those five hits led directly to Yankees wins. His pinch-hit RBI double tied the game in New York’s only win in Toronto, while his two-run blast on Wednesday was the game-winner against Texas. Not a bad way to chip in during a slump.

* T.J. Beam didn’t do very well on Wednesday, but I think this kid has some potential. I know that a lot of fans want to see Matt Smith and his 0.00 ERA up here instead, but the Yankees don’t have a need for a third left-hander in the bullpen. Torre seems to have a lot of confidence in Beam, who was lighting it up in the minors before being called up again.

* Shawn Chacon’s huge eighth inning was a nice moment for him on Wednesday, but I fully expect the Yankees to give Sidney Ponson another shot as the fifth starter on Aug. 5. Chacon could see more time pitching in the bullpen, but until he puts a few good outings together in a row, I don’t think he’ll be back in the rotation.

* The Yankees catch a break this weekend, as Scott Kazmir won’t be starting for the Devil Rays after being scratched with a sore shoulder. Tampa Bay will start Tim Corcoran, Jae Seo and James Shields, while the Yankees counter with Chien-Ming Wang, Randy Johnson and Mike Mussina.

I’ll be back Saturday. Who knows how y’all will feel about the Yanks by then.



  1. Lola

    I wasnt around to call it last night (although watched the game), but Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Yankeeeeeeeeeeeeeees win!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Boy, that was a wild one. I must admit, when Shawn came in bottom of 8th, bases loaded, NO OUTS, i thought we were cold turkey.

    I must say i am VERY impressed, as i am sure a lot of people are, that he got out of that with NO run scoring.

    Now Beam, beans, bum, beanie, lol, arghhhhhhhhhhhhh…ok, his 3 previous “relief” outings have hardly left me feeling “relieved”.

    I really hope Farnsie is ok.

    Giambiiiiiinooooooooooo! ๐Ÿ˜€ Man, how dramatic was that? Jason always seems to be hitting for a homerun but missing only a couple of feet, hence getting a out and thats the cause of this slump (it seems he is allergic to singles, doubles, only likes walks homeruns, lol), but man did he not miss that! ๐Ÿ˜€

    And although alex struck out after him, pretty good night for him. 2 runs score, solo shot in the eight, single, 1 rbi…I hope its signs of more good things to come from my belovede Alex =).

  2. Lola

    We are 0.5 ahead in the wild card, but as our captain will say, “we arent chasing the wild card, we want the division title”. Only 1.5 games out now. All i can sqay is Boston betta watch out, cause we coming to get them! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. bill@yankees.com

    Missed most of the game last night as i had to get up at three but watched some of the highlights on the web. Why does it seem that i always miss the good ones. 1.5 games back i cant wait for the 5 games coming up against Boston next month it will be interesting. Man Giambi is always in the thick of things so happy for him after all he went through the last few years. A-Rod starting to look better at the plate and in the field hopefully start of something big. We could use a big August out of him.

  4. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    I don’t know Mark, maybe it is his delivery or his name, I don’t know he just isn’t doing it for me. Not to say if he puts together a few solid performances in a row i won’t like him….did u catch that article on espn yesterday basically bashing yankee fans? I forget who wrote it but it talked about how we are mishandling the whole a rod situation.

  5. swolansky@mail.colgate.edu

    Lol, Matt Smith…I’ve never seen someone with a 0.00 ERA walk so many batters almost deliberately. He gets two runners on and then gets lucky with a fly out and a double play, always when the game is out of reach for either team. Not exactly impressive stuff.

    You can’t really use ERA to judge a pitcher’s stuff when they’ve only pitched like 10 innings in the Majors. That goes for both Matt Smith and TJ Beam.

    Maybe I’m a little biased because I’m such a huge Trenton Thunder fan, but come on…the former ERA leader of the Eastern League deserves some credit. Remember that he started at AA this year, not AAA…I think his leap up to the Majors is much more impressive than Matt Smith’s hovering in AAA for the last few years.

    Anyway, I was at a bar last night in New Brunswick…things were looking grim with Otsuka at the plate…and I called Giambi’s home run on that very pitch. My brother promptly calls me to tell me that Otsuka is on my fantasy team and that he moved past me in the standings……honestly, could I give a dam n about fantasy freakin’ baseball? The Yankees WON!!! Not before forcing all of us to drink Pepto, of course…including Joe Torre. He must have been getting advice from Paul lately.

    Anyway…another day closer to the trade deadline, and the Yankees still haven’t made any major moves. Proctor for Betemit isn’t happening, Gordon isn’t coming to the Yankees, and the Yanks are holding onto Melky, Hughes, Clippard, Duncan, and Cox. Remember that the Yankees aren’t usually big buyers at the trade deadline…last year we went and got Shawn Chacon, Matt Lawton, and Alan Embree. Thus I don’t think we will be seeing Abreu, Burrell, Soriano, Carlos Lee, or any of those dudes on the Yankees.

    I know a lot of people want to see those guys on the Yankees…but what ever happened to the obsession with the Baby Bombers? I guess that ended pretty quick…

    Sorry to make such a long post…I needed to make up for all the posting I didn’t do during the game!

    For the record, whoever made the comment about Sal Fasano looking like a guy who would “fix the toilet and then fight bowser” definitely made me laugh very hard, and definitely caused people around me to peek in my cubicle with weird looks on their faces. But I get the last laugh, because they don’t know that the Yankees have a Mario Brother on their team!

  6. ralphie32584@hotmail.com

    What a big hit for Giambi and a great win for the Yanks. 1/2 game up in the wild card??? Who saw that coming this soon, not me.

    At this point im just hoping that they can keep up the pace until Sheff, Matsui, Cano, and Dotel get back and then we’ll run away with the division.

    Mark, what will happen with the outfield when both Sheff and Matsui come back? Matsui the everyday starter in left and Cabrara/Sheff Platoon in right? Or Sheff DH and Giambi 1st with Philips spelling him every now and again?

    I love Melky, but he doesn’t have the bat of either Sheff or Matsui, but I can’t see him getting benched at this point, he’s been such a contributor all year long for us.

  7. yankeefan1@enter.net

    I’m on your side, Vmm, although I have nothing against Beam… I like a guy (Smith) who had a 2.70 ERA in the minors last year, and who is 2.22 now in the minors. Also, his 0.00 ERA in the majors…

    LAST August, many in the Yankees front office wanted to BRING UP SMITH in the middle of the pennant race instead of going to Embree. So what’s happened since?

    I sometimes wonder why some guys (Smith, Thompson) don’t get a chance and some guys (Bubba) are kept. I’ll take Thompson over Bubba any day, wrote about it last year, and I see that Joel Sherman in a recent column agrees with me that Thompson is a better option than Bubba. As for a 3rd lefty, why not? Esp. when you see guys like Ortiz and Teixara killing you all the time. One of the lefties you do have is a one batter specialist who does not give you innings.

    As far as “garbage time”…some of the young players will never develop if they aren’t gradually eased into big spots now and then…

    Just my Humble Opinion.

  8. swolansky@mail.colgate.edu

    Myers is a situational lefty who never needs days off. He’s there to face Ortiz, Thome, Morneau, and any other big lefties in the AL. And then Villone is a versatile pitcher who’s there to take down any other lefties when Myers has already been used in a game or will be used later.

    How many relievers do you expect to use per game? And how many of those relievers do you expect to actually be lefties? I can’t imagine ever needing more than 2.

    It’s funny how people complain about Torre’s overmanaging and taking too much stock in the lefty-lefty, righty-righty matchups, and then they go and say that we could use another lefty in the bullpen to face other lefties. Can’t have it both ways, folks.

    Besides, It doesn’t say much about a lefty (Smith) when he walks the lefty he’s supposed to get out and then happens to get a double play on the next hitter. That’s just my humble opinion.

    For the record, Teixeira is a switch-hitter, so you’re screwed either way.

  9. swolansky@mail.colgate.edu

    I just discovered that TJ Beam’s stats in Columbus, in two stints, is better than those of Matt Smith in almost every category: fewer BB per inning, higher strikeout total, lower ERA and WHIP. He’s got the potential for sure. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do if he can just get into a groove in the Majors.

  10. btide21@aim.com

    I’d still rather see Chacon in a close game before Beam. And as for Crosby you have to keep the guy. He’s so versatile and he proved last year that if he starts on a daily basis he can be a pretty decent hitter(.276) not to mention that he’s got excellent speed.

  11. mikeleone56@hotmail.com

    I don’t understand the arguments for Beam over Smith. They seem to run as follows:

    1. Don’t need another lefty.

    Is there a reason we need another righthander? Smith wouldn’t be a situational lefty like Myers, but someone who could pitch an inning on his own.

    2. Smith’s O ERA is misleading.

    This brings to mind the old Parcells quote “You are what your record says you are.” Let’s at least give Smith a chance to show that he actually is that good.

    But you’re right — whenever you’ve got a chance to take a guy with a 10 ERA (now 12) over a guy with a 0 (0!!) ERA, you’ve got to take the 10 ERA every time.

  12. mikeleone56@hotmail.com

    BTW, I’ve been down on ARod for being weak mentally, but I loved his resurgence this series. Whoever said (maybe it was you Mark) that A Rod usually hits well in TX, you were so right. That home run last night is exactly the type of “David Ortiz” moment we have the right to expect from our “MVP”.

    Keep it going A Rod!

  13. mikeleone56@hotmail.com

    And, finally, on Sal Fasano (is it just me or does it look like he might quickly become a fan favorite?):

    Loved the Mario Brothers comment, but to me he looks like Soda Popinski from Tyson’s Punch Out. (How’s that for an old school reference?)

  14. btide21@aim.com

    I think he should have been allowed to keep the Fu Manchu moustache…that was a good look for him.

  15. btide21@aim.com

    He was a fan favorite in Philadelphia, he even had his own fan club (Sal’s Pals…so I wouldn’t be surpirsed if the fans embrace him quickly.

  16. swolansky@mail.colgate.edu

    lol, I don’t know why you’re taking the argument to me…I’m not the one who is allowing him to pitch in the Majors. That decision is up to Cashman and Torre. I’m just trying to make sense of their decision to call up Beam over Smith, and to me, the writing is on the wall. Disagree all you want, but until you become the GM, Beam is going to be in the Majors until Cashman says otherwise, so you might as well hope for the best.

    But to be fair, Matt Smith does deserve credit for what he’s done, and if TJ Beam gets lit up again, Smith should definitely get the call next time. It’s tough to argue against his numbers…I can whine about his walks as much as I want, but when it comes down to it, that 0.00 ERA sort of speaks for itself… ๐Ÿ˜›

    By the way, did anyone see Jim Caple’s article on Page 2 on ESPN.com? I wanted to jump through the computer screen and punch the guy. I can take ripping the fans for being mad at A-Rod, but accusing us of jumping on the Mets bandwagon just because they’re dominating the NL East? Utterly disgusting. I never knew that ESPN subsidized talentless hacks whose only literary talent is extreme sarcasm.

  17. bmjcella@msn.com

    With Matsui getting ready to come back a couple of questions have popped up in my head…….

    1. Melky is clearly an upgrade from Matsui in the feild. The arm and range have proven to be most valueable to the Yanks during his time in left. Will he be a late game defensive sub for Matsui in games in September?

    2. With Sheff’s contract extension not being picked up, (remember the controversy in spring training) and Melky’s ability to contribute, is this September it for Gary in the Bronx?

    3. What’s up with Jorge’s bat? He’s chaneling the Jorge of 3-4 years ago. He absolutely adds a threat further down the lineup.

    4. Finally, when do the Yanks put themselves in First in the East for good? I say around August 25.

  18. swolansky@mail.colgate.edu

    OMG, Soda Popinski!!! That’s hilarious…

    …I’m going to the game on Friday against the D-Rays (thanks to Lola’s extreme kindness ๐Ÿ˜€ ), and I’ll be there to cheer for Fasano as much as possible.

    I want to see him run the bases, because then I can hum the music that plays when you get a magic star in Mario Brothers……I always did that when Tony Womack stole a base last year. I think he looked like a Mario Brother too…but Sal Fasano wins, hands down.

  19. paul1040@aol.com

    So many Questions/So little time

    Did Matsui play right field in his Japan days?

    Would they consider having Matsui come back to play right field and leave Melky in left?

    Is right field less difficult at Yankee Stadium than left because of its dimensions?

    Can Sal Fasano send me a few Philly cheesesteaks?

  20. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    i would think when matsui is back cabrera plays right and when both are back giambi probably plays first and shef dh’s at least until he gets back into the swing of things (pun fully intended). I am sure between the two of them and damon maybe falling off a horse or something cabrera will be mr plug in.

    It was me who had the cleaning toilets quote, so i take full credit. It is also me who wants smith and not beam..i don’t understand why everyone has the mentality “well ur not the general manager, get used to beam up here and not smith”. That is the whole purpose of a baseball blog, you give your own opinions on baseball, I don’t need to get over anything, I am simply stating how I feel with backed up fact, rather than my logic being “well the yankee front office likes him so he stays”. I also would venture to guess this is shefs last months as a yankee, thank god because cabrera is the truth. Crosby is a late base running and defensive threat, hence why he gets time over thompson…I also think he is out of options along with phillips.

  21. swolansky@mail.colgate.edu

    1. No. He played Center.

    2. It’s a possibility, but I doubt it. Matsui is the LF of the Yankees, and he’s always been one of the more underrated left fielders in MLB. Plus, he doesn’t have time to learn how to play the tricky right field walls, as opposed to Bernie, who spent a lot of time practicing this year. Melky, on the other hand, has always been versatile, and has played right this year, so it makes sense for him to move to right field when Matsui gets back.

    3. Yes. That’s why Bernie plays right instead of left. Melky and Matsui have never had problems roaming throughout left field.

    4. Philly cheesesteaks? How about some lasagne? I bet his momma makes great lasagne, and she tells him to share it with all his teammates. I’m sure he won’t mind parting with some for the fans too.

  22. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    my question is who moves when shef and matsui…and cano come back. Green, guile, ?. That is three spots coming back that are all guaranteed to be on the roster so even if they wanted to designate or demote green and guile (not even sure they have options) who is the third spot to drop? Crosby would have to be traded I believe, unless he does have options and im wrong. I doubt down the stretch they get rid of a spot in the bullpen. And if pavano comes back this year who leaves? Beam? Chacon?….and of dotel comes back? Beam? chacon? So many roster spot questions about when our original team comes back.

  23. swolansky@mail.colgate.edu

    LOL, EVERYONE??? You mean ME?

    Dude, I can take it if you call me out on something. If you disagree with me, you can say so. I always address you directly, so I appreciate you doing the same to me.

  24. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    no it wasn’t you, mark had the same sentiments last night as well but me and mark made amends so i didnt feel like addressing either of you, but rather both of you. I am not calling you out on anything. Your opinion is shared by others lol

  25. paul1040@aol.com

    1. Matsui played center a little last year also. So did Tony Womack. And Bernie. And Melky. And I think Sparky the fire dog but he did not have a good arm.

    2. Somehow I thought Melky had problems with right field. But I do agree that Matsui is underrated by many. On the Newsday blog yesterday some yahoo said Matsui was a below average fielder. I had to disagree.

    3. Maybe they could switch each inning.

    4. Yummmmmm, lasagna. I want that too. But I love Philly cheesesteak hoagies.

  26. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    i like cheesesteaks found in ny more, i think its cause i like it plain, just the cheese and meat…melky was great at both positions this year if i remember correctly, torre just said left was harder so he was putting cabrera there instead.

  27. btide21@aim.com

    I think Beam needs more polishing in the minor leagues. The Yankees are carrying 12 pitchers right now so when Cano comes back my guess is that they make a smart move and send Beam down or make a stupid move and designate Chacon.
    Another possibility would be sending down or designating Green or Guiel when Cano comes back and then whoever’s left gets booted when Matsui returns.

    As far as where Matsui is going to play, it will probably be left field because Melky’s arm is an asset for a rightfielder and Melky is probably a little more versatile.

  28. paul1040@aol.com

    Vince, September returns will not require roster moves other than the 40 player roster. But the team carries more than 25 players.

    Sheff’s return is sketchy so I cannot see the Yanks giving up a healthy player if he could break down again in 24 hours.

    If Matsui and/or Dotel are activated in 2 weeks it will require some move.

  29. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    There is no way they would let a rookie play a position over matsui, i’m sorry but cabrera is definitely moving to right, he has the better arm and is more versatile anyway….it is a no brainer. Good point paul i forgot about expanded rosters, in that case itll be interesting to see the playoff roster..I guess matsui cano and dotel are the only ones with a realistic shot of coming back before september so green guile and chacon perhaps are the players in question

  30. paul1040@aol.com

    Here in Boston they have something called the steak bomb which is like a cheesesteak but with mushrooms along with onions and peppers. Mushrooms make the sub, which is called a grinder in Boston. (grine-dah)

  31. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Little time. Lunch break. Good points on Smith,

    Personally, I hate the specialist. I’m old school and remember the Gossage/Fingers types. Heck, Goose came in in the 7th up in Fenway in the playoff game. I have always thought that a reliever who only goes one batter is like a slacker at work….the others have to pick up the load… LOL…. but the game has changed. Sometimes there is too much specialization.***** that LaRussa (LOL)

    I am in favor of “turning” Switch hitters like Teixara to righty as much as possible. For one reason, the dimensions of the Stadium. It isn’t as pronounced as it used to be, but take advantage of whatever extra feet you have.

    Secondly, I make someone bat righty just for making them take that one extra step down the line. Every little bit helps.

    Got Alex and Jeter? Make them hit grounders to those guys. Esp. if your first baseman (in the case of Giambi) isn’t that good defensively. You can just imagine how Dave McNally loved having Aparicio and later Belanger at SS to go with Brooks at 3b. Play to your stengths.

    Got to get back to work soon, so i’m sorry I can’t discuss… but nice points. Lastly, I hope Smith is developed and plays an integral role in future Yankee bullpens because look around…. guys like Villone, Myers, Guardado, Stanton, wagner, rhodes are all 35 or over. Here is a young lefty arm. Even though the Yanks have Myers and Villone, Myers is 37 and Villone 36. Lefty relievers last a long time (right, Jesse Orosco?)…and we could develop one here that could be around awhile. Let’s hope so.

    Take care! I can’t make their opening tonight, but I’ll be volunteering off and on for our region’s new miracle league in the next few weeks. I don’t know of a website for it, but if you find one on it, check it out. Our area is just starting it up, and it looks to be something else. Something to help many handicapped children. Wish this league the best here and whereever you are!

  32. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    sounds awesome mike, good points…also switch hitters are less used to batting righty since they are more often facing righties….paul they call it grinder in ct too, i think of all the terms for a sub, grinder is the stupidest.

    Mike, phillips appears to also be the first baseman now, so that is no longer a defensive weakness.

  33. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Reading where they are looking for 1b help though. I like Phillips D, but before last night, the O was off a bit. But I am reading & hearing that the Yanks are trying to upgrade on Andy. We will see.

    Lots of deals held up right now because of teams wanting Proctor, and given the state of the Yanks’ pen, the Yanks have declared Proctor untouchable.

    Just think. Who in March would have thought Proctor would be an untouchable in July? Go figure.

    gotta go. All the best!

  34. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    I can fully enhance your off day with one link you will never forget for the rest of your life if u want lola

  35. rob.bush@excite.com

    As far as replacing Andy at first base:

    One option is to keep plugging away until September. As long as the Yankees stay close, Phillips probably stays. Come September and expanded rosters, Pena probably comes up. If he plays well, guess who won’t make the playoff roster? (Assuming there is one, and, as a Yankee fan, you have to have faith in your team, which has made the playoffs for 10? straght years.)

  36. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    oh there will be a playoff roster all right….but yeah i can see phillips not being a shoe-in for it.

  37. rob.bush@excite.com

    Btw, Blink 182 isn’t a bad band, but I have to stick with my classics, like Def Leppard.

    Some of you out there may be thinking, “Def Leppard isn’t classic, they’re too new!” In that case, I’m sorry you’re so old.

  38. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    hahaha, oh no rob, if u clicked that link, I think you would discover a better artist than blink def or anybody else….i love classic rock so i’ll side with u on the classics, i do like blink a lot though

  39. Lola

    cant do it now vince, at work, no speakers.
    Rob, i agree. I like Def Leppard, but i am mostly all about Nirvana.

    New age wise, Linkin Park is my favorite band to date.

  40. rob.bush@excite.com

    I did clink the link. It was….

    Not sure I have the words to describe it. I had paused my music, which at the time was Def Leppard. It did not take me long to get back to it.

    Maybe I just don’t appreciate humor and/or Blink 182. Who knows?

  41. paul1040@aol.com

    I am old and I think Def Leppard is old. Didn’t some of the band members die and then came back?

    I have been listening to Hoobastank today. I really like their sound.

  42. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    lol oh lord, yeah don’t do that at work, ur boss might get a heart attack…..haha lola is a ROCKER….i like linkin park, esp the cd with jay z…i have the oddest taste in music…i like musicals, rap, oldies, classic rock, alternative, johnny cash….i have no boundaries

  43. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    hahaah rob, i think that link has a certain generation gap build into it…it started out as an inside joke with my friends and then for some reason all their friends at their schools (people i have never met) started downloading it…it was weird.

    I don’t like hoobastank but mainly because they get overplayed.

    I love creedence.

  44. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    hahaha i swear andrew is always on this blog he just oversees it until he has an opinion….andrew the mark it up gatekeeper.

  45. rob.bush@excite.com

    I, like you, Vince, listen to a lot of different stuff. The only two genres I really have no interest in are country and rap. Although there are some songs and artists from those two genres that I don’t mind listening to.

  46. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    yeah rob thats how i feel about country, i like individual songs from it, but maybe 5 tops…otherwise i cannot stand it. I also hate emo and even worse “screamo”. My roomate last year only listened to those genres and i wanted to strangle him. I also dislike gospel, but other than that im game

  47. rob.bush@excite.com

    Ironically, here we are talking about music and I stumble across a news article announcing that Kazaa has settled their anti-piracy lawsuits.

  48. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    lol listen u, just cause i don’t sleep….ever does not mean i have no life. Haha i just legitimately dislike sleep

  49. rob.bush@excite.com

    Just about every genre of music has some good stuff.

    And they all have their absolute **** also.

  50. Lola

    i listen to every genre, even country and hard metal.
    i listen to music, not genre. if i like a song, i like it. I used to really like Hoobastank, but i dont know they are so commercial these days. No one, and i mean no one, not even Tina Turner, can replace Linkin Park as my favorite group/musician of all time. I dont know what i’d do with myself without LP’s music, ha ha

  51. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    hahah to show u how odd my taste is. My favorite five bands are the beatles, eminem, blink 182, creedence and louis xiv….yeah how is that for odd.

    I listen for song too, but it just so happens none of them fall under the genres i dislike.

  52. paul1040@aol.com

    I did not know Hoobastank was popular. I am not sure I ever heard them on the radio.

    And I love to sleep. I need a good 20 hours a day for sleep.

  53. rob.bush@excite.com

    Lola, I sincerely hope that someday you come to your senses about Linkin Park.

    I have the added benefit of being bilingual, therefore can enjoy music in Spanish, too. Although I really can’t stand that ranchera ****.

  54. Lola

    who is louis xiv?
    yeah u are odd, lol..

    my 5 fav bands/musicians, Linkin Park, Tina Turner, The Gorrilaz, The Temptations, REM and John Mayer.

    Yeah, i know thats 6 :-p lol, cant ever decide which one of them i want to drop to make up a top 5.

  55. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    lol Paul…that was too easy a setup to even make a joke.

    haha since i had 8ams at school i used to go to sleep at 3 or 4 wake up at 7:50 go to class, sleep until 2 go to class then shower and then go to class and then i was up

    it was so odd.

  56. paul1040@aol.com

    I like lots of different types of music but it is easy to say I really dislike hee haw (country) and opera and heavy metal.

  57. rob.bush@excite.com

    No opera for you Paul? That’s too bad.

    Of course, opera isn’t some thing you just listen to. Attending the opera every once in a while isn’t such a bad thing.

    Okay, so I’ve only been to one opera. But I’m not opposed to going again.

  58. paul1040@aol.com

    When I was in college I survived on 3 hours of sleep a night and crashed once a week or so, usually after my Friday night-Saturday morning radio show.

  59. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    andrew, not sure…haha paul i could have guessed without u ever telling me that u had a radio show in college….i will have one this year too. Yeah I usually can operate on 3.5-4 hours and then maybe once a week i will just sleep forever.

  60. swolansky@mail.colgate.edu

    Dude, if you sleep any more than 4 hours a night and don’t crash at least once every other week, you’re missing the whole point of being in college.

    I don’t have a radio show like you guys, but I still think I’m getting the college experience. In sleep terms, at least.

  61. rob.bush@excite.com

    Has Bernie 1) ever recorded anything, and 2) where can I get it if he did.

    I’m intrigued by Bronson Arroyo, but I still haven’t gotten over his being a member of a certain team. Maybe in a few years….

  62. Lola

    oh, i guess i dont like all music, ha ha, no opera for me. but i never really counted opera as music anyway. not like u’d tune to z100 and theres the latest opera jam. LOL

  63. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    haha esp during finals…holy ****, you just never sleep during finals…ever. My radio show is going to be awesome, i haven’t had one since soph year of hs but i have already plotted out all the segments….unfortunately since itll be my first at qu ill prob have like the 4-6am time slot on a monday morning or something wild.

  64. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    bernie has a cd, i think he has two now..my friends mom is obsessed with it and my other friend has it on his ipod….lol paul it just seems like you were that kinda guy in college judging by how u are as an elder…haha.

  65. Lola

    save for Bernie, i am not into the whole baseball player and baseball analyst having albums thing…
    save for bernie..

  66. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    i have always wanted to use the “save for __” phrase and everytime i have the chance i forget what to say…it is such a shame.

  67. btide21@aim.com

    I have Bernie’s CD as well. It’s really good chill out music.

    My favorite band though is Bon Jovi and my favorite song is Livin’ on a Prayer.

    Four of my fav bands are:

    Bon Jovi

    Red Hot Chili Peppers


    Foo Fighters

  68. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    good call on foo fighters and bon jovi….im from nj it is an oral contract we have to like them….haha lola, i can’t help it if i have a flare for phrases….haha yeah, i am a dork i guess.

  69. paul1040@aol.com

    Well, my radio career did not end in college.

    In college I did primarily music, progressive rock. I also substituted on a friend’s jazz show which got me into jazz completely.

    Before that I mocked it but the first time I did a jazz show and walked into our jazz library and reached out and pulled records at random and played them since I had no idea what I was choosing. And I loved what I played and needed to explore so much more.

    Also tried play by play of the school foorball games for the AM station but I was probably the worst play by play announcer ever. I was much better at the color commentary.

    But as an adult it was mostly talk radio.

  70. rob.bush@excite.com

    My best friend in High School was originally from NJ and he loved Bon Jovi.

    I do too, but for me they’re just another good band. For him, they were THE band.

  71. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    seeeee the legendary life of paul….where and when and how long and how successfull were u/did u do talk radio? and what did u talk about and how did that become taxes?

  72. Lola

    dork in a good way vince =)

    Alex, Red Hot chilli peppers and bon jovi would round off my top 12.

    *sings**oooooh oh, living on a prayer* (i love that song too)…ok, time for IPOD, u guys have put me in the mood! =)

  73. swolansky@mail.colgate.edu

    There’s a place for Bon Jovi in the heart of every New Jerseyan. And I know I’m not the only one who’s been to a bar in NJ to have everyone sing along to “Livin on a Prayer”.

    Foo Fighters are excellent. As is Nirvana. Good to see the people here have as good a taste in baseball teams as they do in music ๐Ÿ˜€

  74. paul1040@aol.com

    LOL, my life has had 3 distinct phases: corporate America phase, media phase (radio, tv news, lecturing at universities, writing for newspapers, books, tv comedy), and own business phase. Sometimes they were intertwined.

    But I cannot say much more in public since there may be stalkers.

  75. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    lol paul u worked all that media? Do you have contacts? I want an internship really really badlyyyyyy

  76. paul1040@aol.com

    Where Vince?

    You know most interns are unpaid and abused.

    I always made it a point to be nice to interns.*

    *except for one particular one who messed up the TelePrompter copy all the time.

  77. paul1040@aol.com

    Rob, I am listening to Bernie’s music now. I am surprised. I did not know he had that talent.

  78. Lola

    I am listening to living on a prayer now, oh Lord, i LOVE this song ๐Ÿ˜€


    we gotta hold on to what we got, it doesnt make a difference if we’ll make it or not!

    oooh living on a prayer, take my hand, we’ll make it i SWEAR! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Man, why did u guys get me started?

    Seriously, i cant imagine life without my ipod…

  79. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    paul-anywhere in mass, ct or NY…basically somewhere i can get to from near new haven ct…haha i used to be copy editor for my high school tv station, it was awesome.

    I don’t know what specifically I would want to do as an intern but I don’t mind being abused, i was a waiter once…And I would prob work on the side for some money. Basically anything involving tv since i am a broadcast journalism major

  80. rob.bush@excite.com

    “During the 1998 season, Williams finished with a .339 average, becoming the first player to win a batting title, Gold Glove award, and World Series ring in the same year.”


    Nobody else has ever done that? Wow. Sounds like something that wouldn’t happen very often, but only once?

  81. paul1040@aol.com

    Vince, I really have lost contact with tv stations in CT since a frend who was an anchor there left.

    The only broadcast facility where I know anyone in CT that I can think of right now is ESPN.

  82. rob.bush@excite.com

    Lola, I made a reference to REM yesterday.

    I like REM, though I hardly listen to them anymore. Listened to them a lot when I was in High School.

  83. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    i like rem……….haha espn would work for me! haha, that is like the ultimate internship for my major. I would do radio too, basically anything media related just to build a resume

  84. paul1040@aol.com

    I love REM, Lola.

    Not sure I could even compile a list of top 5 artists. There are so many I like.

    But some of my absolute favorites would be Van Morrison, Joan Armatrading, Crosby, Still, Nash & Young, Traffic.

  85. Lola

    glad to see REM is still loved! =)

    Paul…whoa, the only artist i know on that list is van morrison.. *eek*

  86. nyyangel74@yahoo.com

    Haha Swolansky.. my husband must be the only former New Jersyan who has no place in their heart for Bon Jovi. He makes fun of me when I play them or when they come on VH1 Classic or I love the 80s.

  87. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    hahah ur husband is cold hearted. Does he at least like springsteen?

    haha rob it got me through finals, it is so calming

  88. paul1040@aol.com

    Vince, send me a note in email as to what you are looking for and I will ask around.

    My tv days are in the past. I have a face for radio. But I still have a few contacts here and there.

    Just so you know I cannot promise you anything. Intern positions anywhere, even though often featuring abusive treatment, and highly competitive.

    Boston radio god Charles Laquidara on WBCN in his heyday would have 1200 applications for 10 intern positions.

    There was one arrogant celebrity wanna be at a another radio station who used to use interns to take care of his laundry and dry cleaning, pick up his kids, do his grocery shopping and other errands.

  89. nyyangel74@yahoo.com

    Noo he has something against Springsteen too!

    He’s a traitor to his state.. i keep telling him. He does like Skid Row though. They were more his style.

    He actually went to same school as Jon Bon Jovi, a couple of years later than him, though.

  90. rob.bush@excite.com

    Rush, now that is a great band.

    Tom Sawyer was the first Rush song I ever heard. I went right out and bought the first album I could find, which was 2112.

    I played Bastille Day in my World History class when we were studying the French Revolution.

  91. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    thanks paul, i highly appreciate it…my dad went to the same hs as sandy koufax but one year off…koufax graduated the year before my dad got there.

  92. paul1040@aol.com

    Oh I really like Springsteen too. Point Blank and The River are two of my all time favorites of his.

    OK< if you do not know Joan Armatrading, you MUST get to know her. She is one of the most talented singer songwriters ever. I love her music. In concert she is amazing. If you like Tracy Chapman you will love Joan even more. Joan has a harder edge and is a little mnore diverse. You have to hear her music.

  93. Lola

    No matter how “pop culture” Nirvana – Smells like Teen Spirit gets, it will remain my 10th favorite song of all time…

  94. Lola

    Paul, I LOVE Tracy Chapman. I grew up listening to her, cause my mom swore by her.
    I will check out Joan then..

  95. rob.bush@excite.com

    Well, Bernie’s music is excellent, just not sure it’s something I would listen to on an everyday basis.

    The williams kids track was funny.

  96. nyyangel74@yahoo.com

    lol Alex, I was just about to post that too. Its a great article. I though Ashley would really enjoy it.

  97. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    as long as we are talking about music, here are some who i enjoy: rhcp (esp the new album), jay-z, linkin park, rem, madonna, weezer, beatles,let me think of some others…

  98. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    ok, so after RE-reading the article about wang, i dont like how guidry said that wang could be the ace of the staff of the yankees or possibly SOMEWHERE ELSE! i hope he isnt going anywhere

  99. rob.bush@excite.com

    I don’t think the Beatles are all that.

    I know, I just committed blasphemy. So sue me.

    Or burn me at the stake.

  100. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    didnt he hit a homerun yesterday? sorry, i missed a lot of the game, but i did see otsuka blow the save for the 2nd time this year to us. hooray for giambino!

  101. rob.bush@excite.com

    Yes, Alex hit a home run. Right into the grassy area in center field.

    Unless that was a replay. I hate it sometimes when they replay homeruns right in the middle of an at bat and I’m dividing my attention between the game and something else. I often think “oh yes! homerun!” and then realize it was a replay. such a let down.

  102. btide21@aim.com

    The lady filling in for Jim Rome on Rome is burning actually said a lot of good things about the Yankees.

  103. paul1040@aol.com

    That was a good article on CM Wang, Alex. Thanks.

    I did notice a curios paragraph in it:


    Wang (14-11, 4.01 ERA) leads the Yankees with 12 starts of at least seven innings and averages near 6 2/3 innings per start. Wang is eighth in the Major Leagues entering Thursday’s action in innings pitched in 21 starts.


    That is not his record this year nor 2 years combined. He is 19-9 career. So I am not sure what those numbers represent.

  104. paul1040@aol.com

    Ashley, I also did not like the comment by Guidry which mademe wonder if there were trade plans for Wang. If there are that makes no sense at all.

    Maybe it was taken out of context or misrepresented. Or maybe Guidry was drunk.

  105. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    paul, i dont think cashman would be so dumb as to part ways with wang now..at least i hope not..since the yankees are really in need of good picthing. maybe guidry meant a few years down the line?

  106. paul1040@aol.com

    I wrote to the author to advise him of the correction and alerted him that Ashley may be learning from Lola how to effectively pummel an enemy with frozen turkeys so he had better fix it.

  107. emcohen@gmail.com

    OK you guys are on crack. Doesn’t anybody work!?!? It takes me 20 minutes to read the million posts and catch up. I really don’t know what I’m going to do tonight without a game. Watch Baltimore/KC? Actually I think I’ll finally see Clerks II. Whoever said REM is one of their favorite bands, I have to agree. I LOVE THEM. I’ve seen them twice live. I have a little obsession with music, so it’s hard for me to pick favorite bands. If I had to, it’d be something like:

    Beatles, REM, A Perfect Circle, Zepplin, Doors, White Stripes (in no particular order). I could go on, but who really cares?

    Now, back to the Yankees…

    Certainly Green and Guile will go bye bye when Cano and Matsui come back. Beam goes if/when Dotel is back. It’s doubtful that Pavano or Sheffield will be back before rosters expand, so no spots to give up. If it does happen, you have to think that Ponson is a big option to cut. They’re paying him basically nothing and he’s given them basically nothing. I’d still rather give Chacon starts than Ponson.

  108. btide21@aim.com

    THANK YOU EMCOHEN. Finally someone agrees with me that Chacon should be in the rotation.
    Cards/Cubs on ESPN tonight…I wonder who will win that one…hah

  109. btide21@aim.com

    Oh wait…old friend Jeff Weaver is starting for the Cardinals so the Cubbies at least have a shot.

  110. btide21@aim.com

    Sorry but I stopped feeling sorry for him after he gave up a home run to a light hitting shortstop to end a WS game.

  111. btide21@aim.com

    People keep saying how the Yankees are probably going to make a deal like they did for Chacon last year. I say why not just put Chacon in the rotation and you can make a different deal.

  112. paul1040@aol.com

    Great, I made fun of Vince for forgetting names and now I am trying to remember what the E stands for in EMCohen.



    Ed? Eugene? Ellis? Eduardo? Ethan? Eberhard? Elias? Elijah? Elliot? Emile? Enzo? Emmanuel? Eric or Erik? Enrique? Ernie? Ervin? Everett? Ernesto? Evan? Ewan? Esteban?

    Argggggh! I hate that I cannot remember.

  113. emcohen@gmail.com

    Oops, sorry. I didn’t see Euripides. I should have known you’d go ancient Greek before anything else.

  114. paul1040@aol.com

    And to answer the question. Eric, I work but all different hours. I am available as clients need me. For example, I worked for part of the beginning of the Yankee game last night.

  115. emcohen@gmail.com

    Oh I didn’t mean just you about work. But that’s sad. If you’re gonna be flexible, make sure you are free for gametime.

  116. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    paul- im still not quite convinced that eric and i are not cousins. and eric, when i am really bored at work, reading all the posts is generally really amusing. catch you guys manana when WANG takes the mound

  117. paul1040@aol.com

    Speaking of names…

    The other day I read something interesting on the Was Watching Yankee blog.

    ARod’s daughter is Natasha. ARod’s agent is Scott Boras.

    Two of the most important people in his life are Boras and Natasha and he plays with Moose.

    Go figure.

  118. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Just in for a quick second for now. Off night? Only for the Yankees…. but not for some of us fans.

    I believe our favorite pitching prospect is scheduled to go tonight :=)

    So I will be on my computer monitoring the Trenton Thunder tonight.

    Let’s go Hughes!

  119. paul1040@aol.com

    I thought it was funny, Rob, but I did not write it. Just reporting what I saw elsewhere. All credit to the Was Watching blog.

  120. rob.bush@excite.com

    Oh, just what I always wanted! A picture of Bob Wickman!

    Somehow I don’t think a picture of him in a g-string would look good on my wall….

  121. rob.bush@excite.com

    Unfortunately, the rumor that teacher’s get summer’s off isn’t necessarily true. We usually have to go back to school ourselves, or go to inservices, all that stuff.

    Because, you know the stuff you teach in High School classes “changes” every year, right?

  122. emcohen@gmail.com

    Although it’s not true all the time. I have a friend who’s a high school teacher and he has literally done NOTHING all summer. And this guy excels at doing nothing.

  123. rob.bush@excite.com

    I haven’t started yet. I know I need to, soon, so I can get my masters and actually start making decent money, but I am dreading the thought of having to jump through hoops again. Not to mention the thought of actually having to *shudder* study again.

  124. rob.bush@excite.com

    Speaking of doing nothing, that’s what I’ve been doing all day. I need to get down to the hardware store and buy some sheetrock so I can get closer to finishing my garage. Of course, since it’s 102 degrees right now, I can’t do anything ’til morning.

    Oh, wait. It’s only 102. Maybe I can do some work this afternoon.

  125. paul1040@aol.com

    It constantly amazes me how many people have died in Nigeria and want to leave me money.

    I will need a place to store all that money.

  126. emcohen@gmail.com

    Wow Paul, that’s lucky! Now, for me, I have the entire upper class of England leaving me their fortunes.

  127. yankeefan1@enter.net

    1 more inning for our boy to pitch tonight. So far Hughes:

    4 IP, 1 r (earned), 2 hits, 1 walk and 8 strikeouts.

    He is losing 1-0. His teammates have given him NO support. Not even one hit of support so far.

    Hughes is on a strict 5 inning or 80 pitch count from here on in. But it looks like another great performance tonight.

  128. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Rain in Trenton. Delay in mid-4th. I would not be surprised if that is all for Hughes tonight.

  129. rob.bush@excite.com

    I just realized:

    Thanks to the off day today, I get to watch 4, count them, FOUR games in a row on TV this week.

  130. sam13281328@aol.com

    THEEEEEEEE YANKEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!! I am getting practiced for tomorrow night!!!!

  131. yankeefan1@enter.net

    After the rain delay, Hughes’ night was done. Trenton did get some runs, so Hughes got a no-decision. Another excellent outing.

    4 IP, 1 run, 2 hits, 1 walk and 8 strikeouts.

  132. rob.bush@excite.com

    Useless stats:

    The Yankees are currently 14-8 for the month of July. If they win 2 out of 3 against TB in their last 3 games this month, July will be the best month so far this year, loss-wise.

    The least losses for the Bombers in a month so far this year has been 10(April and May.) They lost 12 in June.

  133. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    a few points:

    Yeah right paul, like I WOULDN’T notice you forgot something…senility. Jeez we all knew his name was Eric, at least his email doesn’t say Jimman@(insertemailhere).com Like people on this blog whom are actually difficult to remember….but I got it now, right arnold…no wait, ANDREW!….and haaaa fat chance on getting my ashley eric, i drive a hard bargain, if me and lola are going to have marital problems, I am keeping ashley in my sights.

  134. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    You heard it urself, when she is at work she reads my comments and it brightens her day.

  135. ianberkowitz8@hotmail.com

    just a thought, is there any possibility that the Yankees make a run for Greg Maddux as a number 4 or 5 starter? also, why are the Yankees making the new Yankee Stadium smaller than the current one? i mean the Yankees average crowds in the high 40s, and i understand the desire for sellouts, but the yankees are capable of filling a stadium of say 60 thousand enough for it to be worth it. with 81 home games the Yanks play the Red Sox 9 or 10 times and the mets 3, and then theres guarenteed sellouts like opening day and oldtimers day, and that by itself is like a 1/6 of the regular season, and lets not forget about the playoffs. i think the demand is there for a bigger stadium.

  136. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    Hi All:
    Just came back to Detroit. Good day to travel. Off day. Will joing you guys for all games through end of next week. I am still exhilarated by yesterday’s win.

  137. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    ian i completely, completely agree. This is just yankee front office trying to up ticket prices i think. They are drawing more than ever before and now they are making the stadium the smallest it has ever been, that doesn’t make any sense. They should have just renovated the old one.

    Lola, I may hold out…I still have too many feelings for you.

  138. Lola

    i dont think so, or else you wouldnt make passes at another woman.. in my poresence nonetheless! the nerve!

  139. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    haha oh come on, you and ashley are friends, you’re going into business together, i am simply being “friendly”…and we all like people who are “friendly” don’t we?

  140. emcohen@gmail.com

    Since Ashley is related to me (apparently) and Lola is about to be single… I call her Vince. Just give up already. I know how to treat her right. Have fun with Ashley and her life-size cardboard Chien-Ming Wang cutout.


  141. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    I wonder in what language CMW proposes to Ashley? And if they get married or date each other how can they communicate?

  142. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    lol **** you eric. You have put me in a very tough spot. Now i have to compete with the future half of a 1-2 punch for the new york yankees. Must….find….way….to..keep….lola….SCREW YOU ERIC!

  143. sam13281328@aol.com

    Yes…the Yankees pick up a half a game on Toronto…….Final, in Oakland…….A’s 5…….Jays 2……..Go YANKEES

  144. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    russ, don’t change…just keep reading the comment u just made over and over again and dont stray from it mentally.

    is boston off today?

  145. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    excellent…take that toronto, is it just me or have the A’s and mariners really helped us lately?

  146. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    My day was long and hot and uneventful since the Yankees weren’t playing. How was yours?

  147. Lola

    Hi Eric ๐Ÿ˜‰
    its over Vince, give it up! *rolls eyes*

    Again, hi Eric ๐Ÿ˜‰

    (boy do i work quick! :-D)

  148. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Greg Maddux? He is 8-11 after starting 5-0. His ERA in the weaker, non-DH league is 4.83. He is 40.

    NO. No way, No chance. No how.

    Besides, knowing Maddux, he would not come to an East Coast team.

  149. paul1040@aol.com

    It is my opinion that Greg Maddux is the most overrated player in the history of all sports since the planets were created.

    Back when Maddux first moved from the Cubs to Atlanta he had the Yankees bidding for him to drive up his price but then said he would never come to NY. He hates NY and all the people there.

    He stayed in the National League so that it would appear he was a talented pitcher and chose the choke team Atlanta so people would not realize he was the biggest wuss choke artist ever, losing every big game he ever faced.

    If he came to the American League his ERA would double and he would win games only because batters would drop their bats to cover their ears from the whining coming from the mound. Dogs within 2 miles of Maddux’s whining voice suddenly become deaf because of the high pitched sound.

    If Maddux deigned to come to the Yankees he would insist on a whole separate hotel apart from the other players and the Yankees would have to change their name and move to another city to accomodate him.

    He would also insist on underlings carrying him to the mound so his feet would not have to touch the ground in NY.

    He would insist the Yankees change their uniform color to green to match his teeth.

    Maybe I should clarify my position. I do not like Greg Maddux at all.

  150. swolansky@mail.colgate.edu

    Maybe John Rocker can come out of retirement to bolster the bullpen. He adores the atmosphere and culture of NYC! He’ll fit right in.

  151. yankeefan1@enter.net

    HA HA….when I replied to one person who wanted to know if the Yanks had any G. Maddux interest, I just did a dragnet (Just the facts)….of why I didn’t want him.

    Paul, you got personal and made my coffee break. LOL

    Paul, for your enjoyment, I recommend watching and re-watching Greg Maddux reaction to Derek Jeter’s single off him in Game 6 of the 1996 World Series. You will love it.

  152. rivalschool@gmail.com

    There has been a lot of talk about who Sal Fasano looks like, and I appreciate all of the good guesses, but the correct answer is: Sal Fasano is the baseball doppleganger of “Romancing the Stone” Villian, Captain Zolo (How will you die, Joan Wilder? Slow, like… a snail? Or fast, like a shooting star? )

  153. swolansky@mail.colgate.edu

    All I’ve got is a muffin that I bought 2 hours ago when I thought I was hungry. You’ll have to make do with that, btide.

  154. Lola

    Ok guys, i’m leaving to Texas for the weekend (another friend getting married).
    Hold down the fort Rob on the bob sterling impersonation :-D.

    Hope you guys can bring good luck to our boys this weekend, take care of those tampa rats, oops, i meant rays :-D.

    Buh bye!

  155. paul1040@aol.com

    Have a good safe trip, Lola. Insist on having a TV on during the wedding to watch the Yankees.

    Somehow I can just see you sitting at your table lobbing frozen turkeys at the DJ until he plays Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York.”

  156. swolansky@mail.colgate.edu

    No more cookies…only my muffin which is now 3 hours old…and being consumed as we speak.

    So I guess there isn’t any food after all. Maybe Lola can hurl some frozen turkeys our way before she goes…no need for an oven, just microwave them!

  157. yankeefan1@enter.net

    From ESPN…

    The Milwaukee Brewers are trading slugger Carlos Lee to the Texas Rangers as part of a multiplayer deal, ESPN.com learned Friday.

    The Brewers are sending Lee, minor league outfield prospect Nelson Cruz to the Rangers for relief pitcher Francisco Cordero and outfielders Kevin Mench and Laynce Nix.

    Lee was the Brewers’ team leader with 28 home runs and 81 RBI.

    Cordero started the season as the Rangers’ closer, but was replaced by Akinori Otsuka in late April after blowing three saves.

    Both teams are checking for any medical issues before consummating the deal.

    The Rangers are currently two games behind the Athletics in the American League West.

  158. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    Are the rangers crazy. Why do they want more hitting? Isn’t it their pitching that needs help?

  159. swolansky@mail.colgate.edu

    Weird. This doesn’t seem like a sell-off on the part of the Brewers, seeing as they get 3 legitimate Major Leaguers (especially Mench and Cordero) along with a minor leaguer. But it certainly doesn’t show that the Brewers are committed to making a run at the playoffs.

    Rangers are idiots. They should have tried to get Ben Sheets or something. More hitting…go figure.

  160. paul1040@aol.com

    The reason the Brewers traded Lee is because he will be a free agent, so unless Texas signs him they have paid for a 2 month rental.

    Yet I hope they make the playoffs. And play the Yankees in the 1st round while Boston is swept by Detroit.

  161. swolansky@mail.colgate.edu

    I’m aware of his free agency, but Carlos Lee was just such a massive source of power for that team that can’t possibly be replaced by Mench. But I agree with your playoff assessment, 100%. I love when the Yankees play the Rangers in the ALDS, because it’s an automatic victory!

  162. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    Anyone else think Detroit is a waste of a playoff spot? Part of me hopes that the Yankees win the Wild Card because assuming the Tigers still have the best record, they will have their butts handed to them in the first round, or whenever they face New York.

  163. rob.bush@excite.com

    I will laugh my head off if Carlos Lee resigns with the Brewers anyway this offseason. He has expressed some interest in remaining with them.

    Just read an article about the increased chances of the Yankees landing Abreu. It sounds like we’d have to take Lieber back, too, as part of the deal. I’m not completely opposed to that, since he did pitch well the last time he was with the Yankees, but his current numbers, in the NL, no less, do worry me.

    As far as Greg Maddux, if he comes to NY, he’s going to the Amazin’ Mess. He would be stupid to leave the NL.

    I have to disagree with you a little bit about Maddux, though, Paul. He’s a 300 game winner. I don’t care that he did it in the NL. You have to at least give him credit for that. (Don’t take that to mean I would like to see the Yankees get him. I don’t. We don’t need another pitcher on the severed downside of his career.)

  164. paul1040@aol.com

    I agree that Maddux won a lot of games. But he insisted only on pitching against easy teams.

    He has a below .500 record in the playoffs, especially in the World Series against professional batter (American League).

    Thanks for that article, Rob. It seems like Philly is desperate to dump salary. They should pay us to take Abreu and Lieber. Maybe we can throw them Terrence Long and Kris Wilson.

    Lieber looks awful this year but he was terrific 2 years ago in the Yankee’s stretch run. Has he declined that much?

  165. paul1040@aol.com

    Andrew, seems Detroit is a decent team other than when they face the Yankees. They have no closer still.

    If they still have the best record they will play the Wild Card team, the Red Sox.

    The Yanks will play the Western division winner. Hope it is not the Angels. If it is they should let Boston win the division.

  166. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Lieber is 4-7, 5.52 and 36 years of age. His last win was his first in 2 1/2 months. Ouch.

    Given his postseason performances in 1996 for the Yanks and in 1999 for the Mets, how much faith do you think should be placed in Kenny Rogers (the Coward of the County) in the offseason? If I were a Tiger fan, I would be afraid. Very afraid.

  167. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    Tino Martinez already conceded the division to Boston implicitly by picking the Yankees to win the wild card berth.
    I dunno how Tino or anybody else that think Yankees need pitching, think the redsox doesn’t need anything else to win AL east. Mussina has been the best pitcher on either team (beating Schilling marginally). So lets say Mussina and Schilling are even. Beckett is no where close to being as good or consistent as Wang. Anybody would agree, Randy is better than Lester. Wright is better than their no 4, whoever that is and we atleast have a couple of guys who can atleast be called a 5th starter. The bullpens are both unknown entities. Nobody knows what u get from them on a given day except from the closers.

    This is not a prediction, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the yankees lead east by 1.5 games by the end of this homestand.

  168. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    I know, I’m saying that assuming we win the Wild Card then it would be a waste because Detroit would be knocked out in the ALDS.

  169. rob.bush@excite.com

    “If they still have the best record they will play the Wild Card team, the Red Sox.”

    Posted by: paul1040@aol.com | July 28, 2006 12:41 PM

    Don’t forget about the twins. There is still no guarantee that both Boston and the Yankees make it. Personally, I would love to see Boston out of the playoffs this year (and any year for that matter, although game 7 walk off HRs are fun to watch.)

    As far as the Tigers, or even the White Sox, the Yankees have matched up very well against those two teams the last few years. I would not be afraid to play the Tigers in the playoffs.

    Minnesota, on the other hand, has done very well against the Yankees, especially at home.

  170. yankeefan1@enter.net

    From Today’s NY Post…Joel Sherman:

    An exec who watched Lieber Wed. described him as “pretty flat and hittable.”

    An NL GM says,”….By our reports, (The Twins’) Matt Garza is the best pitching prospect due to his combination of readiness, makeup and stuff. But Hughes is very legitimate. He might be second best.”

  171. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    rogers can’t lead any team but tigers still have scary pitching that can beat anybody without an interlocking N and Y on their hats.

    Vik, wakefield will be back in about 3 weeks, wells back sooner but i don’t believe wells will help them at all. Wake is their 3 starter, not lester. Right now lester is better than wright but they both will make the bullpen ask for a pay raise. Beckett has come on of late but i still don’t believe in him and i still think wang is better, but they both win. Mussina is better than schilling and i still think we have betetr starting pitching. I would not be opposed to lieber coming back, ,but it all depends what we give up.

    I used to like laynce nix, but not so much now that he doesn’t exist. I would rather lieber than maddox, but I would prefer someone a little better than both of em.

  172. rob.bush@excite.com

    “Tino Martinez already conceded the division to Boston implicitly by picking the Yankees to win the wild card berth.”
    Posted by: yankee_indian@xyz.com | July 28, 2006 12:47 PM

    If you’re referring to the same show I saw, I think they were prognosticating only on the teams currently not leading their divisions. I don’t think Tino was saying the Yankees can’t win the division.

  173. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    whoa whoa whoa….the last few years? We do NOT match up well against the whitesox..maybe so far this year but as far as I can remember they have owned us….at least much more than the twins…twins only recently have started to even beat us, and I don’t think they have a win in the postseason against us since the new millenium.
    Tigers though i do think we can beat, they don’t score me at all and they would need to pull a bluejays on us to prove that they can compete when we play again

  174. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    We cannot consider guys that are 3 weeks out now. Because that will make the yankees lineup much more potent than Boston’s.

    Even if Wakefield returns, Randy is still better than Wakefield. I am not sure Lester is better than Wright. Yet. He has not been dominant or consistent. Just lucky. But I think he’ll get better with some experience.

  175. btide21@aim.com

    I think Lieber and Abreu would be a great deal for the Yankees.
    I think Lieber has lost a little focus playing for the Phillies but I think back in 2004 he was like 4-0 or 5-0 in September for the Yankees and he had 2 good playoff starts and one mediocre one. I think he would thrive of of the pressure. Plus in Philly he was being asked to be a # 1 or 2. For the Yankees he would be a #4 or 5.

    As for Abreu he would solidify the lineup, create more runs, and he’s a pretty good fielder too.

  176. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    Another important thing that people forget abt, but is very important is the bench. Yankees have a huge advantage in that aspect.

  177. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    I’m with alex, it is a good deal, it just depends what we are giving up. We cannot give them a high level prospect or a reliever right now since no relievers are in that deal, so I am not sure what they want from us.

    Vik, with Cano back in the lineup (everyone else will be at least a week longer) we still will not be more potent than the sox lineup…definitely on par but no overwhelming difference. 1-3 in the Yankee starting rotation at this point in the season i definitely give the edge to the yankees, but both sets are reliable to win. Wakefield doesn’t have a good record because he doesn’t get run support, beckett has a good record because he has too much run support. Johnson has a mediocre record because of earlier this year, wang and mussina have the records of beckett and the era of schilling or better. The point is though, all six keep their teams in the game almost everytime out….unless ur beckett on the road and not playing the A’s with their super 280 and under hitters or the royals with their defensive offense

  178. rob.bush@excite.com

    Including this season and last season, we are 6-3 against the White Sox. The two series were split 3-3 last year, and we swept the only series played so far this year.

    Twins so far this year have beat us 2 out of 3. Last years record was split 3-3.

  179. paul1040@aol.com

    Abreu is a good player but if he arrives it bodes poorly for Melky. It would relegate Melky to the bench and the Yanks would lose either Bubba or Guiel.

  180. rob.bush@excite.com

    Wed. October 13, 2005
    Yankees beat Boston 3-1 5-1 W:Lieber (1-0)

    L:Martinez (1-1)

    S:Rivera (2)

    I have a lot of love in my heart for Lieber just for that one game.

    I can not fully express how much I hate Pedro Martinez as a baseball player.

  181. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    Yeah but you can’t use our misfortune with the twins in april and fortune of sweeping the whitesox once as the say all end all for domination or being dominated by a team.

    2004 we were 4-3 against both teams and took three of four from the twins in the playoffs

    2003 6-0 vs twins and 2-4 vs the whitesox…again beating the twins 3 more times out of 4 in the playoffs.

  182. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    I also hate pedro and adore lieber for his entire september october run in the playoffs. He wasn’t even terrible in his 2nd start of that series. I can’t help but constantly feel we were robbed in 03 and 01 of the ws. I don’t say that because we lost, but 01 with september 11th and the dynasty we were meant to win that series and the d bags with roid head gonzalez were meant to lose. 03, the boone walk off, dominating the mets we were meant to beat a heartless marlins organization that pops up every half decade to win a ws then disappoints their fans for another 5-7 years.

  183. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    Agree that all six of them can keep u in games at home. But only five of them are good on road like you said. That counts for something. Also the games that they dont win and just keep you in, chances are they need atleast 3 innings of relief. On consective days of 3 or more innings of bullpen pitching, we have edge too. Coz of Villone and Chacon. And I also think their rookies will drop a little as the scouting reports become available and people see them more.

  184. rob.bush@excite.com

    Vince, don’t forget that in 2004, the Twins had really only 1 dominating pitcher, Johan Santana. He beat us in game 1, and, if it wasn’t for a bullpen meltdown, would have beat us in game 4, forcing a game 5. Now, they have Francisco Liriano as well, giving them a 1-2 punch that could lock up a 5 game series.

    The only question mark there is whether Liriano, as a rookie, can live up to expectations in the post season. If he pitches in the playoffs like he has during the season so far, whoever they might play will have to have excellent games from their pitchers to have a chance.

  185. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    vik i agree fully with u on the rookies, have lester shut down a team more than once for 5 innings then he can be ur “savior”. Lester has not even entered into the rivalry yet but i would love to pound him. Chacon is not a benefit to our bullpen….yet. He had one good houdini trick so far, lets let him put together a few solid outings before we claim he strengthens our pen…btw who is the redsox long reliever? seanez? tavarez?..i know it is not timlin delcarmen hansen or papelbon, so i guess it has to be an ez twin right?

  186. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    Have we even faced Liriano or Santana this season. How come they are going to automatically dominate us? I don’t see why it can’t be the other way around.

  187. rob.bush@excite.com

    If I remember correctly, didn’t a Soriano error lead to the winning run(s) that cost us game 5 in 2003, sending us to game 6 down 2 games to 3 instead of it being the other way around?

  188. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    rob, i didn’t realize you were comparing them for the playoffs this year, i thought u were just comparing our history against them…in that case oh god i would rather face the whitesox 10 times before facing the twins in the playoffs…

  189. btide21@aim.com

    “and, if it wasn’t for a bullpen meltdown, would have beat us in game 4”

    They also had a bullpen meltdown in game 2 so the Yankees basically stole that series from the Twins.

  190. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    I’m not sold on teams that have sudden surges and that have bandwagons that people (ESPN) love to jump on. That is why I don’t believe in the Tigers and that is why I still believe that Chicago will hold off the Twins in the Central.

  191. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    andrew because santana always pitches pretty well against us and liriano has been dominating the league….but we may crush him, who knows…rob what series are u speaking of?

  192. rob.bush@excite.com

    Vince, I guess I’m really only comparing the last 2 years, I guess, since I believe the current Twins team is much different than the one we faced in 2004.

    Liriano pitched against us in the second game of the april series in relief. He pitched 1 2/3 scoreless innings with 1 walk and 1 SO

  193. btide21@aim.com

    Rob, in game 5 Wells decided to leave after 1 inning with “back spasms” so Contreras had to go in and that was that.

  194. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    oh..i don’t remember that soriano error for some reason, i do remember wells failing though.

  195. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    We’ll see how Bonderman, Verlander, Rogers, et al stand up when the games start to get important and the pressure mounts.

  196. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    When did Proctor have playoff experience? My memory is terrible so you’ll have to help me.

  197. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    lol andrew no doubt we already know rogers won’t stand up…don’t forget about minor…he is a fantasy guru i highly suggest getting him if he is available.

  198. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    i was wrong. villone was on the 95 mariners (remember them?) and more specifically a starter for the 98 indians…don’t think he was in the playoff rotation though.

  199. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    didn’t the mariners beat us in 95? when they were actually good? i think i cried that night

  200. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    yes ashley, 5 game series they came back from down 0-2 and edgar hit one off jack mcdowell that scored griffey jr and joey cora i believe….joey cora who cheated twice running out of the base path on mattingly to start two rallies that gave them two the wins.

    ironically, villone’s only time he actually pitched in a playoff game was 0.2 perfect innings for the 01 astros..if you consider that playoff experience.

  201. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    ..i was 8 but that was the first full season i paid attention to.. (94 would have been but there was a strike, now try explaining that to a new fan that is 7).

    i was heartbroken and i had not stayed up to watch the end of game 5 (from then on i made a point of always staying up) and my dad explained it the next morning and upset me greatly…i remember asking “so who do they play now” and he said “that’s it.”

  202. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    don’t forget 20 yrs from now to ask as a trivia question, who were the first two wildcard teams?

  203. yankeefan1@enter.net

    quickly….Sori didn’t play game 5 of the 2003 WS. He and Giambi were on the bench. The play you are referring to? Enrique Wilson. Sorry, back to work. I’ll catch up more later.

  204. yankeefan1@enter.net

    catch up in 1/2 an hour. BTW, Giambi did come off of the bench in that 2003 WS Gm, 5 & hit a PH HR>

  205. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    yea, i remember it now! such a no good, very bad, horrible terrible game. i was 12 i think? the wildcard was an awesome choice by selig- what is NOT awesome is his idea to not allow all-star pitchers to pitch the sunday before the all-star game. what a tool.

  206. yankeevmm@yahoo.com


    interesting article except for one glaring error….why should the oakland athletics who if the season ended today get an easier ride to the world series with their 500 record over the yankees who are in a division where THREE teams are better than anybody in the west? This little scenario he set up would be perfect if all divisions were equal, but in this day and age there is no way if the whitesox twins or yankees won the wildcard that they should have to risk their season and be worn out while the A’s or anybody else in that west gets a free ride.

    The rockies, btw were the other first wildcard team, they lost in 4 games to the braves, back when the braves knew how to escape the nlds.

    The baltimore orioles in 96 (who can forget that alcs?) were the first wildcard team to win a series, beating the indians in 4 games…on the other side the dodgers were swept by the eventual ws losing braves.

  207. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    he is playing minor league ball now ashley.

    The marlins were the first team to win a ws from the wildcard and they also have the most ws titles that way with two. The yankees have never won a playoff series a sa wildcard losing in 5 to the mariners and the indians in 95 and 97

  208. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    byebye wonderful ashley.

    as you may guess, the redsox are the leader in wildcard births with 6 of them. They are 3-3 in the alds as a wildcard and their only ws since 1918 was a by product of the ******’s way into the playoffs. I also found an error on baseball almanac…it says in 2001 we beat the athletics 4-2 in the alds…silly almanac giving us an extra win more than we needed. Who knew we beat the mariners in 2000 in the alcs? I sure don’t remember that. Now i do though as i type this

  209. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    rob i have always wanted to eat at an in N out burger and a carl’s jr but never have. Mostly because i have been on the west coast once, and it was my senior trip of hs when we went to california.

  210. rob.bush@excite.com

    They have In-N-Out’s in Vegas now. I don’t go often, but they few times I have gone they burgers have always been excellent. Unfortunately, the In-N-Outs are all down town around the strip, areas that I usually have no reason to go to.

  211. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    never been to vegas either, lol I am stricly east coast, i have never been been to the midwest. But i have been to every state on the east coast and the ones surrounding it like pennsylvania..I also went to canada, but the eastern side of it. That interview worries me. He is from the west coast and a former redsox fan, it makes me wonder if HE has the makeup to pitch for the yankees, esp as an ace

  212. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    Vince: I normally do not count on one performance. But Chacon was good last year and early this year until he got hurt. Then he screwed up a couple of starts. Lately, he was decent against Toronto last week, given the kind of day they were having and he was lights out for an inning against Texas. He looked really confident that one inning. It was not like he s ucked for ever and then had this one good inning.

    Regardless of all that, he’s still better than any long reliever Boston has. So we definitely have the edge in that are.

  213. rob.bush@excite.com

    I did a search for Jeffrey Maier on the Minor league website and came up empty. So I did a web search for him and came up with this:

    “In 2006, he became Wesleyan’s career hits leader and was featured on ESPN. The New York Times reported that Maier hopes for a career in baseball. Ironically, there was speculation that the Orioles might draft him–though the team denied ever having an interest in him.[2] Maier was also invited to a private tryout held by the New York Yankees. However, he was not selected by any team in the 2006 MLB Draft.”

  214. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    apparently the yankees have possibly convinced the phillies to ask for lesser prospects than their top tier for abreau and in exchange we take lieber too….IF THAT IS THE CASE i pull the trigger in a second..that would be awesome…like the beckett lowell deal the redsox got. Yankees are supposedly interested in lidle lieber ramon ortiz and tony armas jr

  215. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    yeah rob that’s how i heard about him….yankees also want redmond, now that would be a good deal…he is a lefty and shut down the redsox in 8 innings at fenway for a royals team

  216. rob.bush@excite.com

    Redman would be nice because he is a lefty and might benefit from Yankee Stadium. He is also younger than Lidle and Lieber.

  217. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    yeah i would really like redmond…problem is if yanks really want bobby they would take that deal and lieber…though i wouldn’t mind two starts at the deadline and putting wright in the pen since he can’t go deep into games to begin with…send beam down.

  218. rob.bush@excite.com

    Then again, Redman’s ERA has been climbing the last few years…and after shutting out the ruddy s*cks, he gave up 4 earned in his next start against a far worse team.

  219. yankeefan1@enter.net

    I was at that Lieber over Pedro Game 2 of 2004 ALCS game. The “Who’s Your Daddy” game. Chanted it all night.

    Yup. Game 5 2003 WS…Wilson in for slumping Sori at 2b, Giambi’s knee kept him from starting at 1b, and Wells back …

    I have every WS video or DVD from 1948 through last year (1994 excluded, naturally). They go back to 1943 and I don’t know if I really want the 1943-1947 ones. 1947 might be interesting, but before that??? They started making the highlight reels in 1943 for the troops overseas fighting WWII and just continued with it.

  220. yankeefan1@enter.net

    PS…. Some of the nicest things about those WS videos/DVDs…esp. the old ones, is seeing the old parks (Crosley, Ebbets Field, Polo Grounds, the Old Yankee Stadium) and the great players of that era that you weren’t able to see in person. Nice stuff.

  221. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Yes, the same Mark Redman who pitched for the Marlins against the Yanks (and lost game 2) in 2003.

  222. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Can’t go by head to head matchups in regular season as precursor to what would happen in the postseason. Look at 1988 Dodgers/Mets.

  223. sam13281328@aol.com

    Good afternoon folks. Getting ready for game tonight and hopefully sweep the D’Rays out of town. Any good “rumors” going around?

  224. emcohen@gmail.com

    What’s up Yankee lovers?

    Random side note: Jeff Maier was a friend of my sisters and we played baseball together in our American Legion team. Once other teams found out who he was, they’d tease him mercilessly…which he absolutely hated. He did turn out to be a pretty good ballplayer. He’s also a really nice kid who would rather NEVER talk about that playoff game again.

  225. sam13281328@aol.com

    Thanks BTide…ESPN suppose to have a speical trade deadline show tonight and tomoorrow at 10pm

  226. emcohen@gmail.com

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!******* it **** it **** it.

    Why isn’t the game on MLB Extra Innings tonight?!?!??! What the **** am I gonna do now?

  227. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    hahaha i figured jeffrey may have wanted to put that game behind him…but he certainly didn’t seem to mind the publicity when it was happening.

  228. jtorresmesias@hotmail.com

    Folks: How are you? I’m preparing myself right now to go to “paradise”, as my dear friend Lola said. In just half an hour I’ll take the road to Playa del Carmen, just few miles going south from Cancรบn. A couple of friends (Manuel and Magaly), my wife and I will be there for the weekend. So, I think we’ll drink some Tequila and A LOT of Bacardรญ. Of course, I will be remembering all members of the Yankee family. BTW, we will take some walks on the beach, of course. So keep working while I enjoy ecstasy in “paradise”. See you next Monday. And Lola, prepare your throat because

  229. sam13281328@aol.com

    Curious…what does’s Abreu’s contract call if we get him? How many years and money?..>Thanks

  230. btide21@aim.com

    I think it’s through 2008 with about 15 million a year Russ…Eric you could always gameday it if you can’t watch on TV.

  231. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    eric i could really bail your *** out with a mlbtv subscription username and password but if tampa is not on here in florida and the dumb marlins are again, i am not positive two of us can watch it at the same time

  232. emcohen@gmail.com

    Hey Vince that’d be too kind of you. I take back everything about last night…have Ashley and Lola. Let me know about it.

  233. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    alex, im in nyc. it was raining earlier, but it has stopped now. the game should start on time.

  234. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    I think have a way of making it work for Eric and you. I mean at the same time. I am not sure, it will work, but it can.

    I want to buy it on mlb.tv but the team I root for loses if I buy a game. Happened for Cricket and Football. Dont wanna test my luck with baseball.

  235. paul1040@aol.com

    Russ it is $16 million I think when the option is exercised and he is only about 4 years younger than Sheff.

    I don’t understand the value in Abreu if it makes Melky the 4th outfielder.

  236. btide21@aim.com

    Damon CF

    Jeter SS

    Giambi DH

    Rodriguez 3B

    Posada C

    Williams RF

    Phillips 1B

    Cabrera LF

    Cairo 2B

  237. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    eric assuming that is your real email, i sent you some information that will probably make your night quite awesome, let me know if you receive it, going to dinner be back around game time

  238. yankeefan1@enter.net


    Jeffrey Maier. I hate when Oriole fans and the media bring this up like it cost the Orioles the pennant. It was GAME 1 of the ALCS. The O’s won Game 2, so the series was EVEN going to Baltimore where the Orioles were SWEPT by the Yanks. In fact, the Yanks were 9-0 at Camden Yards in 1996. Want to win the pennant? How about winning a HOME GAME?

    Abreu…owed $23 mil through the end of 2007 with a $16 million option for 2008 that he would force his new team to pick up now.

  239. paul1040@aol.com

    I am not sure of the exact numbers for Abreu. The money is less important to the Yankees than where is he going to play?

    Does he displace Melky?

    I am opposed to it.

    Melky has the potential to be a 5 tool player as he gets better all the time. Better hitting, better fielding, better on the bases, better throwing out runners. When have we had a 21-yr old player just bursting with potential? Maybe 10 years ago and he is out shortstop.

  240. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    what are the 5 tools of the 5 tool player? i’d guess 1)batting avg…2)fielding…3)RBI…4)speed..???

  241. yankeefan1@enter.net

    If someone gets Abreu, they’d have to take Lieber as well. Kind of like Pittsburgh trying to dump off Burnitz if anyone wants Craig Wilson.

  242. nyyangel74@yahoo.com

    Hmm.. thats interesting. Have they stopped asking for the world for these players? Be interesting if we didnt have to give up the farm for these guys.

  243. yankeefan1@enter.net

    It seems to be a different name every day. A few days ago, it was Betemit.

    Today’s flavor of the day is Cory Lidle.

  244. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    They are called rumors for a reason. I wonder what percentage of these rumors actually materialize.

  245. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Lidle could be had for lesser talent. He is a F.A. at the end of the year. So for a 10 week rental, you wouldn’t have to give up much. The ??? is…. does Cashman consider the 8-7, 4.74 Lidle an upgrade over Ponson/Chacon? Lidle started poorly but has gone 3-1, 3.74 is his last five games. He has AL experience from A’s and Jays. A Yankee scout was in Philly to watch him pitch yesterday. That’s why Lidle is the flavor of the day, so to speak.

  246. bignavyt@hotmail.com

    What’s going on folks? First time poster here! To start it off my ?? will be, is there anyone out there that would be content with the Yanks not making any moves? In my opinion I think that they could really make a push for the division title with just the mix of line ups that they’ve been using. Of course we would rather see them coast to a divison title but having them battle it out makes it so much sweeter when they actually win it. Look at last year when we were 5 1/2 back, how awesome was it when they actually pulled it out in the end?

  247. paul1040@aol.com

    Interesting info from Newsday’s Jim Baumbach



    Thanks to a few tips from catching instructor Tony Peรฑa, Jorge Posada has become one of the most difficult catchers in the major leagues to steal on this season.

    Ramon Hernandez, Bal 39.7 (23-for-58)

    Miguel Olivo, Fla 35.3 (18-for-51)

    Jorge Posada, NYY 33.9 (19-for-56)

    Kenji Johjima, Sea 29.8 (14-for-47)

    Brian McCann, Atl 29.5 (13-for-44)

    Source: STATS Inc.

  248. paul1040@aol.com

    Welcome Bignavyt.

    I would not mind if the Yanks did nothing by the deadline. I would dread them giving up young players or prospects who could be here the next ten years for someone to be here the next 10 weeks.

  249. btide21@aim.com

    Paul, look up the stats for Yadier Molina throwing out runners. I think he might be the best in the Majors at 47% or so.

  250. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Nice by Derek. Moves runner over after leadoff Damon double.

    Who did SF give up? Could not have been much.

  251. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    I know you were being sarcastic Rob but others who are not Yankee fans say it in all seriousness.

  252. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    This is what tv analysts say abt the 1st inning:
    If we win, we got a clutch hit with 2 outs.

    If we lose, we left 2 guys on base.

  253. btide21@aim.com

    On 9/13/05, the Yankees scored 6 ER in 1/3 of an inning against Corcoran(in relief). The Yankees won the game 17-3.

  254. rob.bush@excite.com

    Yankees caught a break there. After dropping the ball, Lugo did pick it up and get his foot on the bag before Phillips slid in.

  255. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    LOL andrew. more like “a-rod conspired with umpires in illegal manner to beat devil rays”

  256. nyyangel74@yahoo.com

    and got an error for his trouble – to add insult to injury, lol.

    Can’t blame him for being annoyed, I’d be if it was Jorge.

  257. nycjeepthing@hotmail.com

    random thing. In the first inning the YES guys were talking about the “slurve” ball. Does anyone ever call the knuckle-curve (like Mussina has) a “nerve” ball? i haven’t heard it called that, but was wondering.

  258. rob.bush@excite.com

    Jeter did bat lead off last year, though, so he wasn’t expected to or in position to drive in many runs.

  259. nycjeepthing@hotmail.com

    yeah, alex, you’re right…i got wrapped up in the double entendre of it..haha. thanks for the correction.

  260. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Derek’s only 100 rbi season was 1999, when he hit .349…which is about what he is hitting now.

    His second highest is 84.

  261. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    Anyone know what Wang goes by when he’s around his teammates/in the clubhouse? Is it Wang, Chien, or Chien-Ming or some combination of both?

    Ashley, it’s probably not lover-boy.

  262. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    HAHA. i highly doubt it is “lover-boy” too. and up until reading that article yesterday, i didnt think that he even talked to any of his teammates.

  263. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    Thats why LOB is such a useless and senseless statistic. They scored 2 runs and loaded the bases with 2 outs. Is that a good inning or a bad inning. We left 3 men on base.

  264. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Gotta love Wang. I have to step out of the room for just a second and he gets 2 outs while I am gone.

  265. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    Looking over the D-Ray’s lineup, most of their guys are young or close to young. Makes you wonder what they can do in the future if they find their groove.

  266. sam13281328@aol.com

    Well bases loaded w/2 outs and not scoring isn’t necessairly a bad inning…..after you scored 2

  267. sam13281328@aol.com

    2 runs off of Pedro so far for Atlanta, top of 1st, 0 outs, stll have runners at 2nd and 3rd

  268. paul1040@aol.com

    GameDay still has ARod coming up to bat after Giambi’s walk. Fortunately CBS Sportsline posts more current results. Thanks again Vik for that lead.

  269. bignavyt@hotmail.com

    I’m sorry but I don’t believe in jinxing a No hitter. I think that cheering in on helps it. With that being said I feel the sixth inning will be the first hit.

  270. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    in that case, as long as it has been “jinxed” i predict a perfect game until at least the 5th or 6th

  271. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    That looked like the longest single ever. The one by Bernie. It could very well be gamecast magic.

  272. paul1040@aol.com

    Ashley on Game Day or the CBS Sportline, and in 1 in 10 times I can get the radio broadcast.

  273. rob.bush@excite.com

    Bernie didn’t have a chance. Lined right to Wigginton, he catches it moving towards the bag. Easy DP.

  274. yankeefan1@enter.net

    I said it to friends last year, and now Murcer says it on UPN. Wang reminds him of Stottlemyre with that sinker. I watched Mel pitch when I was a kid and Wang reminds me of Mel. Pitching style, cool and poise. Just like Mel.

  275. rob.bush@excite.com

    Corcoran is scared skitless of A-Rod. He won’t give him anything even close right now.

  276. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    White Sox getting smacked around by Baltimore through their own pitching again. So glad I dropped Freddy Garcia. On the other side, Erik Bedard, who replaced Garcia is doing just fine.

  277. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Now is the time for Bernie to tie Donnie on that all-time Yankee doubles list. Thought he’d do it last at bat with that hard single. Tie him in style w/a bases loaded double.

  278. paul1040@aol.com

    Before that at bat Melky was up 12 times with the bases loaded and was hitting .333 with 9 RBI.

    Great rookie.

  279. emcohen@gmail.com

    ****. But 5-0 should definitely be good enough with Wang on the mound. On the plus side, US soldiers in Iraq found $7.2 million and want me to have it.

  280. yankeefan1@enter.net

    I don’t get excited until 6 are in the books. I have friends that were at Wells’ perfecto, and another was at Cone’s. My dad, God rest his soul, had them all beat. He was at Larsen’s. The last no-hitter was Randy’s perfecto in May 2004 for Arizona vs. Atlanta.

  281. sunny615@gmail.com

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone recognize any of these TB players? Most of them I’ve never heard of…

  282. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    I know Lugo, Crawford, Wiggington, Lee, Cantu, and Gomes. The only pitcher I know is Kazmir.

  283. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    i feel for wang that the no-no is gone…but i predict a CG shut out if torre keeps him in for the full 9

  284. emcohen@gmail.com

    Don’t worry Ashley. Wang throws about 5 pitches per inning. By the ninth he’ll have thrown about 45. Of course he’ll go all the way.

  285. sunny615@gmail.com

    Sorry emchoen… it was a generic question… hopefully he’ll answer like marksman

    of which – crawford and gomes are the only ones I recognize and of course kazmir

  286. emcohen@gmail.com

    It’s ok sunny. I was hoping to find out which Rays enjoy long walks on the beach anyway.

  287. sunny615@gmail.com

    I have no idea what’s up with GameCast today – I have to refresh every other second. And Gameday is it’s usual slow self. Man – it’s nights like this I wish I had the YES channel or something. sigh.

  288. emcohen@gmail.com

    Jeter: “How does a catcher have a higher average than me? I’m the captain of the Yankees! That’s it. I’m not making more than 10 outs for the rest of the season.”

  289. sunny615@gmail.com

    Jeter is just eating up TB pitching. Nice

    I’m betting Kazmir and Wiggington – tho I’m sure Paul will tell us if it’s together or separately…

  290. sunny615@gmail.com

    well, he said his legs and knees are sore, so he’s not getting the power he’s used to out of the swing – I’m thinking he needs a couple days off.

  291. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Joe Cowley (remember him from the 1985 Yanks?) had one of the ugliest no hitters ever. I think he walked 7. And you know what? He never won another game after that.

  292. yankeefan1@enter.net

    With 2 out, Nolasco gave up a hit. Ball hit Nolasco’s glove and Abreu got an infield hit. Had Nolasco not touched it, it was a 4-3 putout. Utley’s hitting streak in jeopardy.

    As for Burnett, it’s quite possible. What I remember about Burnett’s is that he had just come off of the DL 4 days prior. It was his 2nd start after coming off of the DL.

  293. sunny615@gmail.com

    Ach – ironic that I just read somewhere that Posada under the tutiledge of Bowa has become the third hardest catcher to steal off of.

  294. rob.bush@excite.com

    Can’t really blame Cairo for that hit. I don’t think he could have made the throw to first anyway. It would have been tough.

    The Wild pitch on ball 4 didn’t help.

  295. rob.bush@excite.com

    Sorry, Ashley. Didn’t mean to appear to be bagging on your man. I hope you’ll forgive me.

  296. paul1040@aol.com

    Sunny I posted the stats about catching above, from Newsday. The coach is Tony Pena, not Larry Bowa who worked with Jorge.

  297. rob.bush@excite.com

    (bleep) Phillips. He has a couple of good at bats and then he swings at that pitch. Grrrrr.

  298. btide21@aim.com

    Paul, there’s an error in the Yankees notes:
    “For now, the rotation after the Devil Rays series will be Jaret Wright, Wang and Sidney Ponson.”


    Ryan meant the Blue Jays series.

  299. rob.bush@excite.com

    Wigginton just ran into your man, Ashley. Need to talk to Lola about the best way to lob a frozen turkey.

  300. paul1040@aol.com

    I did not read them yet Alex. But I read somewhere that Ponson will start against the Blue Jays at home.

  301. sam13281328@aol.com

    I am soooo busy at work……gees…….good game Wang so far…guys keep me posted…..check back in a few

  302. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Wang great tonight. Give the bullpen a rest. Randy tomorrow, Muss on Sunday. Keep it up. Play a little game of “can you top this?”.

  303. paul1040@aol.com

    Pavano had Carl Pavano Surgeryโ„ข which requires 3 years, or the length of your contract, whichever comes first, to recover.

    I thought he could loaf in Cuba.

  304. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    jesus i spent too much time at toojays eating “jewish” food. On the bright spot i found out my mantle autograph is around 2000 dollars and mattingly and mantle on the same ball is around 1000

  305. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    i wanted to hit wiggington- yet was also really jealous of him. i gotta leave in about 30 minutes- i hope the game is over by then.

  306. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    Dont beat me up for this, but how abt using Wang twice every 5 days for 5 innings each. Chacon/Ponson can be used those two days for 2 innings each.

  307. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    oh and hello ashley and paul…my two favorites at the moment, no offense to the rest of my family/love life.

  308. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    …must hit vik….vik the whole beauty of wang is giving our bullpen a rest, not having three out of every 5 starts be 6 innings or less in our rotation

  309. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    this tampa announcer sounds dumb, but he has been impartial to either team so far thank god…so i approve. The dumb marlins and dumb d bags share a channel, and it always seems to be the marlins being televised

  310. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    oh alex u know ur my favorite 15 yr old over 5’8″…and andrew knows hes my favorite guy with a confusing email address…and jorge knows hes my favorite mexican…and lola knows im just putting up a front because she upset me so much earlier…and so on and so forth…russ knows hes my favorite midwestern split personality guy.

  311. yankeefan1@enter.net

    I have a Mantle autographed ball. How much is that?

    Ponson going Aug. 3rd and Randy pushed backa to the 4th? I can see why…If Ponson went on the 5th, he and Wright would be back to back in the rotation, and Joe doesn’t want that. The bullpen would be on overtime.

    As long as Wang makes his Aug. 2nd start….if he didn’t, youknowwho would be very upset.

  312. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    welcome back vince…..vik- i dont think that is a good idea. i think wang needs to continue in the once every-5-days-rotation to continue to be as good as he is now

  313. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    haha melky is far away at the moment paul…and he is not in this blog…if he were, then he would be under the “love life” section of my previous statement

  314. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    yankeefan- YES- ill be very upset. ill give you all my tickets for wednesday if he is not starting

  315. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    Think abt it Vince. It’ll be a nice gamble. 10 guaranteed quality innings from Wang. And if Chacon and/or Ponson hold them down for 4 innings across 2 games, which is not too much to ask, it is 2 wins.

  316. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    mike, a mantle autographed ball is estimated at around 2000 dollars. It has to be on a ball though and his signature solely and easily legible… a mantle picture is 1000

  317. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    yea ok, i dont think torre will have wang pitch the 9th. he is at like 90 pitches already

  318. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    haha andrew i included u!…vik im not so sure making him pitch twice in the rotation would give u 5 quality innings every time out, i think it would screw with him….plus that is cutting down on wang’s potential and if he struggles for one 5 inning performance and throws 100 pitches, then we would have to spot start him anyway. I think you are banking on him being TOO good everytime out.

  319. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    lol yeah jeez. I let wang pitch the 9th, give proctor an extra day off, and farnsy an extra day with his back…everyone can benefit. If you do go to the pen though i go to beam so we have a comfortable lead for him to **** in….keep in mind wang has never had a complete game shut out, i give him that chance.

  320. rob.bush@excite.com

    Escobar struck out the side in the bottom of the 1st for LAA. Unfortunately, a Mr. Ortiz wasn’t one of them. He walked.

  321. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    rob i was almost going to hurt u if u said he homered….walk…that’s ok i can deal with that…here’s to lester giving up 6 runs in 3 innings and losing finally.

  322. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    Ashley: Gamecenter on sportsline.com gives u the pitch count.
    Vince: Yes, I was assuming he will be lights out each game. And that was just a crazy thought to send him in twice every 5 days.

  323. rob.bush@excite.com

    Bring him out. If he allows a baserunner and is looking a little tired, then bring in a reliever.

    Give him the chance for the CG 1st, though.

  324. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    If he doesn’t let him go out then he can yell at Torre in Chinese just like Mussina yelled at him that other time in Detroit.

  325. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    ashley if u go on gameday on the right side with the box score and scroll all the way down there is a line for pitches by each pitcher.

  326. barry_chen_61@yahoo.com.tw

    Hi, I am from Taiwan, good to see double play again ,As a Taiwanese, I am proud of Wang.

  327. btide21@aim.com

    Why is everyone so down on Chacon? I’m like the only person who supports him for cryin out loud haha.

  328. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Thanks. My sister got the ball for me the Christmas before Mickey died. I also have a Yogi autographed ball (got it at his museum), Tommy Henrich (still alive at 93!) Steve Carlton, Clete Boyer, George Foster, Tommy John (barely legible…rats)…and Don Mattingly. What really angers me is that I got Bob Feller, but he signed in felt tip pen, and it’s just about faded away.

    I do have a certificate of authenticity for the Mantle ball.

  329. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    vince, vik- thank you. rob i agree- give him a chance for the CG SO- if anyone gets on base, bring in beam or someone

  330. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    I’m with rob i go by the classic rule of putting him on damage control. He gives up a base runner, you yank him…though since he is up 6 and he is a ground ball guy, i allow him two base runners.

  331. sunny615@gmail.com

    Not at all btide, I think and I’ve said this many times here- that if he gets enough innings, he gets his groove back. I think Chacon is still a legit starter. He had a hematoma the size of a basketball on his leg fer pete’s sake – it takes some time get get better.

  332. paul1040@aol.com

    Ashley, also on Game Day if you put your cursor over the picture of the pitcher it tells you how many pitches.

  333. paul1040@aol.com

    Welcome Barry Chen. Wang is really a great addition to the Yankees. We are glad he is there.

  334. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    barry chen, some of us are ESPECIALLY glad he is here….btw guys, are we EVER going to see dotel? cano? pavano?

  335. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    rob that is an impressive list…my dad used to do business with the owner of the hotel the yankees stay in when they are in the city, so i got a lot of autographs.

    1. mickey mantle picture/ball

    2. mattingly card and mattingly/mantle same ball

    3. yogi berra picture

    4. whitey ford ball

    5. mazzilli randolph bernie

    6. oneill

    7. jeter his rookie season

    8. ken griffey jr

    9. berra/ford signed out to me

    haha i also have really random ones like jim leyritz and what not.

  336. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    Yes well Ashley, your appreciation of Wang is a little more than baseball-wise haha. I love what he does for my fantasy team though.

  337. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    Andrew: I was going to say the same thing abt Ruddy’s name. But, I dont have a very common name either. So I just kept quiet.

  338. btide21@aim.com

    Cano was supposed to run the bases today, if all went well he would do it again I think tomorrow and if that went alright then he’d play in some rehab games. At the earliest he could be back on August 10th or 11th.

  339. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    Andrew: I was going to say the same thing abt Ruddy’s name. But, I dont have a very common name either. So I just kept quiet.

  340. rob.bush@excite.com

    My grandfather used to have a lot of baseball stuff. had some Gehrig and Ruth stuff even.

    And then the plane fell on their house…

  341. paul1040@aol.com

    Ashley, Dotel had a legitimate injury and Tommy John Surgery takes time to heal and he is right on target for that.

    Pavano is a master loafer and he has Car Pavano Surgeryโ„ข and we may never see him again.

    I hope.

  342. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    it seems as though he has been “running the bases” since before the all star break. i hope he comes back soon.

  343. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    something very odd i learned today: a rod and bonds are worth the same amount (800)…willie mays is worth 700…ortiz is 400, but only if it is from 2004, posada is 250. The redsox signed picture 2004 ws team is 4600….as my dad pointed out it is because “it will be the last time they ever win”

  344. rob.bush@excite.com

    hammy’s take time, Ashley. And you want to be sure their healed, or the injury will just come back.

  345. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    good lord he is smiling- i dont think he has ever smiled before. phillips gave him the ball to keep

  346. yankeefan1@enter.net

    CG 2 hit shutout. The best pitched game of any Yankee this year.

    Hello our Taiwanese friend. Does Chien Ming Wang mean “I am ACE” in Taiwanese? ๐Ÿ™‚

  347. rob.bush@excite.com

    104 pitches, 2 H, 2 BB. Both hits were pretty weakly hit, too. What a great performance.

  348. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    That was the 100th game played this season by the Yankees and the first career shutout by Wang.

  349. iheartcmwang@gmail.com

    i am…i gotta head out guys- will catch up with all of you tomorrow- so very happy with my man wang tonight. i think i may have to start a WAng fan club. who’s with me?

  350. rob.bush@excite.com

    Great game guys (and gals)! Well, I’m off to the movies with the wife. Don’t celebrate too hard and save some booze for me.

  351. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    btw paul i responded…..wow wang is just awesome on all levels. Him and melky together in one room…..oh man….

  352. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    ******, the White Sox just hit a grand slam in the top of the 9th to take the lead. Tigers and Twins still tied.

  353. sam13281328@aol.com

    DANG, Gload w/a grand slam, top of 9th, Chicago 6 Baltimore 4…….there was one out too……UGH

  354. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    I do not know anything abt Phillip Hughes except what I read on this blog and I am not going to pretend like I do. If he is half as good as you guys say he is or 3/4 as good as Wang is, GUYS .. watch out for that 1-2 punch yankees are going to feature for the next decade.

  355. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    vik 2008-2010 we are winning three titles im calling it….by then we will have a rotation with wang (28 yrs old and an ace) hughes (rookie phenom) and tyler clippard (projected 2-3 starter) then perhaps some zito and mussina or u can fondle the other two spots with whoever u want…either way it is a dominating staff.

    The bullpen will be home to jb cox mariano rivera mike myers scott proctor kyle farnsworth and octavio dotel (fully healthy and filthy) the outfield will have a little bit of a young man named tabada, cabrera and then either matsui damon or whoever the **** u want, and the outfield will have able bodied veterans and an mvp in a rod and jeter, with cano (developing power) and a first baseman…giambi a full time dh and some sort of catcher (the 16 yr old that beats up on 21 year olds will be 18-19 by then and almost ready)

  356. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    Woah Vince. Thats a pretty bold call. Hope and pray u are right. I’ll try not to lose contact with you to throw u party like u have never seen before (if u’re right) and to kick the **** out of you if u’re wrong. lol.

  357. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    “Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano said his injured left hamstring felt good after running the bases.” .. espn.com

  358. paul1040@aol.com

    From CBS Sportsline:

    Yankees 2B Robinson Cano said his injured left hamstring felt good after running the bases.

  359. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    wow Paul. from two different sources though.

    ” Josh Beckett tops the majors in most home runs allowed (28), and is also sporting an ugly 6.17 ERA in 12 road starts.” espn.com

  360. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    beckett 4.77 era wang 3.77 era beckett a win more AND a loss more

    schilling same thing with wins and losses over mussina, his era is 0.27 higher

    wait who has the better 1-2 punch? Shouldn’t schilling and beckett be god and jesus by now?

    Don’t even get me started on johnson and the non existant tim wakefield.

  361. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    steve phillips continues to be a ******* idiot saying the yankees don’t have the pieces to make a move with the phillies….we have the pieces we just don’t want to give them up…idiot

  362. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    btw i would like to point out that so far….by predicting lowell youk and nixon and gonzalez would slow down….and crisp would heat up…i was 100% correct over kasey. Oh yeah, i also said ortiz would slow down, and oh no surprise there…i also said tek would continue to **** and ohh no surprise there…i also added johnson would improve….you can all just call me ms cleo

  363. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    vik i think that will stop if you read his most recent entries…fully ignoring the fact that AFTER the yankees redsox 5 game series, the schedule then favors the yankees over the sox PLUS we get boston for four games at home….he always looks at half the issue and it is always the issue that favors the redsox.

  364. btide21@aim.com

    They should make “I live for this” commercials for GM’s and play them around the trade deadline haha

  365. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    lol so it is back to half a game. This seems to be where the yankees sit back and relax…let’s keep pushing and get ourselves a nice division lead going for that hard stretch before the boston series….then we can bury them for the next month and cap it with our series against them at the stadium

  366. btide21@aim.com

    Jeez I just looked on the red sox blog, Vince and Vik, you guys haven’t given them a break have you haha.

  367. paul1040@aol.com

    CBS SportsLine.com wire reports

    PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia Phillies traded third baseman David Bell to the Milwaukee Brewers for a minor league pitcher Friday night.

    Bell, who will be a free agent after this season, was hitting .278 with six home runs and 34 RBI in 91 games. The Phillies got Class A right-hander Wilfrido Laureano. He was 3-2 with a 3.96 ERA in 29 relief appearances for West Virginia of the South Atlantic League.

    The disappointing Phillies (46-54) are expected to make more significant moves before Monday’s trade deadline. Milwaukee, one of several losing teams in the NL wild-card race, already made a big deal, sending All-Star slugger Carlos Lee to Texas earlier in the day.

  368. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    Vince: I am married and that explains why I hang out here. You are 19, single and what are you doing here on a friday night. Go out dude. Have fun. OK . Starting next week.

  369. paul1040@aol.com

    Dodgers acquire Betemit from Braves for Aybar, Baez
    July 28, 2006

    By Scott Miller

    CBS SportsLine.com Senior Writer

    The Los Angeles Dodgers acquired infielder Wilson Betemit from the Atlanta Braves for infielder Willy Aybar, reliever Danys Baez and cash, CBS SportsLine.com has learned.

    The move addresses needs for both the fading Dodgers and the clinging-to-playoff-hopes Braves. Injury-depleted Los Angeles needs some infield help and the Braves are doing everything they can to patch a leaky bullpen.

    Betemit, who turned 26 on Friday, fills the void left at third by Bill Mueller, who is out for the season following knee surgery. His presence also will lend some immediate stability to a Dodgers infield ravaged by injuries. In addition to Mueller, second baseman Jeff Kent (side muscle) is on the disabled list and first baseman Nomar Garciaparra (knee) is out for a few more days.

    All told, the Dodgers, who had lost 13 of 14 games heading into this weekend’s series with Washington, currently are playing without three of their projected four starting infielders this season. Betemit was sought by several clubs, including Los Angeles’ NL West rival San Diego.

    In 87 games with Atlanta this season — 199 at-bats — Betemit batted .281 with 16 doubles, nine home runs and 29 RBI.

    “He’s one of the better young players in the game,” Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti said. “He played in a good organization in Atlanta. His extra-base hits, for the number of at-bats he’s had, is pretty strong.

    “He’s a young player who, at the end of this season, won’t be eligible for arbitration.”

    In return, Atlanta adds Baez to a work-in-progress bullpen. Braves GM John Schuerholz acquired closer Bob Wickman from Cleveland earlier this month, and Baez is expected to chip in as a set-up man.

    Baez filled in as a closer earlier this season when Eric Gagne first was unable to pitch and subsequently moved to a reduced roll in the bullpen following seven blown saves in 16 opportunities. Still, he led the Dodgers with 46 appearances this season, a summer after representing Tampa Bay in the All-Star Game and collecting 41 saves.

    Baez, 28, was 5-5 with nine saves and a 4.38 ERA for Los Angeles this season.

  370. paul1040@aol.com

    Atlanta has improved its bullpen a lot. I think they realize if they can’t win the division they could aim for the wild card since the entire NL is so weak.

  371. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    hahah vik i never figured this might look bad….I moved here two months ago (im already in college) and never met anybody…so it has been a summer of loneliness for me, so when i get back to school im goingt o have to make up for it by getting extra drunk and watching the yankees win a lot.

  372. btide21@aim.com

    If an Abreu deal is going to happen, it will probably happen tonight or tomorrow. There is a lot of money involved so it would be a complicated deal. Even Steve Phillips admitted that the Phillies were discussing the Abreu and Lieber deal for lesser prospects so you never know….haha ok if you say so then Vinny.

  373. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Yankee future:
    C Jesus Montero 16. 6’3″ 220 lbs. Hopefully matches one scout’s prediction that he could have “Mike Piazza type power.”

    1B….Eric Duncan? hope so. But I am not sold on him yet. Still just 21.

    2b…Robbie Cano is still just 23.

    SS…Derek is 32. He’ll be here for a while. Position switch in 5 years? If so, start grooming SS now. C. J. Henry is SS at Charleston, but last year’s 1st round draft pick is struggling to hit .230 there right now.

    3B…Alex is 31. He’ll be there a while yet.

    OF…Melky is 21.

    OF…Jose Tabata will be 18 in 2 weeks, and is hitting .303 at Charleston. Hopefully is as good as one scout’s opinion..the scout wrote “another Manny”

    OF…Matsui for the next 4 years, Damon for 4 years or so.

    P. Wang is 26. Hughes is 20. Clippard is 21. if the Yanks get Matsuzaka, he is 26.

    RP. They’ll need to find a replacement for Mo. What big shoes to fill. Ouch. You do have Beam, Cox, Smith and Justin Pope. Smith and Pope are currently both 26.

    Let’s not forget this year’s draft class. Hopefully a Ian Kennedy, Joab Chamberlain or Dellins Betances (three pitchers) will develop and be here in five years.

    MGR…you didn’t think I would name this one, did you? Joe Torre is now 66. How much longer? Who replaces him? Donnie? Someone else like maybe Girardi?

    Owner…another one. Steve Swindall is positioned to take over. Remember the Boss is 76.

    Anything I missed? Feel free to chime in.

  374. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    anyone take note that every highlight of a player has them doing well against the yankees? 5 k’s from zito and 2 were against the yankees…the others were teams in his division. I have never in my life seen a highly not in the redsox favor

  375. btide21@aim.com

    Vince I don’t know if you watched baseball tonight but when they were looking at the Carlos Lee deal they were showing Mench and they showed him getting the same hit against the Yankees from about 7 different angles.

  376. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    mike, why not mazzilli? Another italian with experience already? Girardi may be in florida for awhile but he is gonna be a great manager. I always forget the japanese guy, add him and we have 4 nasty men. My bet is jb cox gets the first chance to replace mo

  377. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    alex that could be because its been his only hit in about 3 months haha….vik no that didn’t offend me. You didn’t say anythign that wasn’t funny or the truth haha.

  378. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    I was hoping, this game would be close enough to use the better part of the Boston bullpen. The only way Boston can win 2 games in a row is if their starting pitchers leave with atleast a lead. There is no chance for the sox if it becomes a battle of the bullpens. The Angels bullpen is too good.

  379. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    I was hoping, this game would be close enough to use the better part of the Boston bullpen. The only way Boston can win 2 games in a row is if their starting pitchers leave with atleast a lead. There is no chance for the sox if it becomes a battle of the bullpens. The Angels bullpen is too good.

  380. yankeefan1@enter.net

    He’s only 21. His record at AA Trenton is 7-10 or so, with an ERA about 3.90. He is said not to have overpowering stuff, but is still averaging over a strikeout an inning. One thing about Trenton (and Class A Tampa for that matter), in following them and esp. Hughes, there isn’t that much support offensively for a Hughes and Clippard. Hughes overall record is 8-6 (Tampa and Trenton) but Hughes’ ERA overall is about 2.40 or so. Last year Clippard was 10-10 for two Class A clubs. Street & Smith’s preseason review of Clippard had him ranked # 6 of Yanks prospects (#1 was Hughes, 2 Tabata….Believe it or not, Melky was # 9). It stated the record and below average velocity, but also stated 10.6 K/9 IP last year and a 3 pitch arsenal. He intrigues me. Might be a solid 4 guy or decent trade bait.

    As for catcher, Posada turns 35 on August 17. (Since catchers usually start slowing down at 32/33 years of age, he is having an excellent year so far). Since Montero is a few years away, who would you project as an interim catcher for 2-3 years? Fasano is 34. It will probably be a stopgap guy for two or three years. But it would be interesting to project.

  381. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    yankees have ALWAYS had good catchers so i dont know if fasano would cut it. is matheney’s contract up anytime soon? how old is he? i’ll take a molina…any of them…

  382. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    Manny has been swinging a hot bad last few days. Good thing he’s hot now. He usually goes on tear for a couple of weeks and then cools down a little bit which will be right abt right before the yankee series. Manny scares me a lot more than Ortiz does.

  383. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    yeah i know alex…with that young staff id rather have him be fundamentally superior and let our other bats do the rest…..i dont think manny ever cools down against the yankees.

  384. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Don’t know who would replace Torre.

    One guy I wish the Yanks would consider as a coach (they probably won’t) is Robbie Alomar. I always liked him as a player, and many of his peers said he was the smartest player they ever played with or against. His dad, Sandy is a coach. I think Robbie would make a great manager one day. As for pitching coach, I have a hunch David Cone might make a good one. Guidry is doing a good job in his rookie year though.

    I think the Yanks might go the “safe” route in a few years and get Yankee legend Mattingly to replace Torre if Donnie wants the job.It would certainly be the popular move.

  385. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    So I come back and see the Sox are losing 8-2, Minnesota and Chicago both lost. We are 1.5 games up in the Wild Card and only half a game back in the East with Boston still to face Jered Weaver tomorrow. First place by tomorrow.

  386. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Clippard is a righty. Unfortunately, I don’t see a lefty in the system. The top two draft picks, Kennedy and Chamberlain, are righties. The top lefty is (UGH) Sean Henn, who so far has (pardon the pun) laid nothing but eggs.

  387. btide21@aim.com

    There’s a lefty in Trenton named Danny Borrell, his stats aren’t bad but he’s 27 so he might be one of those career minor leaguers.

  388. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    cox myers dotel farnsy proctor in the pen

    use sheffield wright pavano guile williams crosby and phillips money to get a long reliever…bring up duncan when hes ready, tabada phases matsui out…cabrera phases out damon when he moves to centerfield…get a new right fielder with that money….


  389. btide21@aim.com

    If I was a pitcher in the Major Leagues, I would wear those goggles just for the intimidation factor.

  390. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Gotta go. It is good tomorrow is a 4 pm game. I can mow my lawn, then enjoy (hopefully) a good outing by Randy. I’ll miss a good chunk of Sunday’s game. I’ll be at a picnic and volunteering to run a stand for a few hours. Take care.

  391. paul1040@aol.com

    Back for just a quick note here in the Eastern Daylight Time Zone….

    H A P P Y

    B I R T H D A Y,

    A L E X !!!!!!

  392. bmjcella@msn.com

    Great game by Wang tonight.

    On another note, was Sheff kidding when he said that it was a FACT that he was one of the top five players in the league? I mean hey, I like long foul balls as much as the next guy, but if the yanks exercise his option next year then thats money poorly spent. Not that he isn’t good, but I think that the White Sox inability to score runs of late, not to mention the Yanks nack for setting and clearing the table has proven walks and singles are much easier to get than homeruns.

    I hate the thought of trading for Abreu. I see him striking with the Phills and wonder what life might be like in the Bronx for him. Besides, this team has, for lack of a better phrase, grown together. When all hope was lost after the Matsui and Sheffield injuries, many thought and wrote that it was simply not the Yankees year. Not to be soft but I think these guys deserve a chance to see this through.

    Besides are you going to sit Bernie for Abreu, Bernie is mostly clutch. You gonna DH Abreu, taking the glove out of Phillips solid hand?

    No room in the inn.

    Just go and get a starter that offers more than Ponson.

    Alds preview: Moose, Wang. and Johnson and the new improved bully.

    Things are getting interesting.

  393. sam13281328@aol.com

    Looks like we get to miss facing Halladay next week, as he pitches tomorrow for Toronto………

  394. bmjcella@msn.com

    New York- Carl Pavone, the seemingly always injured Yankees pitcher, has been scratched from starting his rehab assignment. Pavone was brushing his teeth and apparently brushed too hard causing “tenderness and some bleeding” in his gums.

  395. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    haha bmj….russ, looks like we’re getting lucky everywhere. Too bad we have ponson and wright in that series…we need to win today, we haven’t won 5 straight all year i don’t think, we always get snagged at 4 and the sox play weaver so we have an excellent chance today

  396. paul1040@aol.com

    From CBS Sportsline, Yankee hitting over the last 7 days:

    Last 7 Days


    Player AB R H HR RBI AVG

    Jeter 25 6 13 0 4 .520

    Cabrera 25 6 9 0 2 .360

    Fasano 3 0 1 0 0 .333

    Williams 16 5 5 2 3 .313

    Green 7 1 2 0 1 .286

    Posada 16 4 4 1 4 .250

    Phillips 16 2 4 0 4 .250

    Damon 17 2 4 0 0 .235

    Rodriguez 22 5 5 1 3 .227

    Giambi 20 3 4 1 3 .200

  397. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    Vince: We won 5 straight imm after the ASB. Swept the chisox and won the 1st 2 against seattle. Its Wright, Wang & Johnson against Toronto. Cant ask for Mussina, Johnson and Wang every series.

  398. paul1040@aol.com

    Actually we could if we go to a 3 man rotation.

    Pitch Wang, Mussina, Johnson every 3rd day and get them drunk before each game so they won’t feel the pain.

    Susbstitute for them with the rest of the staff when they fall down drunk.

    This way there will be no pain at all.

    If David Wells were still with the team he would be all over that plan!

  399. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    I second that idea Paul. Actually, every team should be allowed one drunken pitcher per game who should be sent out to the mound in extremely high pressure situations.

  400. paul1040@aol.com

    Sure, so if he hits a batter, it is not his fault. He saw 2 batters and was throwing between them.

  401. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    Yankees are ranked no 2 in hitting and no 4 in pitching in AL. The redsox are no 4 and no 8 in the respective categories. Can somebody please explain to me why they are the better team?

  402. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    Kinda makes you wonder where they’d be if Sheffield, Matsui, and Cano hadn’t gone down.

  403. sam13281328@aol.com

    Speaking of Wells, he is going up against my hometown Indians on Monday…GO TRIBE need a 4 game sweep in Fenway this week……..

  404. nycjeepthing@hotmail.com

    the red sox are a better team because ortiz hits 12 run homers every time he comes up and saves babies from burning buildings on his way around the bases.

  405. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    It actually worked out to be a blessing in disguise, not that I wish for injuries. Atleast for now. We discoverd a lot of things abt a lot of youngsters like Melky, AP etc, who would have just been buried in oblivion if not for the opportunities they got because of long injuries to stars. This gives a lot of flexibility for the rest of the year and going into off-season. Who would have believed Melky would be this good after last years mishaps.

  406. sam13281328@aol.com

    I have to listen to this guy named Jerry Remy? You kidding me? Where is Joe Buck? Mel Allen? Anybody but Jerry Remy…..UGH

  407. sam13281328@aol.com

    I can’t think of one thing I like about Boston, except from the DOMINATION of the Yankees over the Red Sox since 1900…………..Ted Kennedy, John Kerry…….a murderer and a liar…….

  408. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    The injuries were indeed partially a good thing but just saying, if we still had those 200+ RBIs wonder where we’d be.

  409. nycjeepthing@hotmail.com

    the irony to me is that when the injured return they may actually hurt us as they try to regain their stride with key games on the line. “may” not “will”

  410. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    There is chance that they’ll hurt. But I think they won’t. Because, they will not be replacing Melky. And each one of them will probably DH for a little bit before playing the field. People make a big deal abt Giambi’s defense but he was our 1B last year.

  411. paul1040@aol.com

    Hey Sam/Russ, this is not the place for politics, but your character assassination of Senators Kennedy and Kerry who are re-elected here with huge majorites from both parties cannot go unanswered, especially with incompetent crooked ***** in the US Senate from Ohio like DeWine and Voinovich.

  412. nycjeepthing@hotmail.com

    I think and hope they won’t hurt too. Was just throwing it out there. As for Giambi’s D, at least he can make that nice scoop catch off the dirt.

  413. paul1040@aol.com

    I feel like I am sitting on pins and needles the last few days waiting for news of a Yankee trade that I dread.

    On so many blogs of read of fans demanding the most ridiculous trades and saying Cashman should use the prospects to get players that might leave. Some say play for the moment.

    Have these people not learned that the Yankees have not won because of that philosophy?

  414. paul1040@aol.com

    Giambi is a talented hitter but should not play the field. His throwing is awful and his range of getting to balls is limited.

    Andy Phillips has saved several runs and games this year with diving catches and great reactions.

  415. nycjeepthing@hotmail.com

    Paul, I second your notion on the trade fright. And for Giambi, yeah, he can’t throw or move…i was just saying at least he can catch

  416. Lola

    howdi ya’ll!
    checking in from deep in the heart of Texas! =)

    great win for us last night. Man do i love Wang =). bostons currently trailing the angels 2-1, but its only the 2nd inning, lol. lets hope the angels hold up. Good luck to RJ today!!!

    Lets go Yankees!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  417. sam13281328@aol.com

    Paul, Dewine and Voinovich never murdered anyone……the Kennedy curse, another reason the Red Sox have been so horrible for the past 80 years…

  418. rob.bush@excite.com

    Yes, Giambi’s arm is not as good as Phillip’s, but as a first baseman, he doesn’t have to throw much. And I seem to recall early in the season hearing that he had worked really hard on his throwing during spring training and had improved.

  419. paul1040@aol.com

    Glad you made it, Lola.

    I was worried about you.

    I read on CNN that a woman was detained at Newark International Airport yesterday for trying to smuggle 47 frozen turkeys on board and no other luggage.

    When were you released?

  420. paul1040@aol.com

    Rob, since spring training I recall a few times that throwing was, shall we say, less than good?

  421. rob.bush@excite.com

    btw, Lola, Ashley needs some advice on how to lob a turkey. Something about someone running into her man yesterday….

  422. rob.bush@excite.com

    Paul, let’s just say I’m not all that worried if Giambi has to play first base. It could be worse; we could have Ortiz there.

  423. Lola

    ha ha, good one Paul, except i fly from JFK! ๐Ÿ˜€
    ashley and i are going to start a turkey business, so no worries, i have that covered =).

  424. paul1040@aol.com

    Rob we are going to disagree there. I would not want either there.

    I wanted Giambi’s glove burned.

  425. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    This is how I look at it. How many more errors would Giambi have over 2 months. Not more than 10. How many plays AP makes that Giambi wouldn’t have made at 1B. Not more than 10. That is a differential of 20. Would Matsui/Sheffield have more than 20 hits. Absolutely. So Giambi should play 1B.

  426. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    This is how I look at it. How many more errors would Giambi have over 2 months. Not more than 10. How many plays AP makes that Giambi wouldn’t have made at 1B. Not more than 10. That is a differential of 20. Would Matsui/Sheffield have more than 20 hits. Absolutely. So Giambi should play 1B.

  427. paul1040@aol.com

    Wrong on both counts Vik. I am pretty sure Giambi would have 20-25 errors by now.

    Also Andy easily makes 5 plays a week Giambi would not have made. Whether it is catching a ball on a dive, chasing into the stands, reacting quickly. Over 10 weeks that is 50 plays. Over 20 weeks that is 100 plays.

    Giambi is a great DH, despite his current slump, and Andy is a terrific 1B.

    Pitching and defense wins games, and good hitting is nice too.

  428. paul1040@aol.com

    Also playing DH saves some of the wear and tear on Giambi’s body. It helps him to last a bit longer.

  429. rprinzi@nd.edu

    I was just wondering if anyone had any info as to why Dellin Betances slipped all the way to the 8th round? I read some old articles that had him going in the top ten of the draft…. was it agent/college/money?

  430. paul1040@aol.com

    When the Yankees first signed Giambi as a free agent from Oakland I was not real happy with the change from Tino Martinez.

    It was known then that Giambi was a below average 1B. And since then his skills have declined as he as aged.

  431. paul1040@aol.com

    I sure don’t know Rprinzi. One of our regulars in here, Yankeefan, knows a lot about the minors and draftees. Maybe he can help.

  432. paul1040@aol.com

    Name: Dellin Betances
    Height/Weight: 6-9 / 215

    Date of Birth: 3/23/88

    School: Grand Street (NY)

    Brewerfan.net Rank: 22

    No one matches Betances’ imposing stature on the mound. At 6’9″, he offers a towering presence, and has the advantage of pitching at a dramatic downward plane to hitters. The pride of New York City, he also offers a very strong yet silent aura that commands respect. He throws in the low-90s with his heater, with natural downward movement given the trajectory of his pitches. He also has a refined curveball that offers a very tight, late break, as well as a promising changeup that offers a fair amount of deception. It seems as though that whenever you read about a 6’9″ pitcher that throws in the 90s that are immediately concerns about that pitcher’s command and mechanics. That isn’t the case with Betances, who commands the strike zone very well with all of his pitches, and has a very patient, quiet and sound delivery in which the ball explodes out of his hand. He is a very good overall athlete that doubles as an imposing hitter. Betances was an Aflac All-American and he also played for the Team USA Junior National Team during the summer of 2005.

    He is known to like long walks on the beach.

  433. rprinzi@nd.edu

    Yeah, I read that article too. One article I read had him going 2nd overall. Everything I’ve read has been good. I don’t know why he would go in the 8th, but I hope he’s a steal for the Yanks.

  434. rprinzi@nd.edu

    That site is just a Brewers fan draft preview site. He’s with the Yankees, playing in the Gulf Coast League.

  435. nycjeepthing@hotmail.com

    Since it’s not game time yet and i need educating…will we have a big bat off the bench in sep/oct? remember darryl in that role striking fear in the hearts of pen? sheffield comes to mind, but how could you not play him everyday.

  436. paul1040@aol.com

    Bernie could be that big bat off the bench.

    When everyone is back do you sit Sheff or Melky? What happens if they get another batter?

  437. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    Happy birthday dude.

    No Millar is pronounced that way but Mueller is another weird spelling.

  438. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    Sean, Shawn, anything but that terrible spelling. It just looks bad, sort of like Orlando Cabrera’s gameday picture.

  439. btide21@aim.com

    Thanks jeep, and Paul if you’re talking abou the jet I don’t have then yeah I went out on a joy ride this morning…I took it to Antartica.

  440. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    Actually come to think of it Sean is a weird spelling too.

    Boston down 3-1 with more to come.

  441. btide21@aim.com

    Does anyone else notice that when a guy grounds into a double play, Gameday always takes longer to update?

  442. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    It’s not just double plays. It’s any play that isn’t conventional like a fielder’s choice combined with an error or a steal, etc.

  443. btide21@aim.com

    I know but a double play seems fairly routine and it takes the same amount of time as a regular groundout basically.

  444. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    figgins name is not shawn or sean, that is why it is not spelled that way. it is pronounced “chone”

  445. jbmacman@aol.com

    With Jeter going 3-5 and Wang pitching a supurb game how can we lose to anybody? Great Game friday noght. Leep tjem coming.

  446. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    It will only be deserving to rename “fox network” “sox network”. Come on people. There are two teams playing this game.

  447. marksman@ny-yankees.net

    Desmond DeChone Figgins (Chone is pronounced like Shawn)…Honored with 2005 Cool Papa Bell Award by the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum for leading Majors in stolen bases…Originally selected by Colorado in fourth round of 1997 draft…Attended Brandon (FL) High School, where he was third-team High School All-American as 1997 senior and first team All-Conference as both a junior and senior…Named second team All-Conference as sophomore and voted team MVP in 1996…In January 2003, participated in Major League Baseball’s Rookie Career Development seminar that occurs each off-season in Virginia…Had the opportunity to visit the White House…Originally signed by Rockies scout Pat Jones…likes long walks on the beach…

  448. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    psh then angel announcers have screwed up his name in the past because they call chone “chone”.

  449. btide21@aim.com

    Vik, Jery Remy, who’s doing the color analysis for that game, is the color analyst for NESN so he does all of the Red Sox games.

  450. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    does your brother in law look like an *** hole rob?…paul i thought the same thing recently

  451. paul1040@aol.com

    In other news from the Associated Press:

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has ordered government and cultural bodies to use modified Persian words to replace foreign words that have crept into the language, such as “pizzas” which will now be known as “elastic loaves,” state media reported Saturday.

    The presidential decree, issued earlier this week, orders all governmental agencies, newspapers and publications to use words deemed more appropriate by the official language watchdog, the Farhangestan Zaban e Farsi, or Persian Academy, the Irna official news agency reported.

  452. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Finishing up yardwork before the game starts, then I need a good shower. Hot. As for Betances, maybe his age and lack of college exp. made him drop. He is very raw, but his size and heater make all the scouting reports read that he has tremendous upside. His size and fastball make me think J.R. Richard. He is at Tampa of the Gulf Coast Rookie League. The 18 year old is 0-1, 1.50 in 3 games. In 6 IP, he has given up 2 runs (1 earned) on 4 hits, 1 walk and 6 Ks. A long way to go, but we can always hope.

  453. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    i remember when i was a broadcaster once…i sold my soul so the redsox would have johnny pesky bill buckner pedro martinez and grady little on their teams over the years…i also subliminally told the yankees to pick up aaron boone

  454. rob.bush@excite.com

    I was disappointed when the Yankees let Rivera go. He was just getting started and had showed promise.

  455. cmarion@stumail.frc.mass.edu

    Wow I’m very impressed by Jared Weaver. I wish the Yanks could have gotten this Weaver instead of the other one. First time poster by the way. By the way, the reason why Betances dropped into the 8th round in the draft was for two reasons.
    1. He had signablity issues. His agents are the Hendricks brothers and demanded a 1 million plus signing bonus which the Yanks gave him.

    2. He expressed a high interest in the Yankees and only wanted to be drafted by them. If the Yankees never drafted him he would have gone on to college.

    Cashman also said Betances has the highest ceiling of any of the younger pitching prospects right now, barring Hughes.

  456. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    u would think they’d let figgins steal first then bunt being 4-4 today as a team…oh well

  457. paul1040@aol.com

    The Rivera trade was a monumentally bad one.


    April 12, 1996: Signed by the New York Yankees as an amateur free agent.

    December 16, 2003: Traded by the New York Yankees with Randy Choate and Nick Johnson to the Montreal Expos for Javier Vazquez.

    November 19, 2004: Traded by the Washington Nationals with Maicer Izturis to the Anaheim Angels for Jose Guillen.

  458. cmarion@stumail.frc.mass.edu

    Speaking of letting guys go… Curtis Pride with a two run homerun. The Yankees had him in their farm system. He didn’t amount to much but is a big hit with the Angels.

  459. sam13281328@aol.com

    5-3 Angels….you all have a great day….missing the game today,,,have stuff to do…catch up w/you all later (having turkey Paul) LOL

  460. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    pride also won the game against boston in a 2-1 “yankee classic” i think a pedro mussina duel.

  461. sam13281328@aol.com

    What kind of hustle was that Anderson……..he loafed on a base hit……gees….BENCH hime Coach Mike……….

  462. paul1040@aol.com

    Curtis Pride


    1993 Montreal Expos 1995 Montreal Expos 1996 Detroit Tigers 1997 Boston Red Sox 1997 Detroit Tigers

    1998 Atlanta Braves

    2000 Boston Red Sox

    2001 Montreal Expos

    2003 New York Yankees 2004 Anaheim Angels 2005 Los Angeles Angels

    2006 Los Angeles Angels

  463. paul1040@aol.com

    Full Name: Curtis John Pride
    Born: 12/17/1968

    Birthplace: Washington, DC

    Height: 6’0″ Weight: 210

    Bats: Left

    Throws: Right

    College: William & Mary

    MLB Debut: 09/14/1993

    Curtis John Pride…Attended John F. Kennedy HS (Silver Springs, MD) and William & Mary College (VA)…Selected by New York Mets in 10th round of June 1986 free agent draft; signed June 12, 1986;Granted free agency, Oct. 16, 1992;Signed by Montreal Expos, Dec. 8, 1992;Granted free agency, Oct. 16, 1995;Signed by Detroit Tigers, Jan. 24, 1996; Granted free agency, Aug. 21, 1997;Signed by Boston Red Sox, Aug. 30, 1997;Granted free agency, Oct. 17, 1997;Signed by Atlanta Braves, Feb. 6, 1998;Released, Dec. 1, 1998;Signed by Kansas City Royals, Feb. 24, 1999;Released, March 4, 1999;Signed by independent Nashua (Atlantic), Aug. 1999;Signed by New York Mets, Jan. 20, 2000;Traded to Red Sox for a player to be named, April 26, 2000; Mets acquired SS Gavin Jackson to complete trade (July 9, 2000);Granted free agency, July 8, 2000;Signed by Los Angeles Dodgers, July 18, 2000;Granted free agency, Oct. 15, 2000;Signed by Montreal Expos, Dec. 26, 2000;Granted free agency, Oct. 11, 2001;Signed by Pittsburgh Pirates, March 5, 2002;Granted free agency, Oct. 15, 2002;Signed by Nashua, May 2003;Contract purchased by New York Yankees from Nashua, May 23, 2003;Granted free agency, Oct. 14, 2003; Signed by Angels, May 28, 2004; Granted free agency, Oct. 14, 2004.

    He is best known for liking long walks on the beach…

  464. yankeefan1@enter.net

    Thanks, cmarion. The more we learn and the more info & knowledge can be shared, the better. Welcome!

  465. cmarion@stumail.frc.mass.edu

    I still wish they never pulled the trigger on the Javier Vazquez deal. Nick Johnson would be the everyday first baseman and Juan Rivera would be a great adddition to the OF.

  466. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    The redsox bullpen is fading already. It’s onlt going to get worse with the number of innings they’ll pitch with their current rotation. I wish they wont look so bad the next 3 days to prompt a trade by Epstien.

  467. paul1040@aol.com

    Los Angeles Angels of Anaheam, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Buena Park, Fullerton, Newport Beach, Irvine, Laguna, and other places.

    That name is too long to fit in box scores.

  468. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    hahahahha….vik, yeah i wish this all happened next week so the deadline passed, now you know epstein will find an arm…i can’t express how happy i have been this week…gibbard wasn’t good, snyder has been rocked, lester lost…at home…hansen AND delcarmen are both struggling, the ez twins have continued to be bad. and all the hitters i thought would cool down, have.

  469. cmarion@stumail.frc.mass.edu

    You’re welcome Yankeefan. My name is Chris so everyone can call me that to make it easier. Betances sure has the stuff and the size to become a stud pitcher. He is so young anything can happen and hopefully no major problems with him. If all goes according to plan I’m dreaming of a future rotation in the next 5 years of:
    1. Wang

    2. Hughes

    3. Daisuke Matsuzaka/ Zito

    4. Clippard

    5. Betances

  470. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    hahaha chris, we have all been doing that lately…i think of all the combinations i have come up with, urs makes the most sense. I never knew of betances, when is he projected to become a MLer?
    zito might go to the mets by the deadline, if not i think he will in the offseason and id rather have the japan guy anyway.

  471. paul1040@aol.com

    The Angels scare me. They seem to own the Yankees.

    But I did want to face Halliday of the Jays and smack the living out of him. Maybe 12-2 game.

  472. btide21@aim.com

    I remember John Sterling saying a few years back when Halladay was relatively unknown that if he was every any good they should name the SkyDome (now Rogers Center), The Halladay Inn…I’ll never forget that.

  473. cmarion@stumail.frc.mass.edu

    Well Yankeevmm (don’t know your name yet) Betances is a very young guy, 18 out of high school; too early to get a near accurate projection. I think they are going to put him on the Philip Hughes plan. So probably the earliest would be a callup in ’09 and full time ’10. This of course is if everything goes well for him. No major injuries, his stuff coming along etc…. As long as Cashman and the front office continues with the trend of stockpiling the farm system and not trading away the future.

  474. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    so then i guess we are resigning mussina if these guys arent coming for another three years….phillips just made a play giambi couldn’t…that is one paul…..marion my names vince btw…and mike: DAS IT!

  475. cmarion@stumail.frc.mass.edu

    Sure I can stick around for a few. I’ve been watching the Sox game for so long that I forgot that the Yankees just started. Since I live in RI I’ll have to watch my games on gameday. Too bad this game isn’t going to be on FOX.

  476. yankee_indian@xyz.com

    They are going to make a bigger deal out of this Ortiz home run than A Rod’s or even Giambi’s at Texas. I can can bet my life on it.

  477. cmarion@stumail.frc.mass.edu

    Nice quick inning from the Big Unit. It would be great if Randy could duplicate the game our other phallic symbol pitched last night. LOL.

  478. cmarion@stumail.frc.mass.edu

    Jae Seo… last time the Yankees faced this guy they only managed one run in 7 innings. Jesus where’d the Angels bullpen go. Someone put in K-Rod please.

  479. paul1040@aol.com

    Funny Red Sox broadcaster mentioned Derek’s HR and said we can’t expect much from the Devil Rays.

    ha ha Red Sox were almost swept by them in Tampa.

  480. cmarion@stumail.frc.mass.edu

    Well so far so good for the Yankees. As Mugatu from Zoolander would say “It’s that **** Jeter! He’s so hot right now!” And as I type this Giambi goes outta the yard. Can A-Rod make it back to back to back hrs?

  481. cmarion@stumail.frc.mass.edu

    Hey did the 96ers at the Stadium boo AROD for striking out there? Not very classy if they did that after the Yanks just got back to back homers.