Chillin’ in The O.C.

I’m here in Anaheim for the weekend, as the Yankees close out their 73-day road trip with three against the Angels.

It’s strange for me to be in "The O.C." since I just started Ocwatching the show with the same title. I’ve been hearing Bordo and T-Kep talk about it for two years, and Dena was harassing me into watching the first two seasons with her.

Needless to say, we started Season 1 and I was hooked within about 25 minutes. I only wish Samaire Armstrong, who played Anna, was on the show longer.

We finished the first season and will start watching Season 2 next week.

I also just started watching "Entourage" this week (I know, I know, I should have been watching from the beginning), and I finished Season 1 on the flight today. Great stuff. I can’t wait to watch the next DVD. Again, Samaire Armstrong (Emily) should have played a bigger part on that show, too.

Back to baseball.Entourage

The Yankees had a disappointing series in Seattle, but hardly a crushing one. They dropped a game in the standings, but still hold a 5 1/2-game lead over the Red Sox.

Boston still has six games on the West Coast, and I’d be surprised if they go any better than 3-3. The Angels always give the Yanks trouble, but I see New York taking two of three this weekend. Not sure why, it’s just a gut feeling.

Either way, the Yankees are in great shape. They have tough series at home coming up with the Tigers and Twins, but they have played the good teams very well this season. They took 3 out of 4 in Detroit and played the Twins tough all the way back in April, though it’s hard to remember back that far.

Carl Pavano threw six solid innings at Triple-A on Friday, and Joe Torre is making it sound like he could be back with the Yankees within the week. He has been a punchline for more than a year, but if he could actually return and pitch to his ability, it would be a nice addition for the stretch run.Howie_kendrick

BABY PAPI? I just saw a picture of Howie Kendrick (right) on the scoreboard during his at-bat. Does anybody else think he looks like an 18-year-old David Ortiz?

A GOOD READ: For those who want to know how Scott Proctor turned himself into one of the most valuable players on the Yankees this season, check out this piece by Tyler Kepner in the New York Times.

MONKEY BUSINESS: I have to admit it — I think the Rally Monkey is hilarious.

For those who haven’t seen it (though, if you’ve watched the Yankees-Angels playoff series in 2002 and 2005, you have indeed seen it), they put a jumping monkey in an Angels jersey on the scoreboard when the game is tied or the Angels are losing in the late innings. He supposedly brings them luck.

Well, they have also inserted the Rally Monkey into fake movie clips. Tonight’s topped them all: Monkeys on a Plane. Brilliant stuff.




    Mark, don’t say Pavano will be back!!! He’s going to stub a toe or break a nail because you said that!!!


    Hey, anyone there? Hope to see everyone’s favorite utility infielder Mr. Nick (Mr. Greenjeans) Green in the lineup tonight. Is A-rod still sick?


    i doubt pavano does that, entourage is the ******* greatest hbo show on tv. I watched it for the first time last week and watched 4 episodes in a row, now im in withdrawel, it is amazing.


    Don’t start watching Deadwood now, unless you get to watch the full season prior episodes first. Its at the climax.

  5. Lola

    the possibility of pavano being back that soon has me spazzing out!
    but i dont want to get too excited lest i jinx him and he trips and falls on his way to the mound.


    Johnny Damon CF

    Derek Jeter SS

    Bobby Abreu RF

    Jason Giambi DH

    Alex Rodriguez 3B

    Robinson Cano 2B

    Jorge Posada C

    Aaron Guiel 1B

    Melky Cabrera LF

    Jaret Wright RHP


    Thanks for the line-up. Pavano could be awesome. But its been a long time since he’s pitched in the Majors.


    Seems like everyone is getting some playing time. Bet Wilson PH’s later on, maybe Green too.

  9. Lola

    I am spazzing out at the possibility of a Subway Series. I’ve been saying it since June and i cant believe it could possibly be reality….


    Cory Lidle faces Santana tommorrow. The way Lidle has been pitching could be a pitcher’s duel.


    lol lidle has had one great start in a row and subway series is waaaay to in advance to claim the mets will make the ws haha


    Well Lidle made some claims, but then backed it up on the field. If I remember correctly he posted a three hitter against Boston. We’ll see tonight.

  13. Lola

    pheww…i do not like 1-2-3 innings when we are on the receiving end.

    ha ha,i read this headline on

    Yankees notes: Green gets shot; A-Rod out

    and i was like, OMG, Green got shot??? LOL. My heart seriously skipped a beat.

  14. Lola

    ok guys, unfortunately i am being forced to have a life and cant watch the game tonight :-/
    please bring good luck to our yanks. 2 on one out, yikes. come on Jaret!!

    Hope i come back to a win! (coupled with a boston loss). Lets go Yankeees!! =]


    Wow, is anyone else having trouble getting the page to load? Hi everyone…Tomorrow’s game is at 4 eastern i think, it’s a West Coast FOX game.


    Took me 2 minutes to refresh there.
    Typical Wright so far.

    And now it tells me:

    “In an effort to combat malicious comment posting by scripts, I’ve enabled a feature that requires a weblog commenter to wait a short amount of time before being able to post again.”

    What’s going on, Mark???

    OK, 2 more minutes…


    Typical Angels’ D. Thank you for being awful. You’d think the Yanks could beat teams like this.


    Oh what a grat start to this inning.
    I can’t wait till Jaret Wright’s contract is bought out. I hated the signing and don’t like him. There are very few Yankees I dislike, but he’s one.

    GRR. 1-0.


    UGH, I did jinx Zito…I don’t know, I liked to have him…couple of people here said he’s washed up. His ERA is like 3.60….


    That’s only the second out? Wow.
    If Karstens pitches decently again, I want to keep him in the rotation and plug Pavano in Wright’s spot.


    I think Pavano can make a difference. We don’t need him to throw shutout ball every time out but if he can go 6 or 7 innings and give up 3 runs or so he would be fine.


    I had a feeling this was coming. Wright looked atrocious the few times he came in for relief.


    Yeah, Pavano can definitely make a difference. He’s pitched well in his rehab starts, Torre says his stuff looks really good, and he actually does have a lot of talent. I know he’s a running joke, but he can help a lot.


    Damon and Abreu cooled off a little bit. The rate they were hitting at, they were bound to. But they’ll be ok.


    A Jaret Wright-pitched game in which the offense is asleep. Hard to think of a less appealing Yankees game.
    Haha take that Juan Rivera


    So, Vik, you pretty much hate the entire Angel team then?

    A-Rod does not look like he’s healthy yet.


    Watching Wright is like getting teeth pulled sometimes, makes it so difficult…anyway…leaving work..all have a great night…talk to you tomorrow


    Raul Ibanez singles on a ground ball to shortstop Alex Cora. Jose Lopez scores. Raul Ibanez to 2nd. Throwing error by shortstop Alex Cora. Throwing error by pitcher Curt Schilling.



    There’s that amazing Red S*x defense at work again. Anything Schilling does badly makes me laugh with glee.


    Hey jjc (what’s your name? I know you’ve posted it before but I forgot)
    @#$^%&#@^&#. Who the **** is Erik Aybar?


    My name is Julio, but just call me jjc if you want.

    Aw Boston. We were almost out of that jam unscathed.

  32. Mark

    How can anybody say a loss would be a wasted opportunity? You all have been talking all day about how the Yankees would win no more than one game in Anaheim, so why would you expect them to win?

    You also said that Boston wouldn’t lose a game in Seattle. Shouldn’t a Boston loss be enough good for the Yankees, going by what y’all said?


    Considering the fact that we’re ahead of the Red Sox in the standings, wouldn’t it be a wasted opportunity for Boston to gain ground?


    Um, Mark, I said this is a wasted opportunity if they lose, but I didn’t make those other predictions. I definitely think the Yankees can win 2 in Anaheim, and I’d never ever say Boston would win all 3 in Seattle. That sounds plain stupid to me.


    When you take into account how the inning started (first and third with nobody out), I think the Yankees should be satisfied giving up only one run. We’re still in the game, but the bats have to come alive.


    Hey Mark, I’ve got the perfect headline for you if Cano helps the Yankees win a game:



    Lol, Sal Fasano has infected everyone with the Moustache Virus.

    I’m sorry if I sound stupid saying this, but do you spell it “moustache” or “mustache”? I watched YES’s Ultimate Road Trip a few days ago and they had no idea how to spell it either.


    [QUOTE] “We’re still in the game, but the bats have to come alive.”

    I love it when they listen to me.


    I’m wearing my Lucky Jeter Shirt today. Last week, I wore it in the Baltimore win and he hit a homerun. I wore it on Sunday when he tied the Boston game off Papelbon. And now he gets a huge hit here.
    I need to wear this shirt more often. It’s definitely going on when I go to the Stadium for the first time ever next Sunday.


    Isn’t it extremely annoying how the Orioles are a respectable 56-60 against teams NOT named the Boston Red Sox?


    Not only do the Orioles give Boston wins, they give them players too.
    They pitched around Jason there. It’s all on A-Rod now.


    First and third, one out, key situation in the game.

    How’s at bat?

    Oh, yeah. A-Rod. Again.

    It’s been said before. These situations just seem to find him.


    Ugh. I really hope and want A-Rod to come through here.

    I’m not convinced he’s really healthy right now, though.


    Now we all get to hear from ESPeeN how horrible A-Rod is for getting a sombrero for the 2nd time this season.

    A-Rod is still sick. He shouldn’t be playing.



    Well, we tied the game. I’m sure anyone not named Russ will accept that.

    Now let’s pray that the bullpen will keep it this way.


    My fantasy team’s lost Thome, Gordon, and Moose this week. Great pickups, but I’m kinda doomed now.


    Arod has struck 8 of his last 9 at bats. I think it is a bit more than still sick my friends.

    seriously, I feel SOOOOOOOOO bad for this guy, I don’t care that he makes mega bucks. He is in some much pain this season, it has been writted all over his face, body language, fielding, and throwing. Something is not right with the guy. I am done expecting him to do something big.

    I don’t think it’s about baseball anymore for him, he is going to crack. I can’t help but say he looked like he had terror, and agony in his eyes. First thing came to my mind was that this guy is a step away from being suicidal.

    Scary! I hope this guys get’s himself together, I really do. I don’t think he can make it in the bronx though, I really don’t. He is lucky he was not at yankee stadium.

    forget about the boo birds right now, I want to win games. Arod needs to be hitting the 8th or 9th spot. let him earn his way back.

    Is there a place on the internet that you can check his last 30 at bats?

    Man, I feel bad for him right now.


    Completely unrelated, but did anyone read about how Pluto isn’t a planet anymore?

    Wow. What is this world coming to?


    hi everyone – just got in and turned on the game – let’s hope this is a big inning for the yankees!!!!

    ps – go see “Little Miss Sunshine.” I highly recommend it – it was hilarious!


    Mike, I just have one word. Whatever.

    JJC, unless I am mistaken, it’s not the first time Pluto has been undesignated as a planet. It’s bounced back and forth a couple of times.


    Great move there by Torre. Puts the guy in that has success with lefties and it results in a double.


    rob, yeah who cares about Arod? Let me guess you actually think he is not in a major slump?

    Rob one word. Duh!


    Yes, a great move by Joe.
    I also have Sheffield on my fantasy team. Oops.

    Getting milk in a crucial Melky AB is not 3 for 3. Go JD.


    We’ve been over this and over this and over this, mike. Not going to rehash it. Fine. You’re right. Major slump for A-Rod. But still on pace for 100+ rbi and 30+ HRs. If you think that’s horrible, then there’s nothing anybody will do to change your mind.

    So, again. Whatever.

  55. Mark

    Rob … looking at the immediate picture, he’s looked awful at the plate. I don’t know if it’s the illness or what, but striking out in 8 of your last 9 at-bats is pretty bad.


    I agree with that 100% Mark.

    I’m just getting sick of the argument that he’s been horrible all year, and that he can’t succeed in New York. It’s like people ignore the last 2 seasons and the fact he is still putting up respectable numbers.


    A-Rod has hit as many huge HRs this year as any other Yankee. Opening day, the Mets GS, Braves walkoff, 2 go-ahead shots v. Boston, and I know there’s another big one I’m forgetting. He was also the player of the month in May and won an MVP last year. Anyone who says he can’t win in NY is just plain wrong.

    ****, Hendrick.


    I’d rather have an A-Rod who doesn’t put up huge numbers but delivers when needed over an A-Rod who just puts up huge numbers when it doesn’t matter.

    And we’re screwed.


    If there are men on, does Torre pinch hit for A-Rod? I can’t believe I’m actually asking for that.

    But, again, I’m not convinced he’s fully recovered.


    I will now eat my words about pinch hitting for A-Rod. Even though he did reach on an error.

    I thought Waldman had jinxed him. She said he has never K’d 5 times in a game in his career.


    Grrr. Man, Cano you gotta deliver when they give you a gift.

    Sounded like the “Yankees ****” chants were going in the background. I’ve always had to laugh at that. “We can’t cheer for our team because we’re too busy knocking the opposition.”


    What’s really pitiful is Mets fans chanting “Yankees ****” when they’re beating other teams. What a desperate cry for attention. Losers.


    Farnsy has been so great since the break.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if he could pitch more often? We’re gonna need innings out of Lidle tomorrow.


    his holyness pinch thrown out ***, he *****…..hes still god though, HOW BOUT THEM MARINERS, I LOVE BEING WRONG ABOUT A SWEEP, don’t worry guys the redsox are a serious threat, they showed us.


    Torre is the best manager in baseball and I usually agree with him even when most don’t, but he has me baffled



    I think Nick Green will win it for us because he was just replaced by Sal Fasano, who will homer to win the game.


    Wasn’t Dotel not supposed to be used with men on base? And not in key situations.
    There went that.



    That’s it, I’m shutting off the game. I can’t take it anymore.

    I’ll check in tomorrow to see the Yankees pulling it out in extra innings. G’night everyone.


    Rob Arod’s stats are decent, I agree. It’s okay that he is not hitting what he is capable of, I am talking about his ‘mental state’. It does not look good, he is suffering! It’s written all over his face and his natural ability. It’s horrfying.

    tell me this? What is arod’s average for the last 4 weeks!?


    There must be something, gonyy. I can not understand this situation. Mo hasn’t pitched for a while. Why?????


    Over. When you lose with your best man on the mound, you can understand it. This game, I simply doesn’t understand


    Who knows what could have happened had Dotel started the inning?

    Don’t know why Torre didn’t pitch Mo, unless he just didn’t want to have to use him for two innings.


    I’m so lost with this entire inning’s strategy, top and bottom. Why bunt with Wilson and run with Green? Why not Mo? He hasn’t pitched since Sunday? My only guess: they didn’t want to use him for 2 so they were saving him for a save op in extra innings. But I don’t get that. Oh well. Night everybody, I need to sleep. Lidle will win, don’t worry.

  74. Mark

    Torre said after the game that he didn’t want to use Rivera for two innings if he doesn’t have to. On the road in a tie game, you would have to use him for two innings no matter what to win the game.

    He has been pretty consistent with this all season. This late in the season, it didn’t surprise me a bit.

    Yes, Russ, my prediction is over. Maybe I should quit my job now.

  75. Kasey

    when they lose tomorrow, the yankees will be 10-10 over their last 20 games. and yet, somehow, everyone thinks it’s so unrealistic that they finish the season playing .500 ball. really? that’s out of the question? huh. interesting.

    who’s pumped about jaret wright? how ’bout that guy! and, guess what, if you thought that was bad, wait until you see karstens work. that kid’s going to get BATTERED sunday.

    who’s pumped about a-rod? huh? give it up for a-rod!! by my count, he’s struck out something like 8 times in his last 11 at-bats. AWESOME!! M-V-P! M-V-P!

    but this thing’s in the bag.

    sure, boston lost tonight. playing without manny or youkilis, to say nothing of varitek. but all three of those guys will be back within the next seven days. guess what? the yankees are playing at full strength, and they STILL look awful.

    but, yeah. they’ve got the division wrapped up.

    you’ve got to be kidding me.


    Kasey: I tried to ignore ur negativity as best as I can but you kept coming back with more stupid reasons. 13 out of the last 20 games have been on road. 14 out of the same 20 have been against Chicago, Boston and LA. 3 or 4 of those 20 games we fielded our B team. The only over 500 teams we play after this series are Detroit, MN, Tor (twice) and Boston. All of them except Toronto once at home. Our roads games will be only against Tor, KC, Tampa and Baltimore. Boston plays @OAK, @NYY, @TOR, vs MIN. They have 8 games against teams that are not over 500.
    And yes, Boston did not play 2 of its best players (not that they would have made a 6 run difference, they were not doing much better with them either). But do you remember who was on the mound last night. Beckett has blisters. Wells is a hit or miss.

    If you want to not get your hopes high to make sure you wont be dissappointed, I dont have a problem with it. Please dont try to shove ur pessimism down our throats and dampen our hopes. I want to enjoy the lead now. And I KNOW the chances of Yankees winning AL east are great. Anything can happen from here on out. But what is going to happen wont change just because of your loser attitude. Our positive outlook wont change things either. Atleast that lets us enjoy today.


    Can anyone tell me why we can’t win in the west? The Angels only have to put a team out there and the Yanks stumble (home or Away) They are the only team with a winning % over the Yanks.
    When will Torre get rid of Wright he is a big bust, Yes he wins a few but he really stinks.

    I hope Pavano will be an improvement although I can’t see him doing any worse than Jaret.

    WE are still waiting for Arod to come around, maybe for the post season?? He is certainly due, Why not stop the booing and maybe we can turn him around. We still need a strong finish for momentum into the play-offs and World Series


    Mark, I wouldn’t quit your job. Making 6 figures, flying around the country, writing about your 2nd favorite team, getting to watch baseball all the time…we all envy you!! Yanks are not winning 2 of 3 against LA. Leading after 7.5 and not winning isn’t good. We could have been right there w/Detroit w/a win last night and at least one more at Seattle. I hope I am wrong, I called 10-11 on the road trip, one win here in the next 2 days would be fine. Don’t think Karstens will do anything tomorrow, hopefuly Lidle will get the job done.


    As long as Boston is within 5-6 games when they come to NY, still anybody’s division. They could easily sweep NY at home as we did them, so like Kasey said, I am not getting to cocky right now…..



    UHHHH. You are missing something!

    “The yankees are playing at full strength”

    Ever heard about Sheffield or Matsui? DUH!

    What would have Boston done all year with out Ramirez or Ortiz??

    DO you not forget the bashing we just gave Boston..




    We are in it for the long haul, Losses are inevitable. Torre is taking advantage of the position the yankees are in right now. That is the smart way to manage. ENJOY IT


    Mark, This comment filter is cutting into comments. What am I doing wrong? I don’t understand it.


    Ok so not only am I not getting the Yankee game on FOX, but they insult me by broadcasting the Nationals-Braves game instead.


    russ name me the last time the sox swept a 4 game series at yankee stadium…yes we swept at fenway that doesn’t mean it was easy or it is easy for the sox to retaliate, it is idiotic to ever think either team can sweep each other, esp on enemy turf


    Mark, \\I don’t know if there is anything you can do about the filter, but its like hitting on way too many keywords or something. An earlier post had to be cut by 3/4 before it would pass. Is it catching on keywords or coyrighted words?


    Is A-rod really 2nd? I think that’s a great idea! Torre is probably experimenting with that. It should take alot of pressure off him.


    Vince, you expected a sweep at Fenway? I sure didn’t. You are probably right, however, it could happen. Red Sox chances sweeping Yanks in NY are as good as Yanks winning today or tomorrow…..slim….


    Not negative Pete. We just can’t beat LA. Lidle will have an OK chance today, but Karstens tomorrow? We shouldn’t have lost last night after leading going into the bottom of the 8th. I miss Moose


    sam we split with la last time we faced them and i said the exact opposite thing of what you just accused me of. I did not expect a sweep in fenway just like i dont expect a sweep at yankee stadium from either team. The logic of saying that the yankees swept the sox at fenway so that makes it “easy” for the sox to sweep the yankees at yankee stadium is what is absurd.


    I predict a win tonight and tommorrow night. Arod will hit the game winning home run tonight. Lidle will pitch three hit game, Karstens will pitch 6 scoreless innings. AAY-HUUMM


    I have to agree with Sam. Trying to stay positive, but Lidle is 0-1 with a 5.56 at Angel Stadium and I don’t like the idea of throwing Karstens out there tomorrow either. But I’m still hoping for the best. Maybe Lidle can continue to keep the 2-2 and 2.82 ERA thing going.


    Not negative Pete. We just can’t beat LA. Lidle will have an OK chance today, but Karstens tomorrow? We shouldn’t have lost last night after leading going into the bottom of the 8th. I miss Moose


    i think andrew has been hanging out with kasey and russ on weekends since right before the fenway series, andrew didn’t you learn your lesson last time you fell into a web of pessimism when we played the redsox?


    I’m not being pessimistic lol, I’m just setting myself up so I won’t be hugely disappointed. I still expect a win.


    As long as Boston is within 5-6 games when they come to NY, still anybody’s division. They could easily sweep NY at home as we did them, so like Kasey said, I am not getting to cocky right now…..

    Posted by: | August 26, 2006 12:40 PM

    russ, *** are u talking about, you just said they could easily sweep the yankees at yankee stadium, i’m the one saying it is doubtful


    They “could” “could” sweep…I meant there is always a “chance” as it “could” happen……”If” Yanks were up 5-6 games coming into that series, my point being is there better not be a let down like this current west coast trip…..


    Manny “could” lay down a bunt with the score tied at 0-0 in the ninth inning wiht one out and Papi at second base.

  98. Mark

    Not sure what the deal is with the comment filter. I had the same issue last night, so it’s not just y’all.


    I hate the Angels.
    I really hate the Angels.

    Have I mentioned that I hate the Angels?

    I hate the Angels.


    They show the Yankees/Angels in Michigan, but not Minnesota? I hate FOX. Not in a good mood here.
    But I do like Giambi’s D there.


    What is with this ******* team? I don’t understand it. How do we always lose to these idiots?


    If Melky was playing normal depth, Cabrera would have been out or held to a single.

    ps: P lay is a spam word. Looks like they are using some p orn dictionary to filter s pam.


    it worked for me now. I dont know whats happening. It did not let me post until i made play=p lay


    The spam filter must be a top secret Monnumications (com-intel) device used by the Red Sox to speak to their moles inside “The Evil Empire”. The satellite photography is encrypted into the Michigan Fox broadcast for quick pitch information. The yankees all of mastoid transplants (earphones)with the decoded info.


    That was a great bunt and the throw almost got away from Kendrick. And JD doesn’t like the call on the second strike.


    The 5 players with most hits since 1997 are all in the ballpark today,
    Jeter, ARod, Garet Anderson, Vlad and Damon.


    instead of a day off, the Yankees fly across the country to p lay the best team in baseball (record-wise) and then the hottest team in the league. If they get through this week with a 5 game lead or so, I’ll feel very safe.


    Wow these ******* Angel douchebags don’t understand what it means to have a quick at bat, or at least a long at bat that ends in an out.


    Russ/Andrew: The rally started with 2 outs. You cant ask for more. They had a walk and 3 staright hits. How much more can u ask.


    I don’t like the way this game is going.

    It seems that every inning there’s a guy on third base.


    sit down Scioscia. I do not like him either. He aruges more calls than Ozzie Guillen yet gets away with it.


    These are all freak hits. They are reaching over the plate and poking at the ball. Even the Napoli double. The only well hit ball was the one Figgins made an out on.


    That pitch at Guerrerro was definately acceptable retaliation for the Jeter beanings. And he didn’t even run on his groundout.


    Sterling thought it was intentional, and I’m OK with it if it was. Either way it served its purpose. Yay! a 1-2-3!


    what is Jorge’s main purpose here: pinch hitting, or be behind the plate in case there’s going to be more beaning? πŸ˜‰


    Jorge’s purpose was to induce a wild pitch so he could SF Bernie in. Nick Green taught him that play.


    I am following the game on Sportsline, and A Rod is up, “strike looking”….”strike looking”…and he strikes out? What the **** is wrong w/him?


    how surprising, a K…I’ll support A-rod whatever you like, but he better pick it up soon…


    Every single time the offense claws back against the Angels, the pitching gives it up right away. Every single time.
    Now Kennedy’s beaned. Not intentional I guess.


    they never had a lead, they came back and tied it…this game is not over…for the record, this bruney guy looks better and better


    I like Bruney, he deserves a roster spot. Homer aside, he was sharp today.
    The offense needs to get back at it again.


    I like Bruney, he deserves a roster spot. Homer aside, he was sharp today.
    The offense needs to get back at it again.


    they’re bringing in their lefty, Romero. He’s not too good if I remember well, and the Yankees coming up can hit lefties. I hope…


    Because Yankee, when you as a team keep coming back to tie the game, when you can’t beat LA, and your down to your last 7 outs, and your pitching can’t get the job done by giving up runs left and right, it is demoralizing.


    I am not saying that is not demoralizing Russ. I was just wondering how it can be “DE” moralizing to you.


    Your happy about today’s perfromance so far Rob? Really? Sorry, I am not to this point. Talk to me after the game………….


    what’s the link between that vince, i must have missed that?
    and it is kinda slow here tonight, or is it me?


    no gonyy. They pinch hit Wilson for Giambi against Romero (lefty). Sciosia made a pitching change and brought in Shields. So Guiel pinch hit for Wilson.


    I do not believe they would bring up Wilson for Giambi, even against a lefty. It’s insane. His injury must have acted up again.


    I think we should just forfeit tomorrow’s game because the way this game is going I don’t think we have a chance in **** of winning tomorrow and we may as well rescue our relievers from the 5 or 6 innings they will be pitching tomorrow.


    7-5 game over…..even I didn’t predict 1-5 on this trip…however I did predict 10-11 for the 21 days…I am a smart LOL


    Pitch 1 – Ball
    Pitch 2 – Ball

    Pitch 3 – In play, run-scoring play

    New York Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi left the game due to an injured hand/wrist.

    What are they trying to do, dump all the bad news on us at once?


    I hate Kennedy more than Kendrick. Kendrick did well both against us AND the sox. Kennedy absolutely stunk against the sox.


    This bullpen is resembling Boston’s, really bad. Still a long way to go, I am w/Rob….long way to go in this one…RIGHT!!! Great pitching today!!!


    Has anyone else ever noticed that when A-rod throws overhand he is like perfectly accurate but when he does his litle sidearm thingy he loses control and velocity. That last play was a great example of his skills.


    I knew this would happen. It always ******* happens. They give up like 5 runs then they score a few back to give us hope, then they just lose anyway. It pisses the **** out of me.

  137. Lola

    Guys, this might be a moot point, especially since we are losing, but i havent been here for the game, and i am chekcing gameday now and i am concerned about Alex. I see Joe moved him up to the 2 spot, to take some pressure off a little, but he is 0-4 today. I see he did however fly out twice to outfielders. Were those hit well or were they soft lazy flyouts?

    Defending him aside, i am starting to be really concerned. I have never seen him like this, and i am a bit worried for him, as a player and as a person.

    I know some might say, he cant take the pressure in NY, but we watched him marvel and win and mvp here.

    I’ve been watching alex for a while, since when he EARNED his best player in baseball rep, and he truly earned that rep, even though some dont think so *cough*paul*cough* lol…

    I want to hear constructive opinions about what u guys think is really going on here.

    As i type this, Damon puts us back in the game, woo hooo, thats my boy JD!!! πŸ˜€


    Lola, he’s K’d 2 more times today…like 10 out of 16 at bats or something…something is not right w/him…Our pitching melted down again today. Lidle stunk, Dotel stunk, Bruney wasn’t bad…


    Giambi hurt his hand and was removed.

    As for A-Rod, I have nothing more to say, but I still hope he will find himself and be the player we know he is.


    Every time A Rod, “strike looking”…”strike looking” on my Sportsline…why is he always “looking” at strikes? And A Rod K’s AGAIN, for the 3rd time today, I am speechless


    Lola, I’ve been watching baseball for a long time, and I’ve seen nearly every player go through slumps like this. In the past we didn’t have the access to every game to see how bad they looked. Sometimes it’s mechanics, sometimes it’s just a confidence thing, but even the best go through it. I said this a couple of weeks ago, but it looks to me like Alex is not picking up the ball very well and is guessing. But he’ll come out of it.


    This bullpen is resembling Boston’s, really bad. Still a long way to go, I am w/Rob….long way to go in this one…RIGHT!!! Great pitching today!!!

    Posted by: | August 26, 2006 07:09 PM

    I’m sorry, what?


    Oh darn, Russ is leaving. And here I am still trying to figure out exactly how he is “with me.”

  144. Lola

    Oh no, Giambi hurt? :-/ is it bad???? please tell me know.

    Sam/Russ, we’ve all figured out that there’s something not right with him, this year. I’m wondering why though. Whats going on? This is not the lex i have watched for many years. I mean, i remember alex in his shortstop days, back when him, jeter and nomar used to be compared a lot. He was AMAZING! All my girlfriends that dont even know anything about baseball were paying attention to this young handsome charismatic shortstop that rightfully earned the title of the best in the game.

    I am sad right now, cause i dont know what went wrong. Some people say its the pressure of new york, but he was here 04 and 05 and he did well.

    I am starting to feel there are a lot more personal issues here we do not know about…

    This makes me really sad… =[


    there is no hope, K rod is in…..Rob, i was agreeing w/you, long way to go in this game, still anyone’s game AND a leadoff walk….you called it Marksman


    If we knew what is wrong with A-Rod, they would have fixed it a long time ago. That’s the problem. No one has any clue.

    Sterling says his theory is that this is the first time A-Rod has ever actually “failed” in his life and doesn’t know how to handle it. It’s an idea. Who knows.


    He we are with people focused on A-Rod. Uh, Yankees scored 7 runs today. I don’t think A-Rod is the problem. Pitching, perhaps?


    “…..Rob, i was agreeing w/you, long way to go in this game,”

    Exactly why I am confused. When did I ever say that?


    Rob’s right, A-Rod is not this team’s biggest problem. The moment the bullpen starts looking decent, it gets shelled.
    They shouldn’t have to rely on Jeff Karstens to get big wins.

  150. Lola

    rob, i am not saying arod is the issue. i am not one of those who thinks arod is the issue…if u have observed i am one of his strongest supporters.
    However, i am worried about him. 0-5 today, 0-4 yesterday.

    No one answered…were the fly outs lazy or were they hit well and he just fell on tough luck. I need to see some kind of silver linning in this.. :-/


    Rob you said I am always negative, etc, etc…so I said I am agreeing w/you, being positive, long way to go in this game, we can win….I assuming your so optimistic that we can win today still


    Lola, I’ve never had any issue with anything you’ve said. I also have been behind A-Rod all year, because I realize nobody can put up MVP numbers every single year. I also realize A-Rod has really ****** it up at the plate lateley. If he had been decent the last two games, would the Yankees have won either? Who knows. All I can say is that the Yankees have scored enough runs to win each game, but the pitching has let them down.


    I have addressed the AROD issue so many times here, I get ridiculed or ignored.

    Rob, we know you love Arod, and I am glad you are not a boo bird. Neither am I.

    I give up, what can you expect from Arod now? Zero! Something is not right, I sure do not think it’s his physical body. I am certain it is mental.

    Like I said before, He can’t get honest about his playing ability, he tries to sugar coat it everytime he is asked about it.

    Again, Arod if your listening.. you need to get honest with yourself if not nobody else!

    If Arod said, “I am trying so hard guys, I can’t figure it out! I know you all have been patient with me a lot, but please don’t give up on me, I’ll get my ‘game’ back, I just don’t know how yet, but I will”.

    If he said something like that, he would at least be admitting there is a problem. You can’t get help for a problem you pretend does not exist!

    Poor Arod, he is lost!


    I don’t want to see Villone again until the middle of next week. He needs a vacation; maybe a few long walks on the beach. Way too overworked.


    Villone has given up at least 1 run in 5 straigh appearances. Obviously something is not right.

    I stated a while back that I was concerned about how overworked the bullpen was. I still think we have a great bullpen, but unless we can get them some rest, they’re in trouble.


    Before bashing A-Rod too early….Let’s see what he can do in the postseason…It just needs a couple of huge AB in october and people will talking very differently…

  157. Lola

    ok, we cant score 5 runs in the top of the 9th inning. lol…lets just all collectively root for the mariners tonight, eh?

    Why cant we ever win for sh’t against these angels. You know, they are starting to get on my last **** nerves! lol.

    Rob…im not even dissecting the game as a whole yet. I know its bad, but the first thing i looked at when i opened gameday was Alex’s stat line, and a cloud of sadness just loomed over me.

    I just hate to see him like this, as u can obviously see the frustration in his face too. He’s miserable out there it seems. I remember an interview he did when he was in seattle, and he said, “baseball makes me happy. ever since i was a kid, since my dad left us, thats what i have been able to turn to.” I look at him now, and i just wish that could be true for him again. It makes me sad cause as crazy as it sounds, i feel like more for him than just as a player that plays for my favorite team. This worries me as much as it’d worry me to see my own brother going through issues. I guess i am emotional…i dunno *shrug*

    I am through the boo-ing, espn criticism, blah blah blah, i just want to know, where do we go from here…i just want to see baseball making Alex happy again…


    Fire Joe Torre! He can’t get out of his own way. Last night’s decision to straight steal nick green was as dumb as they get.Bunt him over and then you have two shots with melky and damon, instead he kills the rally by getting a pinch-runner thrown out off a pitcher that is quick to the plate. Torre is a manager that inherited a good team, thats all. Fire him.


    organized nbaseball? Even little league is ‘organized baseball’.

    Never played ‘nbaseball’ anything.

    Trade Arod for Miguel Cabrera, and the can play nbaseball, yeah that would be swell.


    At least they worked Shields and K-Rod a lot, maybe they’re unavailable tomorrow.
    Of course, the Angels have to be held under 30 runs for that to matter.


    I’m sure the yankees want to win! But there are a lot of substitutions for situational strategy. There are, however, a lot of things going on today that you probably won’t see in the playoffs. At least not in to the degree you see it today. Even if the Yankees see the Angels in the playoffs (which is doubtful), this game almost certainly has no impact on that fact, other than to learn the Angels tendencies (the angels are trying to catch Oakland for the AL West). Its intersting to watch the pitching matchups with each batter, and to see the backups play different roles, try different things, etc. When the Yankees decide to turn up the volume, they will be able to. I’m looking forward to the detroit series.

  162. Kasey

    after boston wins tonight and tomorrow, and the yankees lose tomorrow, it will have gone from a 6.5 game lead to a 3.5 game lead in six days. and yet, somehow, the division is out of reach for the red sox. to quote peter abraham, they have “no chance”.

    ridiculous. not only are the red sox going to give the yankees a scare, they’re going to catch and pass them. i guarantee it.

    and if you think i’m wrong and an idiot, that’s fine. the yankees aren’t going to make the post season this year. are not. you may think i’m wrong, and i’ve certainly been wrong many times before, but i couldn’t be more confident. “all they have to do is play .500 ball…” right now, they’ll be lucky to finish this west coast swing playing .200 ball. you think this team is magically going to figure it out again? wrong. dead wrong. they’re finished. boston’s getting varitek and wakefield back, both of which will MASSIVELY bolster their rotation, and they’ll be back in first place by the time they leave yankee stadium in september, if not before. i absolutely guarantee it.

    watching this team the last six days has been absolutely disgusting. they don’t deserve the divison.

  163. Kasey

    anyone expecting 6 innings and 3 runs from karstens tomorrow obviously didn’t watch him pitch in seattle. the kid has NOTHING. the mariners were getting themselves out, chasing pitches, and hitting a LOT of warning track fly outs. he’s going to get eaten alive tomorrow.

    what two things do randy johnson, jaret wright and cory lidle have in common?

    1) they all struggle getting the third out of an inning. 2) they all pitch for the new york yankees.

    when you get two outs and can’t close out an inning, that’s the sign of a mediocre pitcher.

    speaking of mediocre pitchers, how about that octavio dotel? man, he is providing a HUGE boost for the bullpen, huh? huge contribution.

  164. Kasey

    moving alex rodriguez up in the order was one of the all-time stupidest mistakes torre has made. you want your number 2 hitter to make contact and stay out of the double-play, neither of which is something alex can do. as a bonus, the move also shoves abreu into the cleanup spot, a place where he is notoriously uncomfortable.

    i guess, as long as alex’s ego is still intact, fielding the best possible lineup doesn’t matter.

    torre couldn’t have botched that more if he tried.

    this team is absolutely pathetic. i don’t care to watch.


    I am not even going to respond to Kasey’s rants. His guarantees have as much credibility as his promise of staying away from this blog.

    What people seem to forget is that we are at the tail end of a 21 game stretch in 20 days. I have posted several weeks ago when we were 2 games behind Boston that if we were in the same position on september 3rd, we will win the division. That is because this stretch had me really worried. I am happy with the overall result of that stretch, though I admit I expected more after the sweep. But Wright single handedly killed our bullpen before and after that series.

    Inspite of all that we picked up a lot of games on Boston thru that stretch. Now Boston is in the middle of a similar stretch. They haven’t been playing well at all. To GUARANTEE that they will win AL east is just ADAMANT stupidity. Its like somebody WANTS to sound stupid.


    Kasey, I don’t agree about how bad you think it is. I do believe that putting Arod in #2 was absolutely dumb!

    I was expecting him to move him in the line up, but I was thinking 6 or 7. The top of our line up has been great!

    Joe is desperate too, he has no idea what to do about Arod’s slump. Again, for sure it was a wrong move, I agree whole-heartedly.


    I am not sure ARod will be able to get over it this season. This is just a lost season for him. If he turns it around, I’ll be happy.

    Having said that, I am sure he will be back to his normal self next season.

  168. Kasey


    we don’t have to agree.

    here are my favorite parts of your post:

    1. “I am not even going to respond to Kasey’s rants.”

    2. “To GUARANTEE that they will win AL east is just ADAMANT stupidity. Its like somebody WANTS to sound stupid.”

    good stuff. keep it coming. no inconsistency there. none.


    First of all catching Detroit only means a one game swing in the home field advantage during the playoffs. Thats a good thing but not hugely important. Give A-Rod/the rest of the lineup more than one game to see if thay can produce with Alex in the #2 slot. Lastly, Kasey, that knid of talk is why people hate Yankees fans.


    I’m serious about your comments, Kasey. Friends of mine who are also Sox fans feast on that kind of rhetoric. You’ve got to have more faith in the Yankees and their manager to be a fan. Rmember all the signs the Sox fans had in 2004 with “I believe”? That’s what it is all about. If you grew up in Boston and had been a Sox Fan during the 70’s or 80’s (now that would be a paradox) you wouldnt have remained a fan for very long. Or you would have had a heart attack.


    Rob, lighten up. As if that was serious.

    Posted by: | August 26, 2006 09:41 PM

    Mike, you don’t make a post on this blog without making some crack on A-Rod, and I’m supposed to think you’re joking?

    When the Yankees win, certain posters to this blog either disappear or tell us how this win doesn’t matter because dire times are ahead. When the Yankees lose, the same posters are here to tell us all about how the Yankees won’t make the playoffs and how “right” they were about some prediction. I’m tired of people who come in here cheering for the Yankees to lose.


    We all know that the Yankees struggle with the Angels. We all know that the Angels are the only team with a winning record against the Yankees in the last, what is it, 10 years? We know that the best Yankee pitchers will not be on the mound for this series. Some of us still hoped that the Yankees would win the series. Since that didn’t happen, the same “us” are hoping from a good outing from Karstens tomorrow. I’m not ready to give up on the season yet. Nor is any other real Yankee fan on this blog.


    Thanks Rob. I cou’dnt imagine thes esame “fans” stayng aournd for long if the Yankees didn’t have George Steinbrenner, the 200 million dollar salary budget, Joe Torre, and the bench depth the Yankees have.


    Karstens got called up from the minors. AAA Columbus, I think. I thought I read an article by Mark on calling up Karstens in the Yankees headlines.


    This is a very good reason why Ortiz should not win the MVP. His defense is so atrocious that they rather sit Manny than have Ortiz play 1B. He is removing Manny’s bat from the lineup. Manny with a half good knee is better than most hitters in the league. That lost production has to be accounted for anf Ortiz is responsible for Manny not DHing.


    Manny just made another boneheaded base running mistake!!!!!I hope that costs the red sox the game.


    Nice, Putz strikes out the side. Boston down, no ground gained or lost today. Lucky for us the Sox are terrible.


    Well just checking in, school starts for me tomorrow, so I won’t be around much during the day obviously. Night all.


    Andrew/Kaylee: The difference is we were able to keep Boston within striking distance even when they were hot. They were not able to do that when we were hot. Now we are both struggling. Its understandable that the yankees are struggling because we are at the end of a 21 game stretch in 20 days most of them against very good teams. The 5 game series vs boston took a really heavy toll on our players. As if that wasn’t enough look at all the travelling they had to do. I mean both teams.


    Yeah but I wouldn’t complain. I mean if I was getting paid $10 mill+ a year to swing a stick at a ball, I wouldn’t complain LOL.

    Of course there’s more to it than that.


    No Kaylee it’s Sunday now.

    Oh **** I forgot that you’re not on the east coast. I feel retarded now haha.


    Andrew: I travel from Detroit to Dallas every other monday. I find it really hard to be productive on travel mondays. That is after a well rested weekend. Imagine playing a marathon series and flying from Boston to Seattle immediately after that. That after not having had a break in 15 days.


    Actually, remember the april series in anaheim? Yanks crush the halos on the last game 10-1after losing the first two? Well, I hope we’d do that again tmr…I mean their bats really way overdue with RISP….so hopefully tmr’s the day…Moose started that game, hopefully his fill-in Karstens could do the same.

  184. Kasey


    i grew up during the 80s and 90s, and i was a yankees fan then. they weren’t exactly racking up championships.

  185. Lola

    i distinctly remember some “fan” saying they are 100% sure boston would take 2 out of 3 at least, or even sweep the mariners, and by the time the weekend is over, the yankees are down to a 2.5 games lead.
    If my eyes dont deceive me, the sox lost last night and lost again today, so the best they could do is 1 out of 3, and the worst we can leave the west with is a 4.5 game lead.

    Again i wonder why these “fans” continue making predictions when 99.99% of the time, they are wrong.


    I know the Yankess continue to strugggle against the Angels, which, by the way, is dumbfoundingly baffeling. However, I also remember the World Series in ’03 (and I’m sure you all do) when after a grueling 7-game series and aaron goes Boon, the Yankees could hardly get a stinking base hit in the World Series vs a far inferior Florida Marlins team. I’m not sure why the intensity level cannot be maintained over the course of longer than a week, but I do remember the disgrace of losing that World Series – at the Stadium, no less – after the jubilation of the 7 games against the Red Sox and big poopy crying. Perhaps the poor lack of concentration of this past week has something to do with it. I also recall Torre making some questionable managing moves in the World Series of that year (and others), which are amplified in games in which the Yankees don’t look good. The Mariners and the Angels are teams which, at least during this past week, used their opportunities handed to them to win their ballgames, capitalizing on the Yankees’ lack of focus. Concentration and focus is exacly what the Yankees used, and showed us all, against the Red Sox last week in that unexpected, but beautiful, sweep. We now know that these Yankees possess that spirit and ability to turn it up. After this West Coast swing and with tomorrow off, let’s hope that we welcome the winning Yankees back home.


    Oh, and one more thing: We willnot facing the Red Sox or the Angels in the post season this year… (-:


    Just read comment on Pete’s blog…Pavano shut down w/an oblique strain? Anybody here this?…….

  189. Kasey

    i continue to make predictions, lola, because there’s absolutely no harm in them, wrong or right.

    it seems pretty simple.

  190. Kasey

    Carl Pavano is running out of body parts to break down.
    Following his rehab start for Columbus (Triple-A) Friday night, Pavano talked of a problem with an oblique muscle, and there is the possibility he will be shut down.

    Asked to confirm the problem before yesterday’s game, Joe Torre said he couldn’t until he talked to GM Brian Cashman. After the 12-7 loss to the Angels, Torre said he still hadn’t gotten in touch with Cashman.


    Guys, this is Harry. What are the chances of Jeter’s bat getting hot in sept? I’m so depressed lately to see his avg come down to the low 330 all the way from 350…I mean he still comes up in big situations but with pitchers going inside to him (angels hit him twice)…they seem to be able to get him lately


    yankee indian: I think yanks win this last game, and make a statement to tell the angels “see you next year”.


    Got to unpack yet. Just getting home. I leave and miss two games and the crew here couldn’t deliver one win for me? Shame.

    Got the scores, little else while I was gone. I did hear that Boston lost twice so no harm, no foul. Magic # down to 29.

    Check in later after unpacking and chilling out.


    Yankeefan, Why don’t you like Alex at #2? Its only been one game, give it a chance ce. A-Rod and the rest of the line-up said, when interviewed, that they like the change. Torre said its only to try and jump start Alex’s bat, so if it doesn’t work it’ll be changed again. Remember Reggie Jackson, Mr. October? He used to have terrible slumps before the end of the season. Now A-rod has alot more potential than Reggie, but the point is, he could turn a corner at anytime, and play like a man on fire. I just hope he’s given a chance.


    Giambi out of line up today, Wilson at 1st, Green at 2nd, Cano is the DH…(however Karstens is pitching, UGH)….LA w/same line up


    Well, since we won’t win today,,,here is some good news…….Another day of injuries galore for the Red Sox. Lester has been scratched from his start tomorrow because of back woes. Steve Stiffler (I mean Kason Gabbard) will make that start. Seriously, all you American Pie fans (the movie, not the song), Gabbard couldn’t look more like Stiffler than he does. it’s eerie.

    Also, Manny is out of the lineup again. His knee is just too sore, says Tito. And Mirabelli has all been scratched with recurring ankle woes.

    There are two guys playing out of position — Loretta at first and Youkilis in left.

    Buckle up!


    In the long run I don’t like Alex at #2 either. But that wasn’t meant to be a long-term move, just a change. That’s often a good way to get a player out of a slump and it was worth a try. If it had worked everyone would be jumping up and down saying what a great move it was.


    Something that jumped out at me from the game preview article:

    “Karstens hasn’t lost on any level since May 9 at Triple-A.”

    I find it interesting that some of you are already accepting that the Yankees will lose. If that is the case, why even bother playing the game? That just goes right along with a point I made last night. Although we are fearful of the worst, some of us aren’t ready to write the Yankees off until at least part of the game is played.


    Amen, Rob. Amazing how you can write off a rookie pitcher after only his first start. No, he wasn’t overpowering, but he had decent control with a very inconsistant umpire. A good pitcher doesn’t have make the batter miss the ball. He just has to make the batter miss the middle of the ball.


    Just found an interesting stat. Among the AL East teams, the Yankees have the best record against the West at 17-17. Among the West teams the Rangers have the worst record against the East at 20-20.


    Glad the whole lefty-rookie thing isn’t affecting them today.

    Though that may be because they have faced him before.


    Why don’t I like Alex at 2? Do you remember where he was hitting in the last two postseasons? Do I need to remind you how he did and what the results where?


    Here we go again. Karstens error.

    Russ, you’re an idiot. That’s all I’m going to say to you today.


    Good poise by the rookie. Committs an error, comes right back and gets Guerrero on 1 pitch and Anderson on 2.


    BTW, you mention Reggie and his slumping.

    Reggie never was moved to 2.

    You have one of the best # 2 hitters in baseball (along with Iguchi). Jeter is having a great year, leave him there. 3 losses? Need a W? Look what Derek does. Hits one out (just like an MVP) and gives the team a quick 2-0 lead.


    You’re right, Alex did well in that spot before, and he has the speed to be near the top of the order. I think he has the ability to hit 2nd, I just like his power down farther in the order. A #2 hitter is too often asked to sacrifice his power in order to move runners, and I think it’s waste of Alex’s power.


    Beautiful! Bernie goes BOOM!

    Tyler Clippard for AA Trenton had a rough 1st inning, but has settled down.

    Clippard, T 5.0 innings so far.

    6 hits

    2 runs (both earned)

    2 walks

    5 Ks.

    ERA 3.50


    I was thinking yesterday, but wasn’t sure if I was right. Didn’t A-Rod’s struggles get worse after he was moved from the 4 spot?


    “This isn’t the first time Torre has tried this move with Rodriguez. In 2004, the manager moved A-Rod to the No. 2 spot during a prolonged slump at the plate. The move worked, as Rodriguez hit .301 with three homers and 25 RBIs in 93 at-bats in that spot.

    Rodriguez also hit second in 24 games in 2005, including eight of the season’s final nine contests. He batted .333 with eight homers and 23 RBIs in 102 at-bats batting second during his MVP campaign.”

    From Mark’s column on


    I actually think we will read one day that Pavano stubbed his toe putting on his shoes.

    I noticed Wormhead isn’t in the lineup for Boston today.


    Actually Arod in the playoffs in 2004 hitting in the 2nd spot was .320 BA with 3 HR and 8 RBI…..2005 was a different story


    I liked A-Rod batting 2nd in 2004, but not last year. And it sure hurt last year, especially with that DP in game 5. Without that, the Yanks might win.


    for a player like ARod who can hit for average and power AND has speed, it doesn’t matter where he hits when he is on his game. You cant pitch around anybody in the yankee lineup. Atleast not around any of the top 6 hitters. ARod hitting well in one spot than other is just a coincidence as far as I am concerned.


    time to make saunders work some more, if we can keep working the count like this, maybe we can get him out by the 5th or so.


    Anybody know what Bobby’s OBP is since joining the Yankees? it’s like he’s on there all the time…


    … White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen on the National League Central: “(St. Louis starter) Mark Mulder wouldn’t even make my team. If we played National League teams, the Central Division, we might win 150 games.”

    Umm, that might be a bit of a stretch. 120 games, maybe.



    Alex Rodriguez singles on a ground ball to center fielder Chone Figgins. Bobby Abreu to 3rd.

    Is this a gameday mistake or did he really get a hit?


    lol Andrew.
    Nice hit by Abreu, better play by Figgins to keep him at 1st.

    Go A-Rod, please!



    Agreed, Vik, when he is on his game he has the ability to hit anywhere. I’m just saying I like his power and RBI ability behind the table setters. Joe DiMaggio would have been a great lead-off or #2 hitter, but I want his bat in an RBI slot, too.


    2004 was 2 stories as we all know…the first 3 games…

    and then the next four. All the damage was in the first 3 (esp. game 3)

    I remember Bobby Bonds in 1975. The Yanks didn’t know what to do with him, despite his 30-30 season. He struck out too many times for the # 3 spot (32 HR but only 85 rbi). You wanted his power at 3. His speed (30 sb) was great for leadoff, but his HR were then wasted–too many solo shots. It seemed that they were damned if they put him here, and damned if they put him there.

    Kind of sounds familiar.

    Damon-Jeter-Abreu is the perfect 1-2-3 for this team in regards to OBP and speed. I don’t want that 1-2-3 messed with. Giambi at 4 is another OBP machine. I’d like that 1-2-3-4. The OBP there is fabulous, as is the speed 1-2-3.

    So far, so good for Karstens.


    Now being away for two days, what the heck is this Pavano story that he is hurt yet again? Sheesh.



    Hey, wait a minute. I thought it was guaranteed the Yankees were losing this game?

  222. Lola

    Oh happy day πŸ˜€
    Alex gets a clean hit, and the yanks lead 5-0 in the 3rd with only 1 out and 2 on.

    This is me –> πŸ˜€


    Kyle “I have to pitch 5 innings to win?” Snyder threw 30 pitches in the first inning but gave up no runs.


    Bye, bye Saunders.

    I do not mind it when people say “I think the Yankees will lose today” or “it’s likely they’ll lose today” but when people say **** like “after they lose today” or “they cannot win with _______ pitching” or the worst, “after Boston wins,” that makes me angry. Saying those things is ignorant and stupid and shows a lack of understanding of baseball. Anyone can beat anybody, any day.


    Because rookie pitching…lead isn’t safe, 3rd inning..and Wilson well as I am typing K’s AGAIN against right hander

  226. Lola

    GoNYY, i completely agree. It gets on my f’cking nerves when i read that. Urghhhh, u dont even know. Nothing to kill my day worse than a “fan” saying that.


    lol Rob I wrote that without seeing what you posted first regarding Saunders. Lots of great minds thinking alike today, I guess.


    When we lose its better we lose big. Apparently the boys take it to heart and beat the bull out of anybody they face the next 4 or 5 games. Cleveland embarassed us and they paid for it dearly. Boston was unlucky that Baltimore beat up on us in the last game of the series. We took it out on Boston. Angels should have been better served if they did not score so many runs in the 8th yesterday. Now they are paying for it.


    the way Karstens has been throwing so far Russ, there’s no need to worry at the moment. We’ll see how he holds up, but so far he hasn’t done anything to make me nervous yet. And stop acting like we’re 10 pitches away from losing this game.

  230. Lola

    Sam, why not just celebrate the fact that we have a 8-0 lead in the 3rd inning?
    Can u ever just breathe and be happy for a second? I understand your concern, but i feel like this isnt fun for u, which bothers me :-/


    I am very encouraged by Karstens. Do I think he’ll one day be Roger Clemens? No, but he seems to be showing the same kind of poise Wang showed when he came up last year. Dropped ball for an error? No problem, he just went out and got two very tough hitters out on 3 pitches.

    I am concerned about the fact he had a bit of trouble with the strike zone after walking Kendrick. But I am very satisfied with the way he has filled in for Moose. So far.


    Russ, you must have the highest blood pressure of anyone

    YES JETER!!!!!

    ok back to what I was saying, you can relax a bit with an 8-0 lead, you know. Not become complacent, but you don’t need to worry constantly. Enjoy the happy moments for a bit, will you? You’re a fan, not a manager. You don’t need to worry about those things.


    I hate Izturis and Kennedy. They absolutely stunk against Boston but seem to get a hit every time up against us. douchebags.


    Game Over Rob? Karstens, 60 pitches, 2 runs so far….your right, Yankees won….When that letter “F” for final is beside the Yankees after 9 innings, that means “win”….so far, they are playing very well offensively….but struggling pitching again….


    Mike, like I said yesterday, you can’t make a post without criticizing A-Rod. What’s with your obsession? And what does Green’s foot being off the bag have to do with A-Rod?


    On what should have been the inning ending DP (the grounder to A-Rod), Nick Green was apparently not standing on the base, but normally the umpires give the 2nd baseman the out; it’s called the neighborhood play, and it’s a way to protect the defender from getting spiked. But they didn’t call it, and it led to 2 runs.


    Pitch 1 – Called Strike
    Pitch 2 – In play, out(s) recorded

    Adam Kennedy doubles (21) on a soft fly ball to left fielder Bernie Williams.

    I hate gameday sometimes.


    Somehow everything has become A-Rod’s fault, and I’m sick of it. I’m going to Yankee Stadium for the first time Sunday, and I’m going to stand and cheer A-Rod every time he bats, no matter what he does in this week or in that game. The anti-A-Rodnees is getting really old.


    Bottom 3RD B:3 S:2 O:0
    Raul Ibanez reaches on fielding error by second baseman Dustin Pedroia.

    I always love it when I see the all-mighty Buston defense committ an error.


    Big Dp. Hope Karstens gives one more inning.

    Who is ripping Alex? I was gone the last two days. I just don’t want Alex at # 2.


    I wonder how many more errors redsox would have had if their scorers had any amount of integrity at all.


    Either this Gregg guy is pitching really well, or the Yankees are just afraid to get a hit off from him because they don’t want to get beaned.

    Uh oh, Robbie is in trouble.


    Yankeefan Mike, my earlier comments were directed to the other mike, not at you. Just in case there was confusion.


    Yeah the Red Sox scoring is awful. The Hinske play? wow. And they give their guys hits when they should be errors, like Ortiz off Mo in Sunday’s game. No wonder Ortiz has such a high AVG in those situations.

    Bernie is bernin’ hot


    PH Giambi here for Wilson…he can’t hit right handers..another wasted opportunity….Wilson is horrible


    Chacon got lit up for Pittsburgh today:

    4.1 inn, 6 hits, 7 runs (5 earned), 4 BB, and 3 Ks.

    I once said the Chacon for Wilson trade was a wash. I was really dumb for saying that.


    Thanks for the clarification.

    Wilson needs to just concentrate on making contact. Otherwise, it is the golden sombrero.


    I once said the Chacon for Wilson trade was a wash. I was really dumb for saying that.

    His performance today is making me really doubt my above statement, but, still I have to say that Wilson has done better for the Yankees than Chacon has done for the Pirates.

  249. Lola

    5 innings, 2 walks, 3 runs. i know its not the most impressive stat line, but this is more than i asked for. And i am glad the offense woke up today and everyone who isnt named wilson, green or posada has pitched in, lol.


    How many pitches that inning? Karstens had 68 going in. Since there is a five run lead, if he is at 85 or less, I’d try to get another out of him.


    The couple hits Wilson has had are worth more than awful start after awful start.

    That was a very pretty Karstens inning. I bet he goes 6.


    Waldman just mentioned Pavano’s new injury. Something wrong with his oblique. I’m starting to wonder if the oblique is a part of the brain.


    Russ, look at Green’s avg as a Yankee, not his awful stint in Tampa. His numbers here are not worthy of an ugh.


    Damon had an oblique problem earlier this year and missed a week, maybe less. Hopefully it’s a similar injury with Pavano.

    Nice to see DJ’s average going up again


    Russ: You dont like highly paid players. And you dont like hitters with low averages. Do you think Vernon Wells and Vlad Guerrero will play for yankees @ $10/he because Russ is a yankee fan??


    His rear, Mike, his rear.

    Because if he doesn’t start getting over his “injuries” somebody in the clubhouse is going to go over the top finally and kick the sh*t out of him.


    Great job Karstens…sit down…you earned it today…nice pitching!!! Lidle/Wright,,,did you see how to make it through the 6th inning?


    Good job Karstens. Gave six, leaves with lead. Good.

    Gotta go. Internet radio show in 20 minutes. So I’ll be listening to the regular radio (ballgame), and also listening to Internet radio (our Yankee show)…LOL.


    Bernie is red hot today… Seattle 1st and 3rd, no outs… still no hits for Boston, although they scored


    Rob, Green’s foot was off the bad so the throw wouldn’t go into centerfield.

    My obsession with AROD? NOT, if any of the yankees were slumping as bad as him I would still mention it.

    Arod is beyond slumping at this point, you our the only one whoo thinks differently.

    Seriously he struck out 3 times today, he can’t hit a 93MPH fastball down the pipe.

    Again, Rob.. so you get this right.. I have an AROD Jersey and I still wear it. I want nothing more but for AROD’s bat to come alive. I am beside myself about it, and this happens to be the place I vent.

  261. shout add a “Yankee’s Chat” room here πŸ™‚

    I can do it easily, if they would let me.

    OH, Rob, that reminded me in the beginning of the year when I wrote a program to calculate Arod’s pay per hit =) it would be fun to calculate his pay per strikeout, but I don’t want to add insult to injury.


    yeh i dont think Zito Is gonna come to the yanks and finally for once the yanks payroll wont get another top free agent. Zito will be going to another team i dunno who prob the mets or giants or dodgers but not the yankees. oh no not this time yankees.

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