Winter Meetings, Day 2

Another rather uneventful day at the Swan and Dolphin. The general consensus is that these Winter Meetings aren’t even producing good rumors, which is a bad sign.

The big buzz in Yankeeland came in the form of a report that the Yankees were nearing a deal with Andy Pettitte. Several people told me that they believe it could happen before the end of the week, and that even Pettitte’s wife had given him the go-ahead to pitch one more year in New York if that’s what he wanted to do.

Personally, I think this is a plan designed to get more money out of the Astros. Do I think it is possible that the Yankees could sign Pettitte? Sure, why not? But do I think it will happen? I’d put it at 60 percent he plays for Houston, 30 percent he plays for New York and 10 percent he retires.

The Yanks have also expressed interest in Mark Buehrle, though they don’t plan on dealing prospect Humberto Sanchez for a guy with one year left on his contract.

Brian Cashman was set to meet with several agents on Tuesday night, including Arn Tellem (Kei Igawa) and Larry O’Brien (Ted Lilly). I think Cashman is just keeping himself in the loop for Lilly in case the price isn’t as steep as it would seem to be. I still think he goes to the Cubs.

The A-Rod rumors just won’t go away, only it’s the reporters from the towns that want to deal for him that keep bringing it up. The New York writers have stopped talking about it, because it’s a non-story.

The big newsmakers today were actually the Red Sox, who spent $106 million on J.D. Drew and Julio Lugo. The Lugo signing makes sense to me, as they need a shortstop and he’s a solid player (though for $9 million a year, you’d better be getting a solid player).

The Drew signing puzzles me in more ways than one. Why would you give a guy $14 million a year over five years when he has shown throughout his entire career that he can’t stay healthy? Yet a year ago, the Red Sox refused to give Johnny Damon — the heart and soul of their team — $12 million a year. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Barry Zito (Rangers? Mets?) and Jason Schmidt (Cardinals? Mariners?) remain on the market, waiting to cash in on their own big deals. I doubt either will get done in the next two days, though if they do, it would at least give people here something to actually talk about.




    Giving Zito or any pitcher 7-8 yrs is..mind boggling IMO. Can the Giants just win..4 games is tough to swallow


    Karl…just a heads up regarding a comment you made on the previous thread…

    You mentioned Columbus. Remember that the Yanks AAA affiliation is now in Scranton.


    Thanks for the Buehrle contract info, Mark. Whoever would want Buehrle would want to sign him to a three-four year extension.

    Yup, between Matsuzaka, Drew, Lugo….Evil Empire, Jr.


    What bothers me even more than evil empire, jr. is if the yankees had been the ones to blow everyone away for daisy-mat, and spent the $$ that boston spent this offseason on free agents the rest of the “baseball world” would be in outrage. Everyone blames the yankees and says how they cant compete but we are seeing this offseason that the yankees are not the only ones who spend that way. The Cubs, the Red Sox (notoriously cry babies) are equally likely to over spend and then cry unfair advantages when the Yanks sign someone anyone else wants.


    Definitely. And what makes this funnier is that they were unwilling to pay more than 10 million per year to a guy like Johnny Damon, yet they dished out 14 million for JD Drew. Theo just keeps making himself look smarter and smarter……


    and i know the arguement they will follow with is “the market then isnt what the market is now!!” and they are right, they had a chance to keep proven talent for the top $$ and instead settled for inconsistant talent with health concerns for top $$ (which happens to be a heck of a lot more expensive). Suddnely Damon looks even more like a steal!! i mean it was already a great deal but with this offseason it looks incredible!! dont even wanna think abt the kind of contract he could comand this year!!


    On a different note, I’m happy to see Tony Kubek get nominated as one of the finalists for the Ford Frick Award (broadcasting). Tony did a game the right way, and didn’t give two hoots about being PC.

    There was a nice column in my local rag about how ESPN does MNF, but I commented that I wish:

    there wasn’t as many crowd shots. I know when people are cheering or booing. Now if there WASN’T a crowd, that would be worth showing.

    there wasn’t any shots of people with their hair dyed to the color of their team, bare-chested guys in zero degree weather, people holding up ESPN signs (or Fox when they telecast), or other drunken idiots.

    there were no interviews with celebrities pitching their latest film, TV show or CD.

    there were no sideline reporters detracting from what’s going on on the field.

    In other words, concentrate on THE GAME.

    Mel Allen and Red Barber…you are missed.


    Julio Lugo a good signing? You have got to be kidding. Look at his career stats..the guy is simply bad.

    After being traded to the Dodgers last year he hit a ******** .219 with 0 HRs and 10 RBI. He’s had one year when he hit over .275. I just don’t understand the salaries in baseball anymore. Nine million for a guy that somebody in your minor league system is just as good as.


    Jeff, ironically we tend to agree I think my comments were just not very clear.

    I never actually addressed lugo; pedroia was the young player yet to amount to anything, youk was the bright young player.

    Nixon was not completely ruled out so I had to include him. Manny and wily mo were the sub par ones, and crisp cannot exactly throw, leaving nixon who will more than likely not return and Drew who is injury proned like Nixon, as the only solid defenders. And yes, that was solely based on defense, not offense.

    If you believe in 2007 a year for wakefield, surely you have to consider farnsworth, who has the same pattern as solid this year, either way they are a wash with each other. Rivera, proctor and farnsworth should have no issues. Bruney’s performance can only make one lean towards optimistic since he was absolutely dominant and villone was simply burned out tofinish last season. With the amount of arms available, I don’t think that mistake will be made again.

    Tavarez has a history of solid numbers, but he also has a history of poor numbers in the clutch, my belief as to why he was solid to finish last season once the sox were no longer in contention.

    The Yankees may be one arm away from one of the best bullpens int he american league and I believe that arm will be a starter who does not get a starting role (karstens, rasner etc for long relief). The bullpens are not comparable until the sox start signing players. I believe they will land gonzalez.

    I really feel any signs any sox player showed in september have to be discounted, since they were out of the hunt and playing to earn their pay…minus manny of course.

    Papelbon has always been a starter in the minors, but so has tyler clippard, someone sox fans are convinced will amount to no more than a reliever. His few starts in a september callup cannot make him a projected starter success. I believe he will be fine, but you never know. I also thought beckett would kill the yankees. The sox have the better staff on paper, the yankees in the bullpen and the lineup. Obviously this is moot when deals start to be made official, but I don’t think mid teens for five years on drew is a very intelligent move. I like lugo though, he is much like a dave roberts type with power, which means I expect the sox to get rid of him very quickly haha. There is just no way the bullpens are comparable right now.

    Lugo is versatile, he will be fine, just don’t ask him to make ur team world champs. What’s more is last year when we brought up that a rod, jeter, mussina etc were all signed when the market was this way five years ago, sox fans would have none of it. Now they spend nearly 200 million, regardless of where it is going in one offseason, a number they are all too familiar with criticizing, and that would be if their team had 4 players on it.


    “An NL scout who just returned from the Dominican raved about Mets center-field prospect Carlos Gomez, who turned 21 this week and is coming off a strong Double-A season. “He has a well above average arm, can really run and shows the hitting approach to be a well above average hitter,” the scout said. The same evaluator praised 23-year-old Yankees righty prospect Erick Abreu, who pitched at Low-A last year, saying, “He’s a tremendous strike thrower, with a good fastball, a tremendous changeup, a developing curve and good pitchability for a player so young.”

    Who is Erick Abreu?

    Rumors have richie sexson as another first baseman option, though an expensive one.


    Vince…go back to the previous thread…on there, I put together a little chart of what I thought might be the Yanks’ pitching depth at present. I might have missed someone, and someone may or may not be at the level they will start at, but I tried to guess where people might be, and tried to keep it at 11 pitchers/team.

    I had Abreu (23 yr. old righty) at Tampa A Advanced for the start of 2007.

    Here were his stats at Low A Charleston last year.

    6-2 1.88 16 games 13 starts 86.0 inning 31 walks 79 K


    Hi guys! Hmmm Boston sure has been spending a lot of money huh? Guess they are not too poor to compete with the Yanks after all!

    *putting away my world’s two smallest violins, to be broken out again next time we beat them badly and they resort to the inevitable ‘can’t compete with Yanks’ crying*

    Still hoping against hope this Pettitte thing works out. I believe it was Mark who wrote that Laura is ok with him coming back to NY for a year. But then I have read (don’t recall where) that that might just be a way of leveraging Houston to offer him more.

    Hope it happens but if it doesn’t I am fine with signing Lilly. Is he the kind of guy who would take less guaranteed years for a chance to win? Hope so. Cause I’m not fine with signing Zito or Meche. Still would be ok with working out some sort of a trade with the Pale Hose (whether it involves ARod or not, but if it does we HAVE to get equal value) for another starter, be it Buehrle or Garcia or even McCarthy.

    Last but not least, I don’t understand comments on the previous blog that our bullpen is not up to snuff. Our pen is great! ESPECIALLY in comparison to Boston’s. Don’t underestimate Brian Bruney. Don’t underestimate Ron Villone either. And mark my words, Farnsworth will have a very good 2007.


    Oh and ROTFLMAO at the idea that the same Nancy Drew who can’t even handle playing in Philly amidst all the boos and jeers is going to handle Boston. Ha!!!


    Gina, it’s just unbelievable how Red Flops fans are extremely happy with Drew’s acquisition. Do they know who are they talking about? $14 mill. a year? Ha, ha, ha


    Maybe if Jim Rice or Fred Lynn return this year, at their age, won’t get injured as many times as Nancy Drew will


    LOL Jorge exactly! (Although my one S*x fan friend is absolutely miserable about the Drew signing, to her credit.)

    I just think it’s funny that these S*x fans go on and on about how ARod isn’t clutch and then they are happy to have Nancy?! LOL he is the KING of choking under pressure! He is very much hated here in Philly–and Phillies fans can be brutal– and the times I have seen him play at Citizens Bank Park he has been an absolute mess. He hears the boos and he crumbles and performs worse than Melky did during his weeklong callup in ’05! So when S*x fans inevitably turn on him he will do the same thing–crumble. The laughter here in Philly is continuous and hysterical!


    Gina, I’d like to ask you something, apart from baseball.
    How much time is it from Philadelphia to DC? And to New York? I mean, by road.


    I’m not positive about the Philly to D.C. drive because I had food poisioning the one time I made that trip so was not behind the wheel. I would think about 2 and a half hours though.

    Philly to NY is a trip I make all the time and it is about an hour and 45 min to 2 hours from downtown Philly to midtown Manhattan.

    Why do you ask? Planning a trip to the City of Brotherly Love? πŸ™‚


    Theo had a conference call and didn’t take many questions. I think this was last week. Bob Ryan basically asked him “what are we doing here?”

    I understand many in New England, either at this press conference or via call-in radio shows, were begging Theo not to go after Drew.


    Jorge, I live about 60 miles from Philadelphia. It takes me about 1 1/2 hour to get to Philly if the traffic is ok. It takes about 4 hours for me to get to DC. So I would say Philly is about 3 hours from DC. 2 1/2 if you are lucky, 3 1/2 if you have trouble on the Beltway. Hope that helps.


    The Phillies do play the S*x again in interleague this year, right? LOL Nancy thought he had it bad in Philly before, just wait!


    Thank you very much, Gina and Mike. It’s just a plan. I’d like to go with my family next July to visit DC, Philly and NY. And of course, go to the GREAT Yankee Stadium for the first time


    Gina, still working as a tourist guide? It would be great if you show me and my family the City of Brotherly Love


    That’s awesome Jorge! Let me know if you need any tips on anything in Philly–i.e. where to stay, where to eat, etc.

    I quit the tour guide job because they screwed me over royally. They told me I would get $200 for training but they also told me the training period was 4 days. Then I come to find out that the training is actually 2 weeks–14 days–which works out to like 2 bucks an hour. I told them I want minimum wage or I quit and they told me not to let the door hit me on the way out!


    Actually ya know what Jorge? I did one of my internships for school at Philly’s tourism bureau and they are a great place. If you go to their website, you can send away to get free. info about the city in the mail. Their website is: if you want to check it out! πŸ™‚


    LOL, I left quietly, but now they are trying to tell me that they’re not going to pay me for the approximately 50 hours I worked there. I told them that I would contact the Dept. of Labor or, failing that, sue them in small claims court. So now I’m awaiting their next move!


    Anyhoo guys Paul posted something on Pete’s blog about Pavano being good with pets and small children that has me seriously giggling.

    It also makes me want to pose a new question to the group, akin to the “who do you want on your side in a bar fight” one.

    Here it is..which Yankee would you trust the most to care for your children or other beloved kids in your family? Who would you trust least?

    I would have to say I’d trust Mo the most, BY FAR (although I’d be totally comfy leaving them with Cairo too) and I would trust RJ and Farnsy the least.


    Exactly, Gina. You’ll get the last laugh. When I arrive home later, I’ll tell my family we’ve got a contact in Philly who would helps us giving us many tips.


    I would trust Bernie. And maybe Scottie. Seems to be a great kid.
    Who I wouldn’t trust to care about my children? Farnsy and Villone


    Fox Sports is reporting that the Dodgers have replaced the loss of Maddux by getting Jason Schmidt.

    So Schmidt goes from the Giants to the Dodgers…


    Scott Proctor wins this one, hands down. Mo Rivera is a close second.

    Funny that you guys are talking about Philly so much. I’m actually driving down there in a few days. My best friend is graduating early from UPenn, and we’re going to be throwing a party for her. The only thing people need to know about Philly is that NYC is the superior city. πŸ˜€


    I couldn’t agree more, Swo, about NYC’s extreme superiority, and I discuss that here as loudly and often as I can. πŸ˜€

    You are gonna be in my neighborhood, I live a few blocks from Penn and go to Drexel. If you need a place to buy cheap beer it is Pasqually’s on 43rd & Walnut. You would not believe how cheap it is. There is a beer distributor (University City Beverage) right down the block too if you’re looking to buy in bulk. And the best bar in the neighborhood is the Blarney Stone on 39th & Sansom.

    Your friend likely knows these things but just thought I’d give a heads up!


    That’s awesome, I have lots of friends that go to Drexel. I honestly couldn’t tell you whether you all are on break or not, because I have no idea how the trimester system works!

    Yes, my friend has spoken volumes about Blarney Stone pretty much the moment we turned 21 (all of 5 months ago), and I’m hoping I get to finally go there this weekend!


    Thanks, Mike.
    Which one of these three would you prefer to come to the Yankees? (In case you do want it)

    Andy Pettitte, Ted Lilly or Barry Zito?


    jorge i believe it is: i live right outside DC, work there unfortunately. my name is mikee though as it seems there are other mike’s around (even if they are of the one E variety) gnome will work well enough.


    and for the record in that order if at all. pettite first, maybe a lilly 2nd, but years and dollars concern me, and no zito, period!!


    Have to catch up a bit on the postings, but obviously the Giants now will have to consider going after Zito.


    Jorge, Andy wouldn’t be a multi-year deal like the others. For one-year with a mutual option for year two, I’d take Andy.

    Why get into a multi-year, Pavano-like deal with someone when you have the prospects that are thisclose?


    LOL Swo, yeah our trimester thing is pretty wack. I am out on work study right now which started in Sept., so just as my friends were going back to school, I was getting out.
    So glad to hear about the Blarney Stone’s popularity! It is owned and run by a group of very good guys who are working their way thru school and it warms my heart that they are so successful.


    It’s great. They are ripping Drew on WFAN saying how ill-equipped he is for Boston and how Boston talk-radio was ripping him before he even signed.


    Maybe Barry should have his own team. Then, maybe, just maybe, he could play
    And agree about no long terms FA pitchers. We don’t need deals like that


    I like the idea of a Guiel/Phillips platoon at 1b. With Posada starting to get in a couple of games at 1st too. Only, if they did give Posada some games at 1st they might prefer to bring back Wilson rather than Guiel since Wilson can catch. I hope they don’t bring back Wilson, I like Guiel MUCH better.


    I don’t know…I told a friend today that my gut feeling is that it’s less than 50-50 for Bernie’s return.

    Just my instincts/gut speaking there.


    Uuuuuuugh that is a hard thought to face Jorge. I think I will just remain in denial about it till it actually happens. 😦


    Remember, the lineup basically is set…it appears whoever plays 1b will bat 8th.



    Here is the latest as just broadcast on WFAN…Lilly is down to Cubs and Yanks, and Jays are out.

    Cubs offering $40 mil/4 yr.

    Would you top that?

    I don’t think I would. I’d rather give Andy $12 mil or so for 1 year, with a certain amount for a mutual option in year 2.


    Agree, Mike. I’d go for Andy Pettitte.
    And, PLEASE, don’t ever remember sad things to me again, Mike 😦


    If Lilly signs with New York, that pretty much kills the opportunity for Andy to come back doesn’t it? I’d still rather have him than Lilly.


    there is still a question as to whether or not AP will pitch, and how much of what has been said has been posturing to get the astros to pay more, id rather have AP then lilly but liliy is better than neither, although i think we are deep enough that its not the end of the world if we dont get either!


    If Piazza goes to A’s, that’s another closed door for Barry Bonds. Maybe he could play for my Leones de YucatΓ‘n


    1. If the Yankees sign Lilly, just shoot me.

    2. I would love to see Andy back as a Yankee.

    3. I say give Andy Phillips a shot. I’m not thrilled with any of the available 1st basemen.

    4. If Dotel is interested, bring him back for one more year to see how he does…

    5. Back up catcher? Anyone heard anything? I say bring back Sal, the players liked him, and what’s out there isn’t must better.

    6. Take what ever you can get for Pavano. He’s more trouble than he’s worth.


    Embree to A’s…who may be working out a deal w/Mets.

    I read Blanton for Milledge, now I am reading Harden’s name.


    Jim Rome is burning:

    “This is not a good day for boston, this is a good day in the bronx”

    -On the signing of Drew


    OK so Lilly is down to either Yanks or Cubs. Do we hold out for Andy, or do we just date the girl that we don’t REALLY want to go to the prom with? (Lilly.)
    I say we hold out for our man to come home!!


    Grrr for some reason Pete’s blog not loading from my office computer.
    Going to a concert tonight woohoo, so I won’t hear about anything that happens–keep me updated too everyone!


    Brian Cashman just got finished speaking to the media. It was a bit of a mob scene at first as a dozen or so Japanese media surrounded him along with assorted random people, hotel guests and other clowns.

    Here are the highlights of what he said

    Are the Yankees involved with Lilly? “I wouldn’t say.”

    Optimistic that they will make a move before the end of the meetings? “No. No. That’s a better way to answer it. I’m not optimistic. Right now I’m pessimistic. Things can change, we’ll see. … I’ve been hesitant to be honest.”

    First base, going with Phillips? “We have somebody here we do like. We feel he’s better than his maiden voyage was last year. At the same time I’m engaging the available players on the free-agent market and we’ll see where that takes us. The main thing is to flush out the pitching while I’m here. The pitching is the focus. I want to make sure we turn this every way possible before the market stops.”

    On free-agent pitchers:”I’ve entered this free-agent pool with caution. Like every year there are quality contributors and guys who won’t be. You do the best you can to steer your organization in the right direction. There are some guys I’m engaged with on the free-agent market.”

    On Andy Pettitte: “He’s certainly capable of playing. Whether he plays or not, that is his decision.”

    That’s Pete’s main new entry Gina.


    Pettitte’s agent says that Andy decided today that he will come back for 2007 and perhaps beyond.

    Now we find out where he goes back to.


    Pete seems to believe that the Pettitte will be returning to New York and that they are using Lilly as a cover for it.


    Andrew, when I just saw that article, I thought to myself it can’t be a coincidence that the same day lilly says it has come down to the jays and yankees and he decided on a price for the yankees, that pettite says he will come back and pitch. Pettitte MUST have a desire to come back to NY or he would not rush a decision, he said he would decide by december 22nd. He obviously wants the Yankees involved in this.


    Yanks did make a signing.
    Don’t get excited….

    Pete says that the yanks signed Raul Chavez (C) to a minor league deal.

    9 seasons in bigs, 405 total at bats, and a .212 career batting average.

    What a battle it would be between him and Wil Nieves for the backup catcher job.

    Yanks better baby Jorge (our buddy in Mexico, too)


    Back in a few hours…

    How long do you think it’ll take the Jays to sign Meche now that Lilly is gone?


    haha Andrew, this blog will bail you out of very many boring and painful classes, most of which will never help you in your future and the school requires to make you more “well rounded” completely missing the point that students tend to do what is academically necessary to get through these classes and none of it sticks for the long run.


    Larry O’Brien, Lilly’s agent:
    We pretty much have a good indication of what [the Cubs] are willing to do,” O’Brien said. “I think after Ted’s conversations with [manager] Lou [Piniella], he likes the idea and the culture of Chicago, and the opportunity to maybe bring a pennant there and a World Series.

    “He’s a little bit torn after pitching with the Yankees and having success in New York, and knowing their commitment to getting to the postseason as well,” O’Brien said. “I don’t know what will happen. If it gets down to those two teams and everything is equal, at the end of the day, it will be Ted’s decision. We’ll know that in the next 24 hours.”

    So, it’s just 24 hours to know if Andy Pettitte will return home. I think if Lilly goes to the Cubs, that would be because Cashman knows in certain manner that Andy will come back where he belongs.


    Here is my question and it had been kicked around all day with my roomates and I. Is there any chance we get both? In my heart I think pettitte will pitch more than a year, is there a chance that next year we have wang, mussina, pettitte, lilly and johnson and if he is injured pavano and if both igawa? Then in 2008 it is more than likely wang pettitte lilly hughes and mussina? Maybe trade pavano and karstens or rasner for a catcher, or karstens rasner pavano and somebody for a first baseman? By overstocking on starters can we fix other problems?


    When I see Scott Boras talking about Barry Zito, I can’t imagine how much he is going to ask for:
    “Next to Greg Maddux, he’s the most durable pitcher on the market in almost 30 years,” Boras said. “He’s never missed a start, he’s a winner and he’s going to get a contract that reflects that.”

    Maybe Theo Epstein will make an offer according to that. A ten years deal for $85 mill a year (plus some bonus)


    I don’t believe we’ll get both, Vince. There’s plenty of talent down there. I’d choose Andy, because of the short term. Lilly will be a mid-to-long term. Seems Cubs are offering a four year $40 mill deal for him


    Yankees money people have given Cashman the go-ahead to sign Lilly, but while Cashman likes Lilly, he is weighing all the factors, including the pitcher’s past injuries and low innings totals.

    The Yankees remain interested in Andy Pettitte, who’s at home in Houston deciding what he wants to do. If Pettitte returns, he’ll either return to New York or sign a new contract. The Yankees could have as many as seven starters if they take Lilly and Pettitte and are able to come to an agreement with Kei Igawa. But there are questions about Randy Johnson, who had back surgery (agent Randy Meister said Johnson is doing well) and Carl Pavano, who’s had a multitude of injuries and problems.”

    I guess some people are thinking similarly.


    Yeah I just read that, good work. Well, I’d rather have pettitte and I’d prefer him for two years but one works too. Let’s hope he is true to his word.


    Dare I say it?

    1. wang

    2. mussina

    3. pettitte

    4. johnson/pavano

    5. igawa

    if all are healthy I would think igawa to the pen?


    Oh well, I’ll miss seeing Lilly’s stoned MLB photo on gameday when he’s pitching against us.


    My guess is Pettitte stays with the Astros. I hope I’m wrong, but I think his family wants to stay in Houston and that will be the ultimate deciding factor.


    How is Pettitte’s elbow..Ive heard reports its in bad shape, especially at the end of the year and he doesnt want to go through another surgery


    To me, two things reserve my judgement. 1. he announced it the same day lilly announced it was down to cubs or yankees, that tells me he is interested in the yankees.

    2. for a guy who didn’t know if he wanted to play, he certainly doesn’t need extra money

    3. (ok i lied, more than two), for a guy who lost the spark in houston, he may want to go to ny to revive himself, knowing it will be a pressure cooker, an anti drew if you will.


    “Make no mistake about it, the Yankees will go after Pettitte hard. At the rate the pitching market is proceeding, a deal could come tomorrow.”

    Pete Abe reporting.


    Dang, I’d still take Zito over Pettitte, Igawa, Pavano, and RJ in a second. Thank you Lilly for going to Chicago. Oh well, Zito too expensive at this point. I am not that excited about Pettitte as most of you are…….


    Russ the price difference of the deal value between Pettitte and Zito could be up to $75 million….$75 million just for the price difference!


    I’d love for Andy to come back, but would it be beneficial for us? I mean, he did have that great run in the second half but he was still injured…


    Carl Pavano, winless since May 22, tossed six innings of four-run ball, but he got some key outs when he needed to, keeping the Yankees within striking distance.

    “From a personal standpoint, I was erratic in the zone, but I got some double plays and some big outs when I needed them,” Pavano said. “I wasn’t dominant, but I kept us in the ballgame and these guys battled hard.”

    “We minimized damage today,” Torre said. “Pavano pitched well, gave up some base hits, but he battled it.”

    Part of the game wrapup from June 27, 2005, the last time Carl Pavano was spotted on a mound.


    Great, 5 of 9 applications finished! The only tough school I finished is Vanderbilt. The remaining 4 are going to be a nightmare.


    Kasey, the contract situations are a little different and their importance to their team is also a little different. So are the payrolls, I think you have to credit Pettitte’s chances of leaving a little stronger than manny’s.


    They’re not thinking it, lol.

    Wasn’t that from the NY Post? Sounds like they are really reaching with that one. It doesn’t even make logical sense and completely flies in the face of what the Yankees have been doing so far this off season.

    How come the Red Sox didn’t keep Alex Gonzalez?


    Wow, cabrera for sexson straight up wouldn’t be worth it. If we bought sexson I wouldn’t mind, but not giving up proven prospects for him that’s for sure. I mean you can’t include the guy in deals for willis and then also claim he’s in deals for hasbeens like sexson.


    No, it wouldn’t be worth it. It doesn’t even make sense. Its not an improvement over having Giambi play first. And at least Giambi walks, Sexon either his a HR or strikes out. There is no happy medium with him.


    Am I the only person who finds the way people post on the internet and capitalize random words that have absolutely no need of it.. completely aggravating? lol


    I mean like that poster on PeteAbe’s that does it constantly, every single post.

    I literally have to sit on my hands so as not to want to make strangling motions at my computer screen. Its weird. I have no problem with people who you can tell english is their second language (after all American is my second language, lol) …but capitalizing Words unnecessarily Drives me Insane.


    Just getting back from a couple of hours out….catching up on posts, but…

    Carl Pavano, winless since May 22, tossed six innings of four-run ball, but he got some key outs when he needed to, keeping the Yankees within striking distance.

    “From a personal standpoint, I was erratic in the zone, but I got some double plays and some big outs when I needed them,” Pavano said. “I wasn’t dominant, but I kept us in the ballgame and these guys battled hard.”

    “We minimized damage today,” Torre said. “Pavano pitched well, gave up some base hits, but he battled it.”

    Part of the game wrapup from June 27, 2005, the last time Carl Pavano was spotted on a mound.

    Posted by: | December 6, 2006 09:10 PM

    Alex, I sent this to some friends of mine. THIS IS A CLASSIC!


    Remember what I wrote in one of my columns recently? That reporters should REPORT the news and not CREATE it? Here you have people trying to trade Melky for Willis….then Melky for Sexson. Like I wrote…report the news, don’t create it.


    Thats kind of what I think the Sexson story is about, Mike. Nothing happening, so lets stir up a little interest or something.


    No, though I do know some very intelligent blondes so it wouldn’t necessarily be an insult if you did.


    Well I wouldn’t be insulted though. I type exactly what I think, and sometimes what I think is random and strange, lol.

    I’d be more insulted to be called a Stella. πŸ™‚

    Thanks Andy, lol.


    I wrote to one baseball oriented place for a position. They only had positions that I wasn’t qualified for. They did say that they had internships in Feb. or recommended me to part-time positions. I replied that since I am in my mid-forties, that I am looking for a full-time position, not an internship or a part-time position and to keep me in mind if a full-time offer is available.


    Vince—is that the Garcia story???

    White Sox deal Garcia to Phils for Gavin Floyd and Gio Gonzalez?


    Alex, thanks for that 6/27/05 Pavano/Torre quote. I forwarded it and hopefully we can use it on our next show.


    Wow, the Pavano quote was amusing. Pavano “battling it”…when was the last time he did that?

    Did I really say Columbus? Oh well, there’s be a habit that will take a while to get rid of.

    I hope Kasey’s predicting ability in regards to games is the same when it comes to signings. If it is, Pettitte will be back in pinstripes when we wake up tomorrow morning.


    I’ve noticed a general trend of the best FA players going to/staying in the NL so far this year. Maybe they won’t get slaughtered quite so badly in interleague next year, and the AL will be easier for the Yankees to clean up on.

    How can anyone even think of trading Melky? Did they watch a single game last year?

    I bet Pettitte is in NY within a week. Just my hunch.


    Hey everyone it’s been a while (for me). so the Yanks didn’t manage to sign Lilly back. no matter, still 2 other lefties left as possible big signings in Pettitte and Igawa. **** maybe they’ll sign both. Eitherway i’m excited about the Yanks’ pitching staff next year. perhaps it legs more than a couple sure-things but it’s deeper than it’s been and years, and that’s something i feel good about. i even feel good about pavano, yeah he’s been a bum for a season and a half but he’s still fairly young and if anything, he’s fresh. maybe he’ll rehab well for a change and come back in a big way. maybe a Viagra comeback player of the year award is in his future. who knows? the best thing to do is to be optimistic about him because we’re stuck with him for 2 more years you know what i mean? haha. anyway, i’m not impressed with the two “big” signings by the Red Sox (Drew, Lugo). I mean Drew is a little scary, only because they haven’t managed to trade Manny. But if they traded Manny it would have meant nothing to me, because Drew would have been a downgrade. The only thing Drew means to me is that they got some more back from losing Damon than they did when they signed Coco. As far as Lugo is concerned, who cares? He’s not a defensive upgrade over Gonzalez, and he’s not all that great offensively…okay at best average, ok at best power and average amount of RBIs, the only thing he has going for him is speed/base stealing. I’m not worried. the way i see it is the Red Sox are trying to get out of 3rd place.

    That’s all i have. See ya around.


    Haha Mike no problem, now I just have to find the article where they said they expect him to be on the DL for the minumum 15 days.

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